OAL All-City football

Here’s the 2009 OAL All-City football team.

Most valuable player
Sione Tupouata (Fremont) Sr.

First team offense
QB: Robert Brigham (McClymonds); RB: Ryan Murphy (Oakland Tech) Sr.; Jakari Johnson (Castlemont) Sr.; Ryan Norris (Skyline) Sr.; WR: DiAndre Campbell (OT) Sr.; Marcus Peters (Mack) Jr.; C: Simione Havea (OT) So.; OT: Sinilau Tauteoli (Fre) Sr.; Chris Brown (OT) Sr.; OG: Siliveinusi Tomasi (Fre) So.; Deandre Ward (Cast) Sr.

First team defense
DL: Sione Tupouata (Fre) Sr.; William Stream (Cast) Sr.; Fred Thompson (OT) Sr.; LB: Jamier Malone (OT) Sr.; Randall Shumpora (Sky) Sr.; DB: Damante Horton (Oakland) Sr.; Edgar Gillies (OT) Sr.; Devante Denard (Fre) Sr.; Timothy Hackett (Fre) Sr.; David Douglas (Oak) Sr.; Mikal Hardy (Mack) Sr.

Second team offense
QB: Eakalafi Okusi (Cast) Jr.; RB: Earnest Marshal (Mack) Jr.; Mailau Puamau (Fre) Sr.; WR: Daron Duong (OT) Jr.; Edward Davis (Oak) Sr.; OL: Muhammad Shaeef (OT) Sr.; Roydon Fonua (Fre) Jr.; Inoke Piukala Jr. (Cast) Sr.; Amin Liku (Cast) Jr.; Jamaine Gurley (Mack) Sr.

Second team defense
DL: Rickey Wilkerson (OT) Jr.; Cameron Manning (OT) So.; Wendell Taiese (Mack) Jr.; Kelly Mitchell (Oak) Sr.; LB: Austin Chao (Sky) Sr.; Randy Fudge (OT) Jr.; Jabree Hunt (OT) Sr.; Ivan Nisa (Fre) Sr. DB: Lennard Davis (OT) Jr.; Jonathan Atchan (Fre) Sr.; Jordan Sanford (Fre) Jr.; Darien Wood (Cast) Jr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Concrete#44

    hear yall selfs talk shit about me to the haters keep hatin thats what they do best. im 18 ask the poly kids at yall skool they know what sup.the game was played fairly, and you think that we should of ran it up middle for what??..naw tech couldnt stop the outside…so what real coaches do is keep pounding the outside until yall stop it…but yall never did..tech just need better coaches they had way more better players then fremont but yall coaching staff are not real coaches..if yall was yall would never lost a game in the league or n the..And to take the championship yall still gotta hate..just bounce back the following year..plain and simple Fremont out played yall twice…#44