Live Blogs: NCS quarterfinals

Just a heads up, the live blogs are back now that we’re in the NCS quarterfinals.

On Friday, I’ll be at Deer Valley to bring you the Deer Valley-Pittsburg game with updates from around the East Bay, while Ben Enos will be covering the game for the print side of things.

On Saturday, Jimmy Durkin will be handling live blog duties from Berkeley where the Jackets are set to host Monte Vista, while I’ll be there for print coverage.

Should be fun.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • KillerD

    Happy Thanksgiving to all out there and here are my Predictions for the Second Round of the NCS Playoffs:

    Division 1 –

    Foothill at De La Salle:

    How HOT is Mannion for Foothill at qb? This kid is on fire but can he keep it going vs. DLS? The Spartans struggled in the first half of their first tussle with Foothill before getting untracked in the 2nd half and running away with it. Key factor, Foothill’s speed burner WR was Out that game, but now he is back. Everybody is picking DLS big, but Mannion will throw for 400 yards for more, and 4 scores or maybe 5 again. Foothill gets a fumble or two and Upset in the making could it be?

    Prediction: Foothill 34 vs. De La Salle 33

    Pittsburg at Deer Valley:

    Kristoff Williams had the game of his life when these two teams met earlier this year, threw the ball, ran the ball and caught the ball all big plays. His ability to play well and move around the board surprised Pitt and they were not playing well then either. Pitt is angry, it is tough to beat a good team once, but when that team is playing very good, it is even tougher. I like DV and am hoping to see a DLS vs. DV title game……..but this could be the season of upsets.

    Prediction: Pittburg 30 vs. Deer Valley 29

    Division 2 –

    Ygnacio Valley at Eureka:

    Loggers are hard to stop anywhere, but especially up north when it is wet and soppy. Forecast calls for good weather though, and if it is, that will help YV. YV has had a very good year under first year coach Turner, but their year comes to an end vs. a sizzling hot team in Eureka.

    Prediction: Eureka 35 vs. YV 21

    Las Lomas at Casa Grande:

    Outstanding Coach Longero has been up this road before, going North in the 2nd round or even deeper into the playoffs for tough games. LL was terrible earlier this year, but fortunately for the Knights playoffs happen after 10 games not 5. Look for the Knights to continue their winning ways in another upset. Could this be called Upset Weekend in the NCS Playoffs? Or will LL players turn in their equipment next week?

    Prediction: Las Lomas 33 vs. Casa Grande 28

    Division 3 –

    Fortuna at Encinal:

    As dominant and Title worthy the Jets have been over two years, they have been guilty of once in a while dropping down to the level of their competition and not playing well, but well enough to win. When the Jets are UP for a big game – they are unbeatable at their level. But, if they go to sleep and don’t wake up until Fortuna has put them in a vise grip, then watch out for the Huskies. Me thinks the Jets will win a physical game and speed overcomes power barely.

    Prediction: Encinal 31 vs. Fortuna 28

  • ManO’War

    Wow, KillerD out on a limb with DLS prediction. Another possible factor is emergence of better Foothill running game also since that time. Quon out, though. If you are right, wow…. But hey, you dodging a MV-Berkeley call?

  • KillerD

    Had to step out and do some pre-turkey day errands with the Mrs. right in the Mid-picks, here goes and to ManO’War – nope I will not Dodge the MV Berkeley game.

    Picks Continued:

    Divsion 1 Continued –

    Monte Vista at Berkeley:

    Of ALL things Berkeley was hoping for, besides wishing MV qb Nottingham was abducted by a band of Gypsies tomorrow on Thanksgiving, is…the YellowJackets were HOPING for RAIN. But Alas, it is supposed to be Clear Cool and Crisp. All of which spells DOOM for the Berkeley team that layed a Whoppin on San Leandro last week. Nottingham will have steam coming out of his nostrils on game night, and Flames shooting from his Right Arm, he will Torch the Jackets for 400 yards and 5 or 6 TD’s.

    Monte Vista 45 vs. Berkeley 34

    Division 3 Continued –

    Miramonte at Novato:

    The Matadors trekked up to Greyhound country and stunned a very good Healdsburg team last week, in a tight hard fought win. But, word on the street is that the Hounds simply wore out vs. the larger and more physical Mats. Novato was in total control and had no trouble with a Piedmont team missing its first rate weapons at qb and wr, and Novato tuned up for Miramonte. Look for Novato to clamp down on the incredibly tall qb for the Mats and force him to the air. This will make it two weeks in a row Novato faces a Sophmore QB on the other side of the ball, and their defense is too good for that.

    Prediciton: Novato 38 vs. Miramonte 14

    Divsion 4 –

    Justin Siena at St. Mary’s:

    It SEEMS like St. Mary’s has not played a football game since Last Year, with them getting a bye from Kennedy collapse, then byes in the playoffs. How long does it take for Rust to build upon unprotected metal? Justin Siena is capable of beating St. Mary’s, and the Panthers lost to Encinal’s veer attack, and gave up some points and yards to St. Patrick’s veer too. But, they have had more than enough time to refine things, get healthy and DBR will have a big day.

    Prediction: St. Mary’s 35 vs. Justin Siena 21

    Valley Christian at Middletown:

    A lot of people on here Don’t know or really care where Middletown is – It rests between Calistoga and the Southern End of Clear Lake, hidden in the Middle and a great football environment. Middletown is BIG up front but not quite as nimble as the upstart VC team. VC has their weapons back and looking to pull the upset. But, their first year run will come to an end, a shorter than wanted but still glorious first year sprint in the playoffs.

    Prediction: Middletown 30 vs. Valley Christian 21

  • renegades10

    don’t forget that while foothill has been able to run the ball somewhat the last two weeks there is a big difference between the AV and Logan D-lines and DLS’ D-line.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I watched the tape of the Logan game, I wouldn’t say Foothill ran the ball very well in that game. They had a couple 3-yard runs for first downs and TDs, but it wasn’t like the run game was opening up the pass.

    It was pass, pass, pass and if it ended up being 2nd and 2 or 3rd and 1, they would pick up the first with a handoff to Mende.

    They ran the ball in the fourth quarter, but I didn’t see anything that makes me think they will be able to run the ball against DLS.

  • HAAL Fan

    I’ve seen both teams play and there’s no way Foothill’s running the ball on DLS. Logan was getting torched through the air for so many yards that the linebackers seemed to be halfway into their drops by the time the ball was snapped. Of course, if they do run the ball on them then all the more power to them.

  • Killer D…That Encinal football field has to be one of the worst in the area…Its like a swamp at times, but this is the kind of field the fortuna Huskies are use to…If the tide is out, then the field won’t be too bad…This is my Friday night project, will be interesting to see if Fortuna can slow down or stop the Jets…The Huskies have a pretty good defense..we will see…

  • fast and physical

    Killer D Keep the faith in the Jackets, dont change on us now, Rickey will Run, and the Defense will Bang and Burst. It will be a game for the ages, protect your blindside. Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets!

  • Foothill Fan

    Killer D, I like the way you think! Also, I hear Guy Houston is putting a lot of pressure on his son Bart to avenge the 1976 SRV vs. Amador Valley game which AV won 22-21, knocking SRV out of the EBAL championship. AV DB Matt Sweeney dominated all east bay receiver Jon Arnadoun which shut down the potent SRV offense. That has to be too much pressure for Soph to handle.

  • KillerD

    The Mrs. has the Turkey seasoned and rubbed down, and primed for cooking tomorrow.

    My buddy emailed me and wants me to pick the winner of his son’s playoff game this weekend, which I will try to do, and so what the heck, here goes more games and picks too…………………..

    Division 1 Continued –

    College Park at Washington:

    In Week # 2, the Falcons hosted Washington, and then got beat at home by the visiting Fremont team. Since that loss, College Park has not beaten a team worthy of Washington (but they DID defeat an Amador team that was missing its star qb and middle LB last week in Round One). Washington however, beat Cal high Twice and also beat College Park. This time, Washington has CP at their own place, and Washington is much tougher at Tak Fudena Stadium than on the road.

    Prediction: Washington 27 vs. College Park 10

    Division 2 Continued –

    Clayton Valley at Montgomery:

    UGLY, UGLY, UGLY Eagles is the chant heard round Concord, as top flight coach Pardi leads Clayton up to Monte’s home turf. Clayton dispatched of Concord in Round One, and now the Ugle Eagles are Hot. Montgomery will be tough at home, but their schedule is not as hard as it appears to have been, with many of the powers that be from yesteryears down – Cardinal Newman, Rancho Cotate. Look for Clayton to stun Monte.

    Prediction: Clayton Valley 25 vs. Montgomery 17

    Division 3 Continued –

    Tamalpais at Alhambra:

    The Bulldogs got more than their monies worth vs. BOD last week in Round One, it was a close game all the way, with BOD racking up big yards. But, Tamalpais does Not have the superstar RB like BOD did, and Tam also battled a mercurial El Cerrito team that had failed to realize the playoffs were single elimination, and they did not play nearly their best. Tam was sky high and EC was not, they got beat dead on. Wily coach Silviera will Not let Alhambra stumble.

    Prediction: Alhambra 30 vs. Tamalpais 17

    Division 4 Continued –

    St. Patricks at Salesian:

    How hard is it to beat St. Patricks Two times in one season? Very, very hard. But can Salesian answer the bell again? Well, they beat Middletown earlier this year but Lost to St. Mary’s, which so did St. Pats. Being that way, each team lost to the highest ranked team in D4, but St. Patrick’s had a tougher schedule in 2009. St. Pats seems to suffer the Doldrums during day games quite often, but it will be close.

    Prediction: Salesian 29 vs. St. Patricks 28

  • KillerD

    PS – Foothill has NO running game, the rushing attack vs. De La Salle will be to simply Slow down the pass rush and somewhat try and Remind the DLS defense that Mannion is capable of handing the ball off as well.

  • yalltrippin

    MV will fall at Berkeley. Game over by half-time.

  • eastbayfbfan

    that many points against “a bigger more physical” mats team?

  • KillerD

    EastBayFan to your question in Post # 12 –

    Novato’s defense will often stop Miramonte and allow the Novato offense to have a short field many times.

    Thereby the higher score

  • kriart

    Pitt will breakaway with a big win over DV tomrw night. It won’t be just a one pt lead. Remember in reg season, Pitt was winning the 1st 3 qtrs until Kristoff Williams took the WR position and scored on runs after a short pass from their 2nd string QB. This time Pitt knows all of DV’s foolduggery. Plus Pitt’s #3 top safety and dback Erick Dargan is back playing in playoffs to stop the runs and intercept the passes. It will be the end of DV tomrw, see ya there…

  • ebal fan #2

    Foothill Fan- I bet Houston Senior hasn’t thought about that game in 30 years, he probably only remembers his senior year when his last minute 70 yard bomb to Pappalardo beat AV 21-20, and secured an EBAL Championship.

    That is some “old” stuff!

  • PHS04

    what kriart is saying is that DV is a one trick pony, if they can’t sustain a drive and only rely on the big play, it will be a long night, Kristoff Williams won’t put up half the number he did the first time they played, and they will have to rely on another threat to beat them.
    Pittsburg on the other hand has to show up to play. They have had a few lapses this season. The game can very well go either way.

  • James

    PHS04, funny how you weren’t posting earlier in the season when Pitt was struggling, but now they in the playoffs you jumpin back on the wagon???

  • yalltrippin what makes you think mv will fall? Berkely has yet to face an offense as talented as mv with Brett Nottingham, and Ricky Galvin has not seen a play maker on defense anywhere close to David Wilkerson. in a good game MV takes care of business 31-17…..and killer d although i would love to see the upset as well, this is de la salle we are talking about. Foothill just cant match up with the spartans size and speed

  • eastbayfbfan

    look for an upset. the mats will come to play on saturday. it will not be an easy victory for the hornets. look for the mats to fight hard and come up with the W

  • Bob

    Killer D
    The license plate that Middletown will be reading from behind says “2FAST4U”
    This is not your father’s first year Varsity team. If the reffing is even, the game won’t be. If Middletown can run the ball and the clock they can stay in it. But if VC gets off to a big 1st half lead which often their MO, that running game will go away.

  • The Stix

    I watched VC vs Cloverdale, sorry but they do not like to hit or get hit. They do have some speed and some talent however, mark my words Middletown will run and pass all over VC and M-Towns MUCH improved defense will completely shut down the VC offence. Other Predictions in DIV Justin Sienna will beat St. Mary’s and Salesian will beat St. Pats both by more than a touchdown. Ft. Bragg will pull off the upset of the DIV playoffs by beating Ferndale who is without their starting QB. You heard it here first! lol… and no I’m not from Middletown.

  • Football Phenatik

    The name is Rickey Galvin. Wilkerson hasn’t seen a running back like Rickey.

  • bhsfan

    ebal football that galvin hasnt seen a playmaker like wilkerson, when mv gave up 398 yards to one player, wow if ur a middle linebacker ur defense doesnt give up that many rushing yards

    run rickey run

  • KillerD

    Hopefully all of you had a good holiday – Now, Let the Games Commence!

    Great weekend of football ahead!

  • PHS04

    aint no jumping back on bandwagon or i wouldn’t even identify my self as such (PHS), sorry if i was busy coaching a freshmen football team.

  • x’SANDo

    Why is the MV-Berk game at Berk when MV has a higher seed?

  • football phenatik, that was no knock on Rickey Galvin. He is a damn good football player and will get his against mv, but can he offset Nottingham and MV high powered offense.

    Bhsfan- you have to remember who they were playing…The 17 time defending NCS champs. And even in that game it was only 28-21 and tied 21-21 in the closing minutes of the fourth. Can Berkeley slow down MVs O like de la did?

  • ehsalum

    X’sandO-It looks like Berkley was the league champ. League champs host higher nonleague champ teams.

  • x’SANDo

    Thanks….got it.

  • yalltrippin

    Wilkerson is all that Berkeley has to worry about? Easy call then. Brett will be taken out early. don’t tell nobody.

  • we agree to disagree. hope its a good one. mv by 14

  • Donut

    Dont call it so certainly. Everybody’s wrong until the game’s played. haha

    Especially the home field advantage. thats a load of bull. nobody really has an advantage in the semis anyway. so if B High thinks they can use it all for them. but playin in the ghetto isn’t a challenge, joe southwick went to san leandro twice last year and beat them. MV beat Pitt at their place last year and won at Logan this year. Foothill beat Logan twice home and away. Cal has done fairly well except this year, the year they get a new coach? I think thats what happenes they lost focus. Amador’s the only team that didn’t really play anybody, except Hayward and Mt. Eden a few years ago. Even Livermore and Granada go to Castro Valley and Irvington. I think these EBAL schools are quite prepared. so if they are caught off guard thats big.

    B High run game vs MV pass/run threat I think the more balanced team that doesnt make mistakes wins. Wheres Big Joe with that execution discipline talk. its true cant be lookin past nobody. This their first year playing big boys. Some teams in the past (Hayward, Washington etc) had it rough their first years of sucess. so dont get arrogant or come out flat yellow jackets. you’re gonna be in for a battle. same for the mustangs. shut down the run b high can’t pass. de la salle’s terron ward torched them with his speed, see how they do with rickey

  • Bob

    VC beat Middletown in OT 30 to 29.

  • yalltrippin

    what do u mean by “playin in the ghetto”? it will be a good one, u can count on it

  • Ebal fan #2

    Donut- what a pompous ass you sound like. “the ghetto”, what makes you so special.

  • Who ever wins, MV vs. BHS, they still have to face the 500 lb. gorilla next week. Let’s see, Div One QB Mannion sacked 6 times, 56-14 final with lots of reserves playing the entire second half. Remember, the DLS running tandom is part of a 40.85 400 meter state team that broke BHS NCS record of 40.86 set over 25 yrs. ago, speed for De La is not an issue.

  • ebal fan #2

    Mannion sacked 6 times in first half! 8 total

  • Football Fan

    Killer D – Where art thou? What were you drinking? The Burner WR didn’t make much difference. Foothill must have forgotten to read your post.
    “Foothill at De La Salle:
    How HOT is Mannion for Foothill at qb? This kid is on fire but can he keep it going vs. DLS? The Spartans struggled in the first half of their first tussle with Foothill before getting untracked in the 2nd half and running away with it. Key factor, Foothill’s speed burner WR was Out that game, but now he is back. Everybody is picking DLS big, but Mannion will throw for 400 yards for more, and 4 scores or maybe 5 again. Foothill gets a fumble or two and Upset in the making could it be?

    Prediction: Foothill 34 vs. De La Salle 33

  • # 39, that’s ok if he picked a couple wrong. What’s his predicts next week? Let me guess, goin’ against De La again?

  • Football Fan

    De La – the team everyone loves to hate. That’s what happens when you are good. They don’t need to talk smack they just play the game and let the score speak for them.

  • eastbayfbfan

    so much for third and longs for the mats. seemed it was novato that was under third and longs all day due to the swarming matador defense. 17-0 thats a statement game right there. didnt just barely beat them, they dominated them. watch out encinal

  • perry

    go mats!