As We See’em – Playoffs Week 2

Here we go….

NCS Division-I

Game Bonagura Durkin Enos Hammon Smith Bryson
4 Monte Vista at 5 Berkeley MV Berk MV MV MV MV
10 Pittsburg at 2 Deer Valley Pitt DV Pitt Pitt DV Pitt
14 College Park at 11 Washington Wash Wash CP CP Wash CP

NCS Division-II

Game Bonagura Durkin Enos Hammon Smith Bryson
9 Card. Newman at 1 Petaluma Peta Peta Peta Peta Peta Peta
5 Ygnacio V at 4 Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka
7 Las Lomas at 2 Casa Grande LL CG LL LL CG CG
11 Clayton V at 3 Montgomery Monty Monty Monty Monty Monty Monty

NCS Division-III

Game Bonagura Durkin Enos Hammon Smith Bryson
8 Fortuna at 1 Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal
12 Miramonte at 4 Novato Novato Novato Novato Novato Novato Novato
10 Analy at 2 Marin Cath. MC MC MC MC MC MC
11 Tamalpais at 3 Alhambra Alh Alh Alh Alh Alh Alh

NCS Division-IV

Game Bonagura Durkin Enos Hammon Smith Bryson
9 Justin-Siena at 1 St. Mary’s SM SM SM SM SM JS
12 Vall. Christ. at 4 Middletown Middy Middy Middy Middy Middy Middy
7 Fort Bragg at 2 Ferndale Fern Fern Fern Fern Fern Fern
6 StPStV at 3 Salesian Sal Sal Sal Sal Sal Sal

NCS Division-V

Game Bonagura Durkin Enos Hammon Smith Bryson
4 St Benard at 1 St. Vincent SV SV SV SV SV SV
3 Hoopa V at 2 St. Elizabeth SE SE SE SE SE SE

Silver Bowl

Game Bonagura Durkin Enos Hammon Smith
No. Fremont at No. 1 Oakland Tech Fremont Fremont

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • PHS04

    Crazy that you guys have Pitt favored, DV did win the game in the regular season…

  • hood boy

    Fremont won the OAL title..concrete ran all over them..it was a good game tho..

  • jet4ever52

    Encinal 35 fortuna 8 4th

  • jet4ever52

    encinal 42-15 4th

  • jet4ever52

    Encinal 48-15 4th 1:33 left

  • wondering

    Pitt beats DV 26-0 DVC with many turnovers 5 or 6

  • jet4ever52

    48-22 jets win

  • renegades10

    DLS dominated from start to finish. Had 18 penalties though. 56-14 final. Mannion had 249 yards on 24-40 passing. Ward had 191 yards on 10 carries with two td’s and a seventy five yard punt return for another td. DLS sacked Mannion 8 times. DLS’ first two plays from scrimmage went for td’s which is also second week in a row DLS scored on first play. Now waiting for the MV- Berkeley winner.

    Berkeley fans-if I get back from LA in time I am going to the game. what time should I plan to get there by before it gets packed?

    Also in a playoff shocker St. Mary’s of Stockton which was the favorite to be the State Open Game rep for the North according to Calpreps and in every publication was the top DIII team in NorCal and was the top seed in the tough SJS DII playoffs was upset 30-29 tonight by Del Oro, the team Cal High played pretty tough early in the season. They are now out of the bowl playoff picture.

  • PHS04

    Sucks that DV has had two undefeated seasons and both end up with losses at home in the playoffs to Pittsburg. tis tis, woods gotta better prepare his kids for these rematch games

  • Those DLS penalities were bogus. One of the worst games I’ve seen by the officials in quite some time. Foothill was lucky De La eased up in the second half with 2nd and 3rd stringers or it would have been 75-14. Foothill pulled it’s starters with less than 3 minutes to play on both offense and defense. The second string QB ran for almost 80 yds against their 1st string defense. Maurice-Drew Jones on the DLS sideline. Ward and Anderson 2 of the top backs in the Bay Area.

  • FootballPhan

    Regarding DLS-FH, did Mannion have an off nite, or did DLS defense shut him down? Against AV, Mannion had lots of pressure but he was able to find receivers in the flats and short routes. DLS must have been all over him tonite.

  • FootballPhan

    were most of the DLS penalties for illegal procedure? I heard officials were calling their offensive line quick set for illegal procedure pretty often.

  • 11-27-09
    Encinal speed, Fortuna’s fumbles and pentalies equal 48-22….The Encinal line opened hole’s big enough for the scat backs Allen and Okamura to slip thru and rip off big yardage…Fortuna held the Jets down for a Quarter and a half and then the roof fell in……

  • junior

    DLS shut Mannion down. The Spartans put lots of pressure on Mannion (usually with just the front four) even tho Foothill often left 7 in to block. The Spartan secondary played their best game of the year and the entire defense did a solid job of tackling Falcon receivers after the catch.

    Sweeney’s (a coach I respect) words might have come back to haunt him when he said Cal HS was more physical than DLS in the regular season- the Spartans hit hard from the start and completely dominated this game physically.

  • De L is just rounding into shape.

  • MoellerMan

    Joe, the DLS defensive line dominated the game and the secondary gave Mannion very small windows to throw through, but your comment on the penalties being bogus is way off the mark, from where I was standing the refs could have called DLS for many more penalties. I was surprised buy the borderline cheap shots by the DLS defense and the number of times DLS blockers literally tackled Foothill defenders. One man’s opinion, but I think the refs missed more than a few late hits, spearings, defensive and offensive holdings. Having watched Lad’s teams for a few years now, I was surprised by what can kindly be called ‘overagressiveness’.

  • amgenfan

    DLS has played super aggressive (not cheap mind you) all year. In last year’s State Championship game, they were intimidated by Centennial (Burfict in particular)…I believe the coaches recognized this and have encouraged it by not nipping it in the bud early. They will not be intimidated again, by anyone.

  • I saw no cheap hits, one ruffing the passer which was questionable. I saw Foothill players turning their backs creating block in the back penalities after running backs broke past containment. I saw no Foothill players leaving the field hurt. Funny, I was sitting with players parents, who see a lot of high school football, it was pretty obvious, the penalities were bogus. Doesn’t seem to bother the players though. They just start over again and hand the oppenent their hat. Something to be said for all those momentum stoppers and still beat a quality team by 42, playing only starters one half.

  • 11-28-09
    DLS’s 2009 team is one of the best, but this years JV team will be moving up and they went 10-0, so the victories will continue and the EBAL will continue to take a beating…

  • renegades10

    This year’s DLS team has the mindset that they will not take anything from anybody. Sometimes this has led to over aggressiveness by the Spartans but they are not cheap shots. They play to the whistle. Last year overall was one of the least physical Spartan teams in a long time. This year they wanted to change that.

  • mikeyb

    Renegades10 – agree with you on your observations..I too, was at the game last night and noticed the more physical play by the boys from DLS. Monte Vista/Berkeley will have their hands full in Sparta!

  • Triton8

    Encinal has too much speed for the teams from the North. Even their dives into the line are at top speed. You can’t simulate that speed in practice. I’m not sure why #34 hasn’t been playing…he walks around the sidelines like he is healthy…The Jets can definitely use him as they move on in the playoffs. The Jets prove that you don’t need 50 players to compete….you need 25 kids that are committed and hungry.

  • jet4ever52

    Kimani Washington #34 I believe is still out becuz of his knee.

  • MiraFaithful

    Miramonte beat Novato 17-0

  • seeding

    How does washington get a higher seed then a league champ. When teams from their league got ripped by teams from the league champions league. Therefore, they receive a cake schedule in playoffs and appear to be good going to the semi finals, when other were more deserving??????

  • ncs2009

    really washington should have been seeded higher than they were…you must be speaking of SL as they were the only league champ seeded below them and i think their performance vs bhigh in 1st round speaks about why they were seeded where they were.

    i wouldn’t say a cake schedule…as they conviningly beat a cal team that was tied with MV in 4th qtr, beating AV late in game, blew out foothill, and lost in closing minutes to Del Oro who just shocked the san joaquin section…

    then convincingly beat a cp team that just got done dominating AV for 3 1/2 quarters..yes there QB was out, but based on how their defense played that would have been a down to the wire game regardless…so no they didnt get the 3 seed who they were supposed to but thats how things fall sometimes, i dont think anyone would say av didn’t deserve that 3 seed…played dls tougher than anyone and beat mv the hottest team in ncs right now.

    are they one of the 4 best teams in NCS, maybe not but to say they dont deserve to be there is kind of dumb…who is more worthy?

    as many have said before there is great parity in d1 right now other than dls and on any given night a handful of teams could beat anyone (other than dls)…i think washington and pitt have proved just that as they are 10 and 11 seeds playing for the right to be in the ncs championship. both are playing good football and are doing all the right things, something they both didn’t do during the regular season…but comparing how a team did during regular season and playoffs is like comparing apples and oranges. playoffs are played at a complete different level..

    just as comparing the dls team that barely beat serra to the team they are now would be ridiculous…and comparing the mv team that got beat by foothill and av is probably not real accurate of them now either…i think both sides are going to have great games, but no doubt mv and dls are the 2 best right now…but that is just the way the seeds go sometimes and mv didn’t do enough in regular season to be seeded any higher unfortunately.

  • eastbayfbfan


    what happened to washington’s knee ?



    your a tard washington did get a low seed there has been upsets on their side of the bracket get your facts straight before posting a dumb comment.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m still trying to figure out who the “league champion” is that Seeding said Washington was seeded higher than. He appears to be talking about Deer Valley, but they were seeded #2. Strange post.

  • seeding

    @the profit21 and prep fan ,hey retard cal high was who they started with, 5-5 record. college park beat an overrated team with starting qb out.sounds pretty soft to me. Now Washington will get blown out by pittsburg and look as retarted as you post on this site. Teams seeded ahead of were Heritage better schedule and san leandro league champs.

  • ncs2009

    heritage better schedule? who did they beat? 3 losses to only 3 good teams they played…best win probably antioch who didn’t even qualify for playoffs…i mean they struggled with kennedy in a 26-6 game, when washington beat them by 40+…

    i do think heritage is a quality team but you got to have a big win to get ranked higher and unfortunately didn’t get that. sl same thing…haal was very very down this year and like i said they played a bhigh team that controlled them who got controlled the following week.

    and do i think cal shouldn’t have been ranked #6 well probably yes, but they aren’t overrated..they are a very good team who only dls really got on them…every other loss was decided in the 4th quarter against very good competition. in fact if cal would have beat whs i think they would have been the favorites to run to the ncs championship on their side.

  • James

    Seeding, SL was smacked up by BHS. Just be happy league champs get the automatic playoff berth or who knows if you guys would have even got in. =(

  • seeding

    @ jammies #30 whos you guys, just observer that observed some ill seeding, Pitt 60 washington 3

  • James

    Enjoy bloggin the games this weekend, don’t hate cause couldn’t get past the first round. Better luck next year ya “league champs”. =p

  • Prep Fan

    EVERY Div I SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE DIV 1 NON LEAGUE OMG ITS RIDICULOUS. College Park, Washington, Pittsburg, Berkeley, San Ramon Valley, Cal High, Amador Valley, Foothill, Monte Vista, De La Salle, Deer Valley, Granada, San Leandro, Antioch, Newark, Logan, etc should all figure out who they want to play and play each other. thats the only way to get seeds right. league play doesnt really matter because everybody beats up everybody else unless your supreme like Berkeley High, Logan, San Leandro, Deer Valley, or De La Salle were in their leagues this year.

    Seriously though, Berkeley has the easiest sked and shold always qualify for NCS especially in 16 team field.

    San Leandro has another joke league sked and should always play NCS D1 competition to earn better seeding.

    Logan has the third easiest league because the only real challenege to them is Washington. Washington has hardly been good up until the last 2 years, so they are a program on the rise much like California was a few years ago also.

    Pitt owns their league but for some reason always has trouble with Antioch or Deer Valley their two main biggest rivals. Freedom is good every 5 years and Liberty has almost no talent ever. Pitt should always do what they do and they have so Pitt is a model program. Tough Sked.

    San Ramon, Foothill, Amador, Cal, Granada ALWAYS need to play Div 1. Foothill played Miramonte D2 and SRV played Concord D2. those wins dont mean anyhting for NCS. they duck a lot of competition (or lack thereof) when teams like Antioch, Berkeley, College Park, Newark are completely winnable with the coaching EBAL has.

    Get a few good series going.. like MV/Logan. that is the best match week 0 since like 06. San Ramon and San Leandro had a few good series but nothing continuous like MV/JL. Foothill has never had consistent non league rivals and neither has Amador. Cal doesnt even bother always sked out of section or out of state.

    Surely, Berkeley, San Leandro, Pittsburg, Deer Valley could all play EBAL teams non league and win. Just ask SRV, Foothill, or Amador home and home and home and home because chances are you’ll go 1-3 at worst and 2-2 or 3-1.

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    All great pts Prep Fan
    these teams in weak div. give there kids a flase sense of accomplishment anyone can beat up on a baby then the kids jump around happy cuz they beat up on a babies. Prepare ur team 4 the worst and watch the best come out of them.

  • fast and physical

    Thanks to Jimmy D, You are a class act, Berkeley FamBam loves you. Keep up the great reporting, Run Rickey Run, Throw Bret Throw, Coach of the Year Zo

  • mvalfan

    very good points prep fan. Washington has made it a point the by going to the playoffs the last three seasons to put only D 1 opponents on there schedule. last two years College Park, San Ramon, Deer Valley. This Season the Sac-Joaq Div 1 number 1 seed Tracy, Deer Valley, Cal, and College Park. All made it to playoffs and as seen has payed divedends for the huskies. Pittsburg is gonna be one helleva test but as any passionate football fan knows dont count out Cinderella when it aint midnight yet were still dancin lets get em!

  • ncs2009

    cant fault washington or logan for non league schedule…washington – dv, cal, tracy, college park
    logan – mv, dv, foothill, then a cupcake and a forfeit. but still tough…

    dv played wash, logan, and sacred heart but yes should look at a ebal school…

    pitt always plays a tough schedule…

    bhigh, heritage, sl need to get some more d1 ncs teams on schedule…

    ebal teams play a brutal league, but yes a few still need some quality non league d1 ncs opponents…

  • seeding

    At James aka Jamie Summers, Im not at SL, if I was O and D playcalling would be better. attended games eye in da sky dont lie. San Jose State played harder non league schedule than TCU does that make them better?

  • Prep Fan

    I saw the comments of good points by Prep Fan and was wondering what they were referring to. Then saw that another poster is using that name. I don’t mind seeing good points from my screen name, but it does make it confusing as to who actually is posting. Anyway, good points Prep Fan. Teams that don’t play tough schedules or other D1 NCS teams should not complain about seedings.

    As far as seedings go, just win your games and don’t worry about where you are seeded. Only the teams in the path of DLS may wish they didn’t see them until the finals, but in order to win you have to run the table and beat a lot of very good teams.

  • seeding

    agree to disagree

  • perry

    #35 prep fan … miramonte is actually d3 not d2. on the other hand, i think miramonte WANTS/ASKED to play foothill.