LIVE BLOG: Pittsburg at Deer Valley

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Mike

    Teams still losing to De La Salle by 50 points. even this year just goes to show you that they are always strongest at the end of the season especially in NCS.

    Nobody will even come close to that again. Foothill 50 over Logan, DLS 50 over Foothill.. wow kinda makes you wonder if DLS played American and Logan 100% what kind of Grant crap the score would be 70 or 80 to zero.

    I think you’d need an All-Star team to beat DLS at this point.

    get the QB and WRs from MV and Foothill, the RB from Berkeley, the best linemen from the MVAL, the secondary from Pitt, and you might hold them within 10 points. Now that would be something eh? DLS vs the East Bay. haha wonder how big a draw that’d be if it really was the best vs the rest

  • why


    You are not far off, looking at the personnel of DLS defense and Foothill defense. Foothill doesnt have one kid who could start for DLS on defense. I bet DLS could go two deep at every position before a Foothill kid could crack the DLS team defense. Pretty much the same for all the teams in the section give or take a few studs some of the public schools may have. If anyone doesnt think DLS open boundry doesnt matter all they had to do was look at the athletic difference between Foothill and DLS last night

  • Open boundary is over-rated. Lot’s of the DLS players are small. Their key is conditioning, discinpline and attitude. Bye the way, they don’t talk trash and don’t pour it on. They continue to handle Div One key players from other teams. As Airborne says, mess with the best, die like the rest.

  • why

    Big Joe

    I assume you were at the game and if you believe that conditioning is the difference between DLS personnel and Foothills last night then you are just such a fan of DLS that you cant see the the athletic difference. Do you really believe that there wasnt an athletic difference between the two teams last night? Then tell me which Foothill kid would have started for DLS other than Mannion and possibly Rowland and they play offense. You should be able to tell the athleticism of the players regardless of their conditioning which to suggest Foothill isnt as well conditioned or any top pubilc school is really ridiculous. But like i said, if you are such a DLS homer that you wont admit that, then there is no reason to continue the argument. Dont assume i have a problem with DLS, i am glad they are here in the Bay Area and the public schools get to play them. They are extremely well coached. Lad would tell you himself he has way deeper talent pool. i also know Lad calls Sweeney one of the best high School coaches around so to just point to their program as the difference and not consider the extreme talent level difference is really absurd.

  • Mike

    a lot of High School players are small anyway, it’s just what they do in their respective systems. a lot of systems work the best out of what they got, and I’d say Amador, Foothill, and DLS all fall into that category.

    but Amador and Foothill aren’t getting the stud stars such as Ward as often as a DLS does. is that a factor of open enrollment? yeah maybe, but I believe with Big Joe that doesnt happen as often as people think. They’re a lot of interchangeable aspects like linebackers and WR’s that could go against DLS, they start for DLS but wouldn’t for their public HS (like MV for example)

  • Mike- that all star team you propose would absolutely pummel de la salle. when you said hold them within 10 meaning 10 or under total points or a 10 point game?

  • Mama says, there’s no place like home. Your’re not in Kansas anymore. Go De La.