Scores list


Division I

DLS 56, Foothill 14

Pittsburg 26, Deer Valley 0 – Deer Valley’s unbeaten season comes to an end.

Division II

Petaluma 28, Cardinal Newman 14

Casa Grande 42, Las Lomas 20

Division III

Encinal 48, Fortuna 22

Miramonte 17, Novato 0

Marin Catholic 37, Analy 35

Division IV

Valley Christian 30, Middletown 29

Justin-Siena 22, St. Mary’s 21

Salesian 20, St. Patrick-St. Vincent 14, OT

Fort Bragg 14, Ferndale 13, OT

Division V

St. Elizabeth 20, Hoopa Valley 18


Fremont 18, Oakland Tech 6

San Joaquin Section

Division I

Los Banos 28, Tracy 27 – Tracy’s unbeaten season comes to and end.

Nevada Union 21, Sheldon 7

Pleasant Grove 38, Vacaville 28

Rocklin 35, Atwater 6

Division II

Del Oro 30, St. Mary’s-Stockton 29 – St Mary’s unbeaten season comes to an end.

Folsom 42, Granite Bay 28

Grant 66, Fairfield 12

Central Coast Section


Bellarmine 20, Serra 10

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • choppers

    yeah?? your kind of dumb? did you not see my correction? and it wasnt a mircale if sashingtons interption came into play it would of been 21-0 and hey if you wanna talk about the past we mind was well not play no more?.. the real score was 35-28 . and encinal againest novato this “decade” 1-0 thats all that counts. hahah your really embrassing your self?, you changed your name numbers of times, lol and you always come around during encinals shine. how did it feel losing to encinal> lol ask encinal how did it feel losing to novato? we cant really answer that?

  • choppers

    congrats to miramonte! if :”miramonte” let history speak they would of got killed that game, BUt they didnt’they made you guys put up a donut on the score board. BTW encinal Vs miramonte 7 pm at willie stargell.. atleast we get our night games in the swamp

  • Triton8

    Bleacher Coach….why do you have so much hate for The Jets? Does it stem from the one man blasting that your Hornets were given last year? Was it too much to take that The Jets thrashed you without their 2nd best player in uniform? Was it rough on you that Encinal stomped on The Hornets with about 22 kids on team…and about 35-40 in the entire PROGRAM? Too bad The Jets didn’t get to prove their worth to you this year….but that’s not their fault, is it? One team didn’t take care of their business….

  • VeeTee

    miracle play by brown? anyone who watched that game knows it could have gotten ugly fast. if sashington doesn’t drop the pick 6 that would have made it 21-0, Encinal wins in a blowout. Novato capitalized on the drop and it turned out to be one of the best games i have seen. to say Encinal will never go is stupid. do u guys realize Alameda now has a successful pop warner program and if will only feed Encinal the same way the crusaders used to fuel San Leandro.

  • Triton8 my beef isnt with the kids or the football team.My problem is with the over zealous homers and there ridiculous claims. The Jets have had 2 great seasons they beat a quality Novato team last year and they deserve the respect for that win, but when Jets assistant coaches get on the bloggs and claim that the Jets are better than the EBAL teams and make statements like in post #91 it just shows a complete lack of knowledge of high school football.

    Add to that the same homers whine about how Encinal should be given a bowl berth and are being past over for lesser teams is just plain retarded. This chopper guy either knows nothing about football and is just trying to stir the bloggs up or he is a retard. In the end it would be nice for Nor Cal to sweep the bowls and although I dont see that ever happening we must send the best teams whoever they are. If Novato had won out this year and didnt get picked ,as a Novato fan I would have been ok with it, becuase once you travel to other Sections and play quality teams and see the kind of football that is out there you have no choice but to tip your cap to other quality programs. If Encinal can keep it up for years to come I will be happy to tip my cap but so far they have only won 1 NCS championship in the last 10 years

  • guru-black

    bleacher coach forget the bloggers wat do you like that novato or marin catholic runs there offense? there defense? wat? u think encinals scheme’s are inferior? there players are weak? cuz wat i’ve seen is outta novato there offense is terrible could’nt complete a pass besides that 5 yard out. as for marin c. they seem to be runnin a offense similar 2 the jets but far less entertaining & defensively encinal has way more hitters! keep it real ask reposa he’ll tell u he didnt believe either he found though when he came to dublin!

  • ManDown

    Bleacher Coach, do you have a thing for Encinal? It seems like they’re in your head. Who even knows if coaches are on here. Who cares? This weeks game with the jets and Miramonte will be a great game. The speed of the jets vs a very hard nose team in the Mats. It should be a packed house in Alameda.

  • ManDown

    I think Marin will take it to Alahambra. Marin is tough and they have a stud RB that will run all over the Alahambra defense. I like Alahambra but i don’t think that they can handle Marin and there offense.

  • ManDown
  • Kyle Bonagura

    #104- Encinal will never go to a state bowl game with the schedule it plays.

    If a state bowl game is the goal, then Encinal has load up with as tough a non-league as possible. No one wants to see the Island bowl go away, but that would be part of the trade off Encinal would have to make if it wants a shot at a bowl game. Playing Alameda and El Cerrito does nothing for the Jets, especially since the BSAL provides no competition (relative to what the state’s elite teams play).

    Look at Encinal’s body of work this year. There is not one win the state bowl committee will be impressed with. Of the 19 teams still in the running for the D2 bowl bid, Encinal’s strength of schedule ranks last on Calpreps.com. Yes, it’s just a computer ranking, but it matters.

    They have to take a page out of Cardinal Newman’s book and start playing elite teams from out of the section. Encinal also might want to thing about opting up to D2 in NCS next year. Those are the things teams have to do to get noticed for the bowl games.

    The Jets took the right step by playing Serra, but they’ll have to win three games against teams like that to compensate for its BSAL schedule.

  • ncs2009

    i agree…taking nothing away from encinal they are a great team and a program on the rise…you can’t expect to go to a d2 title game when you don’t even compete in the d2 NCS playoffs…

    beat serra, win the d2 NCS playoffs, and beat 2 other top programs than you can be considered…

  • Triton8

    Bleacher Coach…..I agree with you about the State Bowl thing. If Encinal wins out I don’t think they will probably get an invite….not should they when you compare the schedule with other top schools. Unfortunately, they are strapped by the league that they play in? Therefore, they have to just win all their games and hope for the best. Serra is a giant step in the right direction…for years and years teh only goal we had was to win the ACAL and then NCS. That is still the main goal…because that is the only thing they can control by themselves. By the way Enicinal only has 2 NCS titles, but they do have a solid history of winning whatever league they were in…with the exception of a few spans. Also, someone mentioned the youth football teams in Alameda: The Pirates. This is something that leads to sustainability. Before recently, there was no youth football in Alameda and both HSs sufferred. Now there is a solid youth program in place and Encinal has flourished with its players recently.

    This is to take nothing away from the current coaches, because they are making all of us former Jets feel proud with their hard work and dedication. But it definitely helps when you get a 9th or 10th grader that is in his 3rd year of football, rather than a 9th grader that doesn’t know how to put on a pair of shoulder pads because he has never played before???

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well said Triton8. Jet Pride!

  • choppers

    You can’t just go to ncs divsion 2 if you wanted to you have to have a certain amount of students, its done by enrollment

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Cardinal Newman and Ferndale do it every year.


  • Jimmy Durkin

    In football, you actually are allowed to petition up to a higher division. For example, Cardinal Newman is a Division III school by size, but plays in Division II. Ferndale also is Division V by size, but plays Division IV.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Kyle beat me to it!

  • renegades10

    agreed Encinal on top of petitioning up should start setting up matchups against Inderkum, Central Catholic, Cardinal Newman, Palma (Salinas), St. Francis, Valley Christian (SJ). If they continue to be successful and win some games like those then maybe a sponsor could help them with a game against a SoCal team. By the way, is Serra a home and home?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Yes, Renegades, the Serra series in a home and home so the Jets will play in San Mateo next year.

  • choppers

    thanks jimmy and kyle for filling me in

  • choppers

    do you guys know where the ncs finals is going to take place at? by any chance?


    You trippin. These other teams are going to knock themselves out genius do your research. Encinal has a home and home with serra and they plan to have their schedule get a little better. I hear the BSAL is changing some things. For example, Encinal is petitioning to not have to play Kennedy ever again. Therefore, Valley Christian, bring it on. Palma, bring it on. San Leandro, bring it on.

  • Triton8

    That would be great if the Jets could exchange the easy games in their league schedule for some tough games. Their coach showed big sack by bringing in Serra as a first step. San Leandro would be nice. It would bring some of us back to a time when we were both in the ACAL together in the 80’s. The Coach doesn’t seem like he will back down from any challenge either, which can only strengthen his team in the long run. It was cool how he scheduled Coach Noble and Monterey a couple times. Berkeley would be a great non league game…unless the new coach doesn’t keep the program in the same status as Carter?

  • choppers

    please mr camp as an encinal alum, coach tenrio does not duck anyone!.

  • Footballfan415

    if encinal could schedule san leandro, serra, plus another team like berkeley,pittsburg or deer valley they would be legit threats at D2…but they do need to petition up NCS 2a…..they would have a good shot this year i think if they were 2A against Petaluma


    Ya ya’ll right. got to crawl before you walk. The Encinal empire is looking to take all challengers.

  • Jet4ever52

    oh yea i remember Encinal playing San Leandro few years back last time i saw Encinal play San leandro was in 2000 i think When it was Antoine Young, Drew Dozer, Ikiaka, great games grew up watching

  • Hera are a Couple of SJS Div I teams looking for games

    I would like to see the Encinal move up to some teams like these.

    All levels Looking for a two year F/JV/V game for Week 3 (Sept. 16/17) for 2010/2011. Must be a HOME game. A one year home contest is also an option for 2010. Nevada Union
    (Grass Valley) Steve Pilcher 530-273-4431 x 2076


    Varsity,JV (Frosh/Soph) Looking for games on Sept. 2, 16 and 30. We need to be on the road for all three dates.

    Our Varsity/JV teams are looking for a Week 0 and Week 4 HOME game. We will gladly travel in 2011. Napa Steve Hatton 707-299-0772

    All levels Looking to fill Week 1 (Sept. 3) and Week 5 (Oct. 1) for all three levels. Both games need to be AWAY games. I prefer to be reached by phone. Lincoln
    (Lincoln) Donna Tofft 916-645-6384

    The Lincoln game would be a good one

  • guru-black

    bleacher coach still waiting for your answer to my question plus novato won section in ’06 & ’07 those are to no one cares about those redwood empire titles before ’06 cuz all those games where rematches. you saw wat happened when u had to play some athletes. tell coach brackett to step it up his offense is a joke his toss play may work in mcal were the is no speed but it didnt fly against encinal & miramonte was all over it. brackett keep throwing that 5 yard out! ask reposa he knows d-3 runs thru the west of alameda!

  • guru-black what question ? So does that mean the NCS title won by the 1980 Jets doesnt count lol. here are the win loss records for the Jets and NovatoSince 2001
    Encinal Novato
    2001 4-5 7-3
    2002 1-9 13-0
    2003 5-4-1 10-3
    2004 3-7 9-3
    2005 5-5-1 11-2
    2006 2-8 12-1
    2007 9-3 13-1
    2008 changed to BSAL 13-0 11-3

    where where you hiding all your athletes between 2001 and 2006 or was that when EHS started open enrollment and players from other area’s started to be recruited to play there lol where did #75 play last year?

    over the last 8 seasons the Jets are 41-41-2 in that same span Novato was 86-16. the numbers dont lie. Lets see what happens in the next 8 lol


    Bleacher Coach,
    You a hater. You Nike. I’m Gator. Sucka!

  • guru-black

    encinal vs. novato ehs 1 novato zero. encinal just put 48 on miramonte u couldnt even score just like u on prom night!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Bleacher, You are the lowest of the low man. #75 is a redshirt at Laney College and was injured in practice. He’ll bring his grades up and play somewhere else after his two years. You keep doing what u do best. Hate! Also All props to Miramonte. They played hard and came to win but my Jets beat a good team tonite.Jet Pride!

  • Congrats to the Jets- but remember, they beat a 6-7 team, Miramonte can be tough, but not that tough.
    Now, for some facts, Encinal would get killed by St. Mary’s of Stockton and Bellarmine. The Bells just came back in the 4th and beat a highly regarded St. Francis team. Encinal is good, but it’s time to stop putting the cart in front of the horse. This is not hating like you accuse bleacherfan. When Encinal builds a dynasty like these teams and even Novato(86-16) last 8 yrs, then we can have some fun wondering.

  • Triton8

    Bleacher Coach….The Jets put up 48 points against a very tough Miramonte squad. The Mats QB is a young stud. But Jesus, how does Novato get shut out and Encinal puts up 48? It should have been 60+….take away a stupid clip on a TD and a dropped pass for another TD. What kind of antiquated offense does Novato run?

    Enicinal played a horrible, penalty filled 1st half. They stayed calm and went to the power game for 35 2nd half points. Miramonte just got worn down I think. They got tired of seeing the huge Jet linemen pulling up through the inside holes with Allen and Amiri hiding behind them. The speed that the inside runs had us looking for backs to pop through on each hand off or direct snap?

    Honestly, I don’t know how Miramonte lost 6 games this year. They were a good running team that hits you with strong backs and a nice young QB that is very athletic for his size.

    By the way Bleacher Coach….did you notice that The Jets didn’t have more than one penalty in the second half. I guess they do have the ability to play a mistake free half. Now the challenge is to play a mistake free GAME?

    Lets stop talking about the past decade and take the advice of Ms. Jackson…”What have you done for me lately?”

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo Mama,You seem to be a reasonable person so i will ask you this. Why do people wanna see the jets Fail? Is it because of over zealous Fans? because this is about Young men playing football not about what we say on the blogs. Jet Pride!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Bleacher,I think you mean #65 and he lives in Alameda where his Family moved to. Yes Novato has a rich Football past,No doubt about it and can’t deny it but Encinal has to start somewhere and that started with the 9-3 07-08 team. No one can be on top forever and right now i believe it’s our turn to be on top. Jet pride!

  • Triton8

    Oh yeah…..Encinal is really recruitng….to the tune of about 22 kids on the team a year! Brown and Duckett both grew up very close to The Encinal campus. Once again I stress that last year the Jets stomped your Hornets without their 2nd best player. This year they are doing it without arguably one of their top players in Washington….he must be done for the year.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Oh and Yo Mama… Miramonte was tuff enuf to beat Novato right? Jet Pride!

  • jet4ever52

    Great job jets. Can’t wait alhambra or marin catholic . Anyone know where the championship going to take place?

  • jet4ever52

    Perez is getting better and better dam fumble recovering to the house

  • perry

    congratulations to you encinal fans. i still love my mats but your guys did a great job. i think they just wore us out.

  • Jet4ever52

    That Jet speed baby! great job miramonte .

  • EBfootball

    WE GOIN TO THE ‘SHIP!!! (chaaaampionship that is). Y’all fought a great fight Mat’s! DFAL, you better watch out for that QB cuz you have two more years to deal with him. Now for a wonderful day in Kentfield tomorrow to see who we play next week.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    The championship game is Friday at 7 p.m. at Dublin High.

  • Jet4ever52

    thanks jimmy

  • Triton8

    Where in shut out’s hell is Bleacher Fan????? XMAS shopping? He should be blogging about is new favorite team …..Marin Catholic by now.

  • perry

    thanks, jet4ever52 and ebfootball. there was just too much speed there for us. you guys played great. i don’t think any of us mats fans expected our boys to get as far as they did. it was an amazing playoff run while it lasted. the only thing that tugs at my heart is that last night was my son’s last football game. he’s an only child so i don’t have those friday nights to look forward to anymore. 🙁 not in the same way anyway.

    good luck, encinal!

  • EBfootball

    @Bleacher Fan
    Coach Tenorio took over in 2006. That’s the difference.

  • Triton8

    Yomomma, I have not been at this blogging thing long, but aren’t you a St. Pats guy? You like to rag the Jets…is this an attack because the Jets entered your league and busted in on your little easy league reign? I remember St Pats had their way with every team in that league for about 3-4 years. Encinal came in under Tenorio and made your team play for 2nd place every year. And I hear that the coach is whining about Encinal having an unfair advantage? Whats the advantage….having a whole 22 kids on the varsity? Face it…the Jets were in a different league in 1980 in the NCS Championship game against St.Pats and they are again now.