LIVE BLOG: Monte Vista at Berkeley

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Tj

    Regardless of how this played out i still blame the seeding committee.. Can we please go back to the coaches meeting so we can have some explanations? I still don’t know how cal got a 6 seed?

    And to the people talkin a whole bunch of mess.. Quit arguing… This is a discussion about high school football but it doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re in highschool

  • James

    No need to put “DLS/MV”, it’s just DLS. DLS really isn’t EBAL there just DLS… all EBAL will be out of the playoffs come Friday.

  • fast and physical

    Wannaknow check this out you are attacking a 16 year old child. Attack the coach not the child!!! You guys are all in berekeley highs business the blog is not the place to be messy!!!

    And to all you coach carter haters, leave the fam out of the blog, not the place! With that said good job to MV you all did well, i wish the team good luck vs. dls. Looking forward to see who the nxt berkeley high coach will be, he will have huge shoes to fill!! Believe that!!

  • hot topic

    I agree with you fast and physical. Leave the kids out of it.

  • bobbyb

    Hamilton will nto get this job. They will have plenty of good coaches go for this job and it will be an off campus guy!

  • bobbyb

    What other schools will be lookig for coaches next year???



    Whats all this ebal rules again bs. DLS is DLS not the EBAL. They have played a lot more seasons as an independent and in the BVAL than they have with the EBAL. I love how all the EBAL fans think they are so great. Who in the EBAL has won DIVISION 1 or 4a in the last 20 years besides DLS….. the answer no one. Oh yeah and CAL, AMADOR, SAN RAMON all got blow out by double digits to non EBAL schools in this years playoffs. So say what you want about EBAL rules but your kidding yourself DLS rules and they have long ruled before ever joining the EBAL.

  • The Whistle

    At the end of the day, the De La Salle is in the EBAL. It’s a fact, that no argument can dispute. Say what you want, but it’s all mindless babble. Sorry, but guess you have to look at the facts once in a while.

  • The Whistle

    Sorry I meant to write THE De La Salle.

  • knightpride

    Good job Zo on a great season. And as for the EBAL it is a good league but remm those teams had down years in the past.


  • Jimmy Durkin

    To all the bloggers out here,
    This site is a place for discussion and everybody has the right to their own opinion. But it’s not a place for personal attacks. A high school football coach should not have to worry about having their family brought up in a post about a football GAME. Remember, this is high school athletics. Everyone that is involved works very hard and there is no reason to personally attack people, particularly when you start bringing someone’s family into the mix.