LIVE BLOG: Monte Vista at Berkeley

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Ed

    anyone know the score of the salisian game??

  • Bob

    Salesian won 20 to 14 in overtime/

  • Salesian / St. Pat’s were the 2 best teams today. Justin and St. Mary’s looked terrible.

  • Was looking to Berkeley to advance, wanted to see Galvin vs. Ward and Anderson, they’re the 2 best backs in the Bay. I told ya MV could bring the pass against BHS. The EBAL has some QB’s. Run Rickey Run against De La would have amounted to 50-75 yds.

  • Panther Fan tough loss, SM didn’t deserve to win, let Justin hang too long. # 12 and # 88 the 2 best players on the field today. SM had a great season, 8-3.

  • Donut

    MV the best team outside DLS. They’ve beaten everybody. Upset by Foothill and AV. Back with a vengenace to prove they will handle DLS.

  • Nextlevel

    Cinderella still dancing let’s go huskies!!!!! Whs vs Pitt to go to the ship who’d a thunk it!

  • wondering

    Best back in the game tonite was 22 for MV had almost as many yds as Galvin with less than half the carries…

  • 11-28-09
    Monte Vista’s defense will have to be sharp to stop Ward….Stopping DLS will be tough since the game will be on DLS’ home field..MV’ line will have to play the game of their life and I don’t think that they can do it, but I would like to see it happen just the shake up the community…

  • Coach Carter got hit by a Mack truck out of Danville tonite- it’s Hammer Time!

  • luckypaul

    Berkeley had a good season; Carter has been there 3 years and has transformed the attitude of his players. Too much criticism for their schedule, but BHS would LOVE to play better teams and not have to pummel De Anza, Richmond, and Hercules every year.

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    teams usually take on the character of their coach

  • SLpirate24

    to all the blogger goat doesnt rep san leandro high. u really should shut the hell up, we lost, how bout u go and coach, ur very critical of coaches, 1st u say coach boom is a better coach than carter then after we lose u talk bad on boom, now u want to talk about coaches again, so who u bashing now, put up or shut up

    and what number is ur son on SL, is he any good

  • Football Phenatik

    To Jimmy D,

    Thanks for all your Rickey support! Even when people was knocking him for his size and said he wouldn’t play at the next level, you had his back. Now we can see how much love and support Pullman has for him.

  • Bjohn5.0

    I was at the MV BHS game tonight and wanted to say good season to Berk HS and their coaching staff (man there were a lot of them after game tonight). Class guys with a lot of heart and #5 Galvin is a terrific back. They had a couple good drives early but it is hard to keep your spirit up playing Nottingham and Co., they are unstoppable when Bret has time to throw. MV defense got used to the speed of Berkeley and shut them down 2nd quarter on. |Could be a good game next week if MV can slow down the Dline at all. No disrespect to Washington but the NCS champs will bve crowned friday at Owens Field.

  • choppers

    shut up ,you san leandro players, this is not for any high school student to be on, a few weeks ago, your teammate was on this talking hella shit about berkeley, encinal, and the whole acca, and magically, b high matched up with you guys and you got ur ass kicked, so shut the hell up and enjoy the rest of your off season watching other hs teams, and get the hell of the blogs, and ur whole team, too, always talking the most shit, i can back u up, if you guys win, but you dont,

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    LMAO Y would anyone think i rep sl high i call them like i c them but since u call me out coach which ever coach u r u care 2 test ur knowledge against mine or put my kid up against any kid u bring and im sure u no my kids the best player on the team!!! I dont think its right 2 force feed kids bullshit when u dont have the knowledge of a pop warner coach u cant figure out that a streak on the outside route and a deep out from the slot beats a cover 3 lol 100 % of the time have u ever herd of flooding a zone nope 2 adv. 4 u — how about stoping the number one back at all cost let some one else on the team beat u ever heard of that. AS 4 BOOM i just said look in the mirror. when i look in the mirror i didnt see my under sized line block 8 people with 7 when i look in the mirror i dont c me guarding a slot WR over stoping RICKY. plz feel free 2 vent let it out man cry if u must u did a horrible job own up and stop putting the kids in impossible situation coaching is not just calling plays or telling a kid 2 do something its teach a kid so he E-volves DONT B MAD AT ME U LOST THE GAME WITH ALL THAT TALENT!!

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    i like how u stuck up 4 ur coach
    i really like all the coaches at SL STATE
    im not judge ing just questioning there methods


    coach carter is the best, hands down u noodles
    hes coach of the year- s-l coach is wack, he just had a decent team

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    would u say he’s that best coach after a losing
    by a land slide


    winning isn’t everything u mark
    he produces winners 4 life, and
    those young men will be productive
    in the future and on the field
    it’s bigger than a gam nerd

  • Is Carter leaving BHS for CCC, rumor or fact? Is it official?

  • jacketfan

    to everyone that loves high school football, this has been a season to remember. As b-high season ends, I just want to thank everyone who supported yellowjacket football. the conversations on the blog have some times been very heated, we have to remember that conversation between us represents our young people and the adults that lead them. Last night was the end for me and my family,our last son is a senior. Our son did not miss one pratice in the three years under coach carter, what commitment!!! If carter can keep the kids to buy in to the program it will get back to the big stage. B-high staff remember “It takes a village to win championships”
    Matthew McGill #19 you have always made us proud of you. So as I sign-off my family and I wish each and everyone of you “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”.

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    ohsfan how about we meet so u can call me a mark
    u bitch azz NI$$A BUT IVE BEEN CALLED wosre how many marks walk around like me punk im dead aim and i train everyday i dont play getto game but ill come out 4 an old fashion fist fight

  • wannaknow

    Yo mama,

    He’s not saying, and John Wade the AD at Contra Costa isn’t saying either. I know the situation with the JV’s left a real bad taste in his mouth. Not to mention the non-football people at BHS and in the Berkeley community are not really supporting the guy. How many other programs have the former coach that was forced out standing on the sidelines at home games? And aside from Jerry (DB’s) and Vince (O-line) he has commitment issues regarding the coaching staff, If I had to bet on it I’d say he was gone. There will be no allegations of recruiting at CCC, which gives him a much bigger talent pool. More money will be paid to him and he’ll have better coaches to chose from also. You Tell me one EBAL assistant that wouldn’t take the same job at a JC.

  • KillerD

    What happened with or to the JV football program and its coaching staff at Berkeley?

    This is news to me?

  • #26 you talking about Matt Bisell?? I don’t like the guy but he is a teacher at B-High still right? Hard to kick a teacher off the sidelines that ain’t getting fb players anywhere in his class. What about Jerome the OC he’s not committed? That guy lives fb.

  • east bay

    #16 choppers]

    where does it say players cant be on here….and you talkin shit but look where u are…u are a blogger not a analyis u are a fukn blogger u pay 2 watch us play wit yo dumb ass…….like come on now get real yo ass probly didnt even play in high school

  • Steve

    How was the wash cp game? the article was pretty weak, they couldn’t even get Carter’s name right.

  • wondering

    Hey let’s give credit to MV for coming out and outplaying BHS in every facet of the game, the D stepped up huge, the running game with Sullas and Johnson did just as much as B-high (on less carries they outrushed Ricky) and of course Nottingham played great with his receivers (Turner and McGovern carrying the load again) Wilkerson and Sherwood leading the D. GREAT game by MV it is going to be fun next week against DLS the real championship game, no offense to Pitt or Washington but the 2 best teams are playing in the semi’s…

  • James

    MV DLS isn’t going to be a good game… plz stop fooling yourself. Game will be over by half, it’s funny you even think that.

  • seeding

    How does washington get a higher seed then a league champ. When teams from their league got ripped by teams from the league champions league. Therefore, they receive a cake schedule in playoffs and appear to be good going to the semi finals, when other were more deserving??????

  • wannaknow

    Any team that plays DLS twice in a season has no chance the 2nd time around, BELIEVE DAT!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    wannaknow- I thought food was on you during the game yesterday??

  • The AD should have stepped in and helped coach Carter with those JV problems. As for anyone not wanting to lift or watch film, cut his ass.
    The QB is crucial on any level, leader of the team, no room for not complying.
    If Rickey was the real meal deal, put him at QB, go to the Veer and let him run wild with a little bit of passing.
    Serra did that in ’69 after loosing the top QB in the state Jess Freitas, moved Lynn Swann to QB out of the Veer and one the WCAL and finished as one of the top teams in the state.
    Marcus Allen played QB in high school and lead his team to victory too.

  • wondering

    James your an idiot MV will give DLS all they can handle trust me they are getting better just like Dela and they will come into this game ready to play it will be a very good game and 1 or 2 plays are going to determine the winner… After that the team that wins take the NCS Championship, WHS and Pitt can’t play with these guys to much fire power on both teams…

  • Wow, a tough day in Berkeley Sat. BHS spanked and St. Mary’s a breakdown. St. Mary’s needs to get a band, teach the cheerleaders some dance and allow alumni players on the sidelines. Did you see appx. 15 Justin Sienna alumni with field passes on their sidelines? If SM wants to get to the next level, the entire process for football needs to improve. Also, someone needs to give the students some singing lessons on the Bells of St. Mary’s. It was the best crowd I’ve seen for SM in a long time. They were good hosts to the visitors. Also, with 2 Catholic schools playing there should have been some prayer to start, Justin was SM’s sister school when built in ’68. I heard the SM President had to petition the neighborhood in Albany to allow the game to be played. Time to get an attorney and put that sheeet to rest, school’s been there since ’27, long before those houses were built.
    Also, should put on a 5th quarter for alumni, I for one was ready for a couple of drinks after that 4th quarter. Would have been a good fundraiser- lots of thirsty folks from Napa too.

  • #29 never knew that. Who called the plays this year? Zo. Its not like Coach gives his OC’s too much control he makes them all call his plays his way. Jerome or the dude that went from Castro Valley to CCC all had to call the offense Carters way.

  • James

    Wondering stop trying to hype yourself, it wont be a game. MV’s “fire power” will be shut down, the sooner you realize it the less it will hurt on Friday.

    Post #34, Your league champs played against BHS like they should have been ranked even lower in the seeding, so just stfu.

  • If John Wade’s the AD at CCC, why bring in Carter? Wade a much better candidate, lot’s of experience with Miramonte and ex-Salesian. Also, Richmond high schools way down for yrs, most players are going to op for DVC, SFCC, San Mateo, etc. Carter won’t make a big differance.

  • bhsfan

    dame nails is the OC at b high and called majority of the plays all year. great season jackets. wannaknow u seem to know a whole lot, like ur a coach or very close to the program, kinda airing out lots of dirty laundry and some low blows, wow, were u fired from coaching at b high?

  • bhsfan

    goat u still here, calm down wit the internet thuggary. u talk a lot of smack. is ur son #19


    hey goat u are not hard 2 find
    its all gas no breaks over ur
    ask somebody, we aint hard 2 find
    u want my number or address,
    one way in and no way out-lights out mark

  • wannaknow

    Wow! A brotha steps out for a minute for some early xmas shopping & damn. Ok. Here goes….

    My bad Kyle I forgot all about you. I say you at the half too. I owe you and that’s on my word. I pay my debts no problem.

    #40 dame nails may have ended he season as OC. But I believe Thomas Coleman started out there. Requiring the OC to call the game the way you want is a problem if you not hiring guy with a similar philosophy. Rome wanted to be balanced as opposed to run heavy. I believe that wold have made Rickey even deadlier. You would’ve had to respect the pass.

    #41 That’s the wrong John Wade. This guys been the AD for at least 8 years. And he’s a former basketball coach from Eastern Washington by way of UOP.

    #43 Never coached at B-high just really close to the goings on with all of the programs in this league. The topic just happened to B-high. If it were any other team in the ACCAL I would have the same type of info. So there’s no bitterness at all. I just want to see all our kids (from this area) get the best opportunity. That was just one area that wasn’t to ZO’s liking. The rest of that league is in utter turmoil.

  • berkeley played a good team and wat happened? 41 un answered till the starters got pulled! didnt see the smashmouth football b-high promised. berkeley has better athletes than monte vista i guess it came down to coaching! now i know why carter took those ebal teams off his schedule.

  • wannaknow

    Now now bill. That’s not totally accurate. That game only was only so onesided due to poor planning on Carter’s part. Once Pinole showed that Berkeley was 1 dimensional they were pretty much done. San Leandro just neglected to put them outta their misery. hope they get another shot at the EBAL with carter and a new QB next year. You can only get beat up so many times before you learn how to fight.

    Question to anyone that’s in the know. Why doesn’t CCC hire the guy on their staff with 3 Super Bowl rings??? Their equipment guy is Benny Barnes. Yes that Benny Barnes. Dallas Cowboy, Stanford Cardinal, College football HOF Benny Barnes.

  • it didnt take pinole game to tell me i’ve been saying it since the summer. that q.b is a junior. this ain’t the oal in ncs you have to be able to throw come playoff time! zo wants no part of the ebal cuz they’ve been on b-high schedule everyyear til zo took over. only team zo’s beaten from the ebal was granada when he was at mack.

  • wannaknow

    And I don’t think that was it. The QB is a problem but he was on varsity last year and go 50% of the game reps. This is something different. I believe they’re a QB coach away from being a contender. It’s about their development. Logan came in as a freshman and has regressed. With the rep everyone has given Zo saying he’s recruiting and pilfering players I’d watch my Freshmen team. LOL! Provided he’s back of course.

    Like I said before rumors are he’s gone and the next Berkeley coach will be Brian Hamilton from Concord High.

  • pirates24

    bhsfan #19 is not his son if you are referring to jones from sl

  • panther4

    I agree with all that are saying that this next weekend will decide the champ. No offense to Pitt or Wash either, they just play out the bracket that they were given. Deer Valley laid an egg and Amador lost their QB. It is what it is. I was thinking it would be CAl against pitt again. I like that matchup better than Pitt Wash, I think Pitt wins by 14+ but again it doesn’t matter. DLS/MV winner will be the champ by a landslide. EBAL rules again!