HAAL Football — 11/30

Attention HAAL football fans,
I finally received the All-HAAL Football teams. I will post them tomorrow and they will be in Wednesday’s paper. Thank you for your patience.

Tony Gonsalez

  • HAAL Fan

    IT’S ABOUT TIME TONY! I’VE BEEN DYING TO SEE HOW WELL I DID, HOW MANY PEOPLE THINK I’M THE BEST, HOW MANY TIMES COACHES WONDERED IF THEY’D EVER HAVE A PLAYER LIKE ME, THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS WONDERING IF THEY’D EVER BE BLESSED ENOUGH BY GOD TO BE ME, AND ALL THEIR PARENTS WHO WISH THEY HAD A GENE POOL LADEN ENOUGH WITH TALENT TO PRODUCE SOMETHING LIKE ME. Oh yeah, that’s right kids, it’s a team sport and the only stat that matters is the score. Nothing wrong with all league selections. I was an all league selection and it was an honor, but not greater of an honor than being on the field with those guys. They are who I remember when I look back on the glory days, not how many first team votes I received. Might seem out of place, but I’m just tired of the “me first” attitude I’ve seen spring up in high school sports.

  • Tony Gonsalez

    I finally got the FINALIZED list from the HAAL commish today. The original meeting was on Thurs the 19th. Last week the AD’s finalized it with the right spelling’s.
    I’ve been dying to see the list just like everybody else. I think this is the time of year where you hear the most debates on so It’ll be interesting.

  • MVAL Fan

    when will the MVAL teams be posted?

  • The G..O.A.T

    I must apologize 4 my vulgar behavior no one should have 2 endure my literary abuse.
    Although I am entitled to my own opinion, things said in angry are not always appropriate.

  • yup

    Which papers will they be in?

  • dirty RED

    ive been waiting 4 this

  • Titanfan


  • THE G.O.A.T.

    WILL justice be served
    as the plot thickens
    who will b left out in the cold
    stay tuned

  • Steve

    The MVAL All league was posted last week in the newspaper.