Silver Bowl to be shown on tape delay

My apologies for being late in posting this, but the Silver Bowl between Fremont and Oakland Tech will be available to watch on tape delay on local Comcast channel 27 on Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m. It also aired last night at 8 p.m.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    HOW does the OAL benefit from not playing in the real playoffs

  • All Day

    Goat, the OAL and SF are their own sections and not part of the North Coast Section ther is no benefit at all from both sections oal and sf sections not going to the ncs or ccs playoffs. It actually hurts some players chances from being seen by college scouts and could hurt a teams chance to possibly going to the state bowl game if a team was good enough.


    jimmy, updates on the san jose kid that was injured in critical condition

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Here’s is the latest from my colleague Dennis Knight at the San Jose Mercury News:


  • e_culb

    “It actually hurts some players chances from being seen by college scouts”

    No it doesnt a kid has 10 games to show what he can do if he hasnt showed it by then then he’s probably not ready for the next level. Besides most schools are in the thick of there season’s either getting ready for bowls or finishing up at least out here on the west coast.

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    ALL DAY and E_culb thanks
    4 clearing that up

  • Jimmy Durkin

    And if you look at the history of our Cream of the Crop list, De La Salle leads the way (not surprisingly) with 54 selections. But Skyline is second with 51 and Mack is third with 32. Fremont (10), Oakland Tech (8) and Castlemont (6) are also up there with multiple selections. The OAL typically has more kids earn college scholarships than any other league, right up there with the EBAL (and I think typically ahead of the EBAL until DLS joined).

  • HAAL Fan

    E_culb is right in that you pretty much know what you have in a player by the time the playoffs roll around, regardless of what section they play in. “Kids not getting a look” is not the case at all. I believe the OAL benefits in other sports as being a part of their own section. A good example of which is basketball. However, in football, it hurts their chances of playing in a state bowl game. But who’s to say that the honor of playing in a state bowl game is worth more to them than winning a silver bowl? Just a matter of perspective, I guess.

  • e_culb

    Man the State Bowl selction is like the BCS, and the OAL is playing in the WAC. Meaning no consideration for the title game.

  • That’s a great joke to lift up our holiday spirits about the OAL. They haven’t fielded a competive team to take on other regions, leagues and areas since John Brodie at Tech in the earlt ’50’s. That’s no bullsheeet! They are terrible, not including those Skyline teams who still under Bream would have taken a loss against the others.

  • #10 you are such a loser. The woman who fought for the pink team inthe USFL. Ya right. Whats your real name scumbag I’ll check on line never played college or Pro just say stuff & think everyhbody is gonna believe you. Stop blogging your a hater. I’ll give you something to hate on how bout my d*ck in your mouth.

  • Who is Larry Reposa? I haven’t got a comment from you, who ever you are all season. Are you adddressing the right comment? Lot’s of Encinal folks tore yur ass to pieces all season, but you might not be him, just hiding behind the name. I got a feeling your a player from the OAL. Your comments give you away as a player who most likely has been on academic probation. That means yur stupid and not dedicated in the classroom to help yur team.

  • e_culb

    Yomama I will say you are wrong on those Beam teams they played all the top teams around here St. Francis, DLS, Amador when they where really good and beat them they would have given many teams a run for the money and the year they went undeafeated with Roger Ratliff they where a REALLY good team. What I said wasnt a joke or a knock on the OAL it was a statement of fact, if Boise State can go undeafeated nearly 2 years straight and not even be thought of for the National title, no matter how good a season a team from the OAL had they would not be considered. Heck Encinal is not even in the running.

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    the 89 SKYLINE TEAM is the best team ever assembled
    we went full speed in practice so game time was a cake walk

  • choppers

    i can tell any one whose says playing in the OAL or SF is benifical is stupid! (aaron horne, PAUL, CASTLEMONT). yes real stupid!. two of my cousins, benifted alot, by showing of their skills against tough playoff teams (nevada) , reason for it, is number one the oal season is over, almost around the same time as the college regular season, during that time,the coaches go out their to see the highly profiled players because they dont have their bowl game for another mounth, and if they go to that game to see that highly profiled player.. and is not impressed and like some one else in that same game, it really helps the other kid, sooo be smart when you talk. i am all for the oal to join the NCS as long as they change the grade requirements, why not!??, and i still dont know why they got a sf section, they should join the ccs, but its politics, trust me on that, not fair for those intercity kids.

  • choppers

    G.O.A.T that was 20 years ago, this is a new age, you can’t really talk about that,? cause everyday we would go heads up, and noo running away, not just that skyline team of 1989

  • choppers

    iu must admire tho, it was a hell of a team

  • billjohnson

    e_culb oal playoffs are not for real. it’s just a league championship. ncs is section playoffs. the best win the oal has was tech over y.v. they barely beat alameda plus tech lost to pinole who can’t even complete a pass!

  • Coach Green

    Most kids are recruited in the spring of their junior year based off their grades, sat scores and their athletic ability…the key is qualifying by spring of their “junior” year…it doesn’t matter what leaugue you play in recriters want to know if you can “cut” it @ the next level(grades,skills,weight room…etc)…people are knocking the OAL but what league that has only 6 schools get as many D1 players or “pro players” to those 2 levels for that matter…it starts with a good or decent junior year and sometimes a good sophomore year will help also…plus camps and combines not your league.

  • E_CULB

    “billjohnson Says:
    December 3rd, 2009 at 10:08 am
    e_culb oal playoffs are not for real. it’s just a league championship. ncs is section playoffs. the best win the oal has was tech over y.v. they barely beat alameda plus tech lost to pinole who can’t even complete a pass!”

    Only in the eyes of people like yourself!! In the eyes of those that have been in it either played or coached it’s real to us.

  • Longhorn

    Wow…for we who have played and or coached in the OAL…we get tired of hearing the same old song..THE OAL is WEAK…if thats the case why must we travel every where? Not many want to come in to play! For whatever reason they refuse to join a section is beyond me! Just looking at the teams this year, I have to say…something is not right! Seems the kids don’t come out anymore…the pride is down..the Coaching is down..Where are the Administrators…Parents..I truly believe talent lies in Oakland…we must dig it up…and instill pride in the Kids.Otherwise…its all down hill.

  • Hood Boy

    The talent is in Oakland. Your right about that. I would love to see more kids come out and play football. But it all starts in the classrooms. When things get right in the classroom then things will be good for the OAL. Teams having to forfeit because not enough kids making grades turns teams away.

  • E_CULB

    ” For whatever reason they refuse to join a section is beyond me!”

    The OAL is a section what do you mean? Why do everybody want the OAL to join NCS, what would it benefit? If it choose to stay it’s own section for the sole purpose of Basketball so be it! Leave it alone! Football will still send more kids D-1 than most leagues in Northern California, and as I read many of you say that’s what it’s all about!

  • billjohnson

    coach green i never said the oal didnt have talent. makes you wonder with all this talent in the oal & no team ranked in the top 15 east bay. coach green or e_culb if the players are there then wat is it? scheme? coaching?


    The O.A.L sucks, the only team we give props to is the Fremont High School team. Atleast they are trying to make that program better, It has to be the system and poor support in those schools, and lack of effort from those kids. Becuase when we played Fremont high school it was not no walk in the park, yes the score tells other wise, but from the stands and talking to my nephew that plays at pitt right now. He said they are tuff up front, thats why they had a tuff time running on them..thats why we went to the air cuz the running game was not there…but anyways they have a good staff there…they just lack the skills and players..but E-club is right..you are going to get recriuted where ever you play…Just come watch us beat Dela….lol..pitt is do for one…

  • Triton8

    Yomomma….once again you show your ignorance? Coach Beam’s Skyline teams in the 80s and 90s could have taken on any teams in this area and held their own(and did). Beam dodged no one. He knew his league was not strong, so his preseason was like a minefield…..Bellarmine, St Francis, DLS, James Logan….tough San Diego and Hawaii teams. And just for good measure, no one would come to Oakland, so they were all away games. For you to say that the OAL hasn’t had a real team since the 50s is so stupid I have to think you are kidding. Do you want to compare DI signings? Skyline was 2nd to NONE! When Beam was there, you could meet a who’s who of great college coaches during any lunch period in the PE office. Not only was he the man for Skyline…college coaches would ask for his opinion on all the other OAL prospects as well. Coach Beam was the high tide that brought the whole league up during his time there. Wake up….I think I was giving you too much credit on the other blog pages, this time you may have shown your true self?

  • therealcoachcarter

    I think the negative comments about the OAL playoffs our ridiculous & it really show the lack of knowledge and ignorance of Bill Johnson & the rest of you clowns that continue to put down the OAL. Triton8 you are right Skyline Hs in it’s hay day (80’s & 90″s) had some great teams & played everybody from the NCS, CCS, Hawaii & even LA which paved the way for the Mighty, Mighty Mack Warriors from 2001 to 2007 won a total of 4 section & 5 League Titles & put out a total of 36 Div 1 athletes!! Which is hands down the most in the East Bay & in 2005 we had 9 which was the most in the state so miss me with all this NCS & OAL mess because although it would be nice to be in th NCS the OAL doesn’t need the NCS!! I have coached in both sections so I’m speaking from facts because the Mack ’05(11-1) team would have qualified for the CIF State Small School Division game but it didn’t come about until the following year and we were runner ups that year so stop trying to overrate all the OAL schools & give them there props because other than the small schools like Encinal (which I Love & have mad respect for) can even come close to the talent level in that league & yes the Silver Bowl does matter because of it’s strong tradition! So stop trying to bash League! 123 Mack Family!! I Bleed Orange & Black

  • Triton8

    Well said…and Mack in the early 2000s didn’t have to toot their own horn….the D1 coaches were doing that for them! I forgot to mention the Oakland High teams of the early 90s which had a coach for a couple years that attracted talent. They battled with the Titans strong for a couple years until Mack came up. During those times….the D1 scouts knew where the talent was….in the OAL. There is an old saying in the OAL…”The most talent in the Bay Area walks the halls of Castlemont High…they just never get on the field.” That’s a shame, but very true. Due to circumstances in the inner city, it takes a special coach like Beam, Carter and the recent Castlemont coach to get these kids on the field and in the classroom. When they get them there and the players get a sense of pride….their talent blossoms and they get a chamce to leave and go to college.

  • billjohnson

    coach carter the oal has to get it done on the field! outside there league no team has got it done other than beam’s skyline teams. you played tough schools no doubt but you only won once against the l.a schools u didnt beat any wcal teams. props for da scholarships though!

  • ManDown

    Coach Carter are you saying Encinals talent is up there with the OAL?