Irvington hires Silvernale as new football coach

Zack Silvernale has been tabbed as the new football coach at Irvington High. Silvernale, 24, is a 2003 graduate of Irvington and served as the team’s quarterback coach the past three seasons.

He replaces Casey Kester, who was not retained because the school wanted to hire an on-campus coach, said Irvington Athletic Director Jeff Fern. Silvernale has been a history teacher at Irvington since graduating from Chico State in 2007.

“I grew up bleeding blue and white and have been teaching here the past three years,” Silvernale said. “The biggest challenge for us is to restore faith in the Irvington football program both at the school and in the community.”

Silvernale is the third coach at Irvington since Bob Spain left after the 2006 season to take over at Dougherty Valley.

The Vikings went 2-8 under Kester this year and were 6-14 in the two prior years under Darrell Lutz, who will join Silvernale’s staff as the defensive coordinator.

They were 18-7 in Spain’s final two years, qualified for the 2005 NCS 3A title game and went to the 3A semifinals in 2006. They also ended James Logan’s 40-game MVAL win streak in 2006 when they won the MVAL title.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Chris

    I’d almost say “hope Irvington gets better,” but I’m from Mission and I don’t like Irvington.

    Hope our varsity football beats Irvington three years down the road!

  • mvalfan

    Good Luck Mr. Silvernale I hope you can turn that program around for the sake of the MVAL. we need all the good teams we can get. no more etch a sketch play calling from the previous staff. I hope everything works out well and looking foward to seeing your team next fall.

  • HAAL Fan

    How did they beat Logan that year? By having Coach Ingram on staff and switching their offense to the Husky Wishbone. “When you run the ball and have great defense, the worse that can happen is a 0-0 tie.”

  • Thank you Mr. Murchison for taking the steps to rebuild the confidence in Irvington High School. We all appreciate your comittment to the students, the team and the community. Zack Silvernale is a class act and he comes from a good family with a legacy of athletic excellence.

  • let you know

    irvington beat logan that lear because of irvingtns running backs. they were good and im preety sure there playing in D1 cllege right now.


    irvington is garbage no matter who is the coach they have had 2 winning season in the past 15 years.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    To be fair, Irvington has had three winning seasons in the past nine years.

  • MVALFremont

    I far back as I can remember 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2006 are Irvington’s last few winning seasons

  • Reggie Tamse

    I played under Coach Spain when we went to the NCS semifinals it’s sad that he left because he was one of the greats of Irvington; hopefully Silvernale does a good job (he was my history teacher actually)