Two Geeks Live Chat: Setting the stage for CIF bowls

UPDATE (2:20): After a delay, it appears we are back in business. Chat will begin shortly.

The Geeks checked into their hotel in sunny Torrance, CA, just a little more than a half hour ago. Their room includes an impressive view of both the 405 and 110 freeways, as well as the Home Depot Center. It’s time to talk state bowl games. We’ll see you at 2 p.m.

Chace Bryson

  • I love northern Cali from here hope we got 5-0 but maaaannnn. Are we looking at going 2-3 at best in state?? Probably 1-4?? I see De LA winning & maybe Bellarmine. But I don’t think that Bellarmine has good enough athletes to compete. They have great football players 26 on their D is a stud but he’s no great athlete & their line is small & not very athletic. I hear that Oceanside is loaded. That 3-5-3 is going to get shredded by the Fly if thats what Oceanside still runs. Our only hope in that game is that Oceanside shruggles with the Doublewing. If they haven’t faced it it may give them problems.

    Rocklin’s gonna get murdered. Marin Catholic is gonna to be facing great & well coached athletes they’ll have the same argument as the Bells just not athletic enough.

    I only have De La winning casue I don’t think that Crenshaw is discipline enough to get it done against the De La attack.

  • renegades10

    A lot of people including the La Times have Modesto Christian winning the small schools against Francis. I actually think Bellarmine wins a close one tonight. starting off 2-0 tonight maybe it will carry over for teams tomorrow.

  • guru-black

    the d1,2,3 teams plus crenshaw from the south all have played real good schedules there battled tested i just hope the north will represent. i think rocklin has the best chance to win they played athletes from grant. crenshaw will beat de la perkin believe it!

  • Mikeblowem

    Anybody know what channel it will be aired on?

  • Lee Harvey

    Mike Wood is still a sexy beast.


    Who beat Parker?


    hell yeah Modesto Christian beat Parker 44-40.

    They beat Central Catholic too. Go NorCal. SJS, CCS and NCS.


    I want to See DLS play them instead of Serra next year PLZ.

    Northside going 5-0 woo hoo