Live from CIF State Football: Marin Catholic vs. Serra-Gardena

Ben Enos

  • Vic

    lets go nor-cal we need this one….

  • norcalfball

    have to be impresseed with norcal so far…1-2, but played both other games very very close…if not for the qb getting injured marin catholic could have very well won and that gift wrapped fumble in bellarmine game we could be 3-0…of course those are big IF’s, but we are hanging in there…

    My assessment so far is socal has far more superior teams…but i think the norcal coaching is blowing them away. hard to believe with that talent that is swarming on those other teams can’t control us. look at those lb’s, wr’s, rb’s…throw some of those kids onto some of the east bays teams and see what we would do with them…

    but there is no doubt athlete for athlete it isn’t real close in the games so far and i don’t see that changing…if we can split the next two 2-3 isn’t bad if we can get a sweep we can beat them for the 1st time…good luck

  • old former meddling coach.

    Marin Catholic. Great effort and great job reppin the Bay Area and Norcal. Jet Pride!

  • Old Med- what did you think of the last game- 28 straight points and a shut-out after the 1st quarter?
    I was surprised about Crenshaw. I guess you don’t go 14-0 for nothing. It was a hard hitting affair all night.

  • old former meddling coach.

    There has never been any question that DLS is a superior program and i can honestly say i was pulling for them. But i will also say that when you are no.1 You will always have crosshairs on ya. But to answer your question Yo mama,I never doubted their ability to do what they needed to win. Jet Pride!

  • PayDirt

    Congrats to all NorCal teams this season. Each team represented the area very well: they played well and showed great class. There were no losers, and above all, Rocklin showed a resolve that few teams can understand. This is the essence the DLS credo…