De La Salle awarded State Team of the Year

Just days after upending the state’s No. 1-ranked Crenshaw in the CIF Open Division bowl game, CalHiSports.com named the Spartans the State Team of the Year for the sixth time this decade.

According to the release, it was a close call between De La Salle (13-2) and CIF Division II bowl champion, Servite-Anaheim (14-1). The release claimed the deciding factor was the way the Spartans dominated the final three quarters of their bowl game, winning convincingly over the Cougars while Servite needed a last-second field goal to defeat a surging Rocklin team 33-30. Strength of schedule also appeared to tip in De La Salle’s favor.

The Spartans have now been named CalHiSports.com’s State Team of the Year a total of 13 times. They were last honored with the award in 2007.

You can read the release and see all of the past State Teams of the Year by clicking here.

Chace Bryson

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  • mikeyb

    Very nice! congratulations Spartans!

  • Nice to see De La Salle finish on top. This is one of the premier ranking poll in California. It’s been around a long time and is regarded the grand-daddy and best poll overall.

  • The De La Dogs take it all!

  • I don’t think DLS should make any more attempts of scheduling Grant, etc. Stay in SoCal for pre-league games if possible. They appreciate DLS more and like to play the best. Would like to see a game vs. Texas in the future, like the games in Ohio, Hawaii, Louisanna, etc. from the past.

  • Old meddling- your thoughts on the state open? Did NorCal represent?

  • mikeyb

    I agree with you Big Joe, there is plenty of talent in Southern CA. Here in the north, the WCAL seems to provide a consistent pool of good teams year after year. The Bells, Mitty and VC to name a few…It would also be nice to see a national game with an Aquinas, Byrne or Katy from TX.

  • Coach Lad appears to be the NorCal coach of the year. Any takers?

  • renegades10

    Ya but i think DLS will give the national thing a rest at least they are for sure this year. Maybe another open bowl title and they go out and schedule a national team. But losing a few games I think they are not as high in demand as they once were. Playing a SoCal team is good. Plenty of teams to play down there. Also some emerging teams here. Unfortunately the final schedule won’t be released until after the football banquet which is where it is announced and that is on January 31st.

    But with the abundance of quality players and teams here year after year I don’t see why there can’t get be a California version of the Herbstreit classic. 8 games over two days. Need a few sponsors but I think it could be done. You could bring some national powers to play the powers in Cali and it would generate a lot of interest and maybe even get a good national team to play a local team like Monte Vista or one of the WCAL schools or SJS schools.

  • renegades10

    Joe I bet Rocklin coach wins it and I can’t argue with that. Maybe even the Modesto Christian coach. Both of those teams had outstanding seasons. Had DLS been undefeated then yeah I don’t think you could argue against Lad but Rocklin and MC experienced success they don’t have very often this year.

  • Mike- The WCAL has had it’s fill with De La Salle. They rode that horse for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, they are still one of the strongest leagues not only in NorCal but the state.
    Back in the day, QB- Dan Fouts(St.Ignauis), Jesse Freitas(Serra), Lynn Swann(Serra), Tom Brady(Serra), Dan Pastornini(Bellarmine), Clyde Labarron(son of Eddie Labarron) ( Bellarmine),Tim Rosovich(St. Francis), Carl Bray Boy(Riordan), Dan Hayes(Riordan), Georgetti(SI),Terry Shea(Bellarmine) before Pastorini, Tom Scott(Serra). St. Mary’s Berkeley was also in the league, co- champs in 1966, Demea Washington,(Stanford) Les Watts,Kim Liolo(Oregon), Jim Ratto.
    What a league, whata history.

  • Renegades, yes that Ohio Classic is pretty good, but again it’s not basketball. Only one team vs. another, one game, it could end up featuring 2 out of state teams. I bet if De La went to a national schedule( won’t ever happen) they could finish 9-2 or 8-3 at a consistant level, bring in Texas, Penn, Jenks(Oklahoma), mabey an Alabama team, Michigan team,Florida, throw in a couple of SoCal teams, etc.

  • I like Big Joe’s proposal- sheeetttt- throw in the RaIDERS AND NINERS!

  • Renegades, you’re right. Lad is too humble to accept any more individual awards. Time to recognize others.

  • newguest

    Great season for the Spartans, showing what they were made of and coming a long way! They deserve the honor and I didn’t imagine that after game 3. GREAT JOB SPARTANS

  • Congrats to DLS on 6 1st team all-east bay selections and 4 2nd/3rd team selections- TEN in all.

  • Ward voted best all around in EastBay. What I saw thru the year he was the top back in the EastBay hands down. Very tough and lots of heart, played thru injuries. Ya don’t get 2000 plus yds for nothin!

  • fast and physical

    Great job Spartanville, it was a honor to have T. Ward and T. Anderson