All-East Bay football team

Player of the Year: Terron Ward, De La Salle

Offensive Player of the Year: Brett Nottingham, Monte Vista

Defensive Player of the Year: Blake Renaud, De La Salle

Coach of the Year: Victor Galli, Pittsburg


First Team
QB – Brett Nottingham, Monte Vista – Player of the Year
RB – Rickey Galvin, Berkeley
RB – Richard Calhoun, Alhambra
WR – Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista
WR – Robert Jiles, Pittsburg
TE – Toni Pole, James Logan
OL – Thomas Hickel, De La Salle
OL – Jesse Mercado, Encinal
OL – Sione Maile, San Leandro
OL – Isaiah Henderson, Berkeley
OL – Dylan Wynn, De La Salle
K – James Langford, Foothill

Second Team
QB – Sean Mannion, Foothill
RB – Patrone Wood, Ygnacio Valley
RB – Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech
WR – Cameron Rowland, Foothill
WR – James King, Miramonte
TE – Bo Walter, De La Salle
OL – Omar Omilabu, Alhambra
OL – Mac Hess, De La Salle
OL – DeAndre Ward, Castlemont
OL – Jonathan Murphy, Encinal
OL – Arturo Hernandez, California
K – Mike Eidman, Monte Vista

Third Team
QB – Ricky Lloyd, Concord
RB – Marquis Waters, Las Lomas
RB – Jakari Johnson, Castlemont
WR – Corey Galindo, Concord
WR – Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s
TE – Pat Berrigan, Foothill
OL – Andrew Bailey, Amador Valley
OL – Sinilau Tauteoli, Fremont
OL – Freddie Tagaloa, Salesian
OL – Jacob Mehalas, Hayward
OL – Bryan Moss, Acalanes
K – Maxwell Naterman, Pinole Valley


First Team
DL – Sione Tupouata, Fremont
DL – Fred Thompson, Oakland Tech
DL – Dylan Wynn, De La Salle
DL – Dino Waldren, De La Salle
LB – Dave Wilkerson, Monte Vista
LB – Keenan Coogler, Berkeley
LB – Vince Buhagiar, Clayton Valley
LB – Blake Renaud, De La Salle – Player of the Year
DB – Damante Horton, Oakland
DB – Forrest Hightower, Concord
DB – Tracy Clark, Pittsburg
DB – Tyler Anderson, De La Salle
Util – Tyrone Duckett, Encinal

Second Team
DL – Jeremy Wiles, Pittsburg
DL – Toni Pole, James Logan
DL – Zack Pruess ,California
DL – Will Marre, De La Salle
LB – Abraham Amiri, Encinal
LB – Travis Raciti, College Park
LB – Thadon Haley, Mt. Diablo
LB – Kyle Egan, San Ramon Valley
DB – Robert Jiles, Pittsburg
DB – DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech
DB – Andre Williams, El Cerrito
DB – Brandon Williams, Deer Valley
Util – Kristoff Williams, Deer Valley

Third Team
DL – Aaron Norton-Buford Berkeley
DL – Cedric Lousi Washington
DL – Chris Lawrence De La Salle
DL – William Fukofuka San Lorenzo
LB – Aoese Noa San Lorenzo
LB – Albert Bell James Logan
LB – Dalton Turay, Amador Valley
LB – Giovanni Javier California
DB – Delency Parham Berkeley
DB – David Douglas Oakland
DB – Trevor Morrison California
DB – Donovan Henderson Pinole Valley
Util – Jonathan Willis, James Logan
Util – Kean Stancil, Amador Valley

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • All this future Jet football talk kills me there is a good chance there will be no 2010 season for the Jets if the AUSD gets its way. Alameda High will be much improved because they will have all the Jets players.

  • Waste

    Actual fact is alameda dosnt have the capacity so it would be a mutual spot to keep from bad blood and due to the amount of kids. Proposed plan wouldnt go in to affect for atleast 2-3 years. Alameda kida would actually hurt tge program since it would be a d1 school and basically it be a majority jets with a few ahs players and a lack of depth

  • choppers

    Encinal runs, the island of alameda.. Until tenerio leaves. Alameda is never winning another won..

  • Jet4Ever52

    Nicely put Chopper

  • “The Associated Press”

    “P.S. No negative responses please. Much appreciated”. Lol, lol, lol. Your not from the west end. Lol.
    Stretch the back and neck out buddy and please come again.

    However, on the serious side, I heard he got put in the “Rear naked choke” (headlock) by a parent too. I heard the DC wasnt playin his kid. I also heard the dad made him tap out & start his son the next game after he skipped practice and went to a mens volleyball game…! Ouch!

  • “The Associated Press”

    Ike, Hornet71, Rocko,

    Lets see here, 1000 gassers, after pops made the coach tap out twice. Hmmm. I don’t think so. Seems there is a lot of influence on the decision making from outside the coaching staff.

  • pirates24

    this is str8 bullshit

  • HornetPride71

    Mr. I Know Everything?- for your information, i was on the jv team because of transferable issues. oh and I PLAYED WITH THOSE BOYS DOWN @ ENCINAL, i know what they’re about. I grew up with them. and i ddnt say Alameda has a lot coming back; i named a few. I know John-Allen, he is good. I know Joshua Morrow, big dude and will be even better this year this year. and MERCADO, best Center in the East Bay; i went heads with this dude and he is fierce.

    my point im tryna make is that i played with these guys for a short period of time, but i got to know how these guys are.

    and to wut u were saying about sh** talk, i was on jv and i talked sh** cuz we smashed. but var, they did talk too much. Oh and about me coming on here about yelling “Hornet Pride and that chaa-hoo stuff”..freedom of speech. but also its called reppin ya skoo.

  • HornetPride71

    All this really needs to stop. Like i said in my other recent posts, all this talk wont matter.

    OFF-SEASON workouts and preparation will determine who put the most effort into earning bragging rights.


  • Waste

    Cunningham actually went to encinal for a semester earlier in his high school career but transfered back.
    Not sure why he left but it could really have benefited for him to stay there. Probably 2-3 rings on his fingers but i guess he wasnt feelin it.

  • Panther Fan

    Does anyone realize it’s hoops season?? Lol. I would think that the island that nurtured hall of fame point guard J. Kidd, that hoops would give us a break from the football banter. I guess not. Football is king on the isthmus.

    Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood.

    How about this for a thought? Cunningham is a very good back. Encinal is a very good program. Can’t both be true?

    Go Panthers!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Don’t worry,Spring workouts will start soon and before you know it it’ll be Football season again! And Don’t forget J.R.Rider was also a Island product. Jet Pride!

  • Panther Fan

    Coach – I would never forget J.R. How could I as an E-40 fan? Lol. Those of you who grew up like I did will get that joke. I just thought J. Kidd was a better representative of the Island.

    My brother actually played against both of them in the Frisco Summer Pro-Am League at Kezar. G. Payton and Kidd were on the same team. Guess who took it that year?

    I love football, but we got a ways to go Coach! 🙂

    Go Panthers!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well maybe we’ll get to see Lovett and DBR on the track this year. I hope all these football players at least do track in the off season. Jet Pride!

  • Panther Fan

    They will both be running this year. You are ryte coach, track is a great idea for all of our Bay Area football players. Even the big boys can do something like shot put or discus. If not that, then get out on the hoop court. As we all know hoops was invented as an activity to keep football players in shape during the off season. But as all of us who played hoops and not football know – ain’t no football player can beat a hoop player on the hardwood. LOL!

    Go Panthers!

  • HornetPride71

    “The Associated Press” –

    “1000 gassers, after pops made the coach tap out twice.”

    Are you inferring Pop’s to Coach Cunningham? If so you’re wrong. Do you even know who did it?

  • Reggie Hammond


    It must have took about 2-4 minutes before the AHS coach tapped out. There must have been some struggle. Where was the other AHS coaches or even teamates? The other coaches didn’t help their own staff member before he lost conciousness. Those are your fearless leaders? Are you kidding me. No coach deserves that. And then the other players were able to start the next game. I can almost understand keeping the kids on the team, but I cant understand starting them? Can you? You left the Nailhouse for that?

  • billjohnson

    Panther Fan,

    What do you know about Dave Rider Jr., and JR Rider Jr?
    Nailhouse Baby? TBA…

  • Sui-Sui

    A, Alameda Hornets,

    If there are “Poly Boys” at Alameda how come there name is never in the Newspaper or on Cal-hi Sports? Alameda Poly’s must be some suckas.

  • it is because the polys at alameda had grade issuses supposidly. they will be back next year. As for the Island bowl, we will just have to wait and see when the time comes. All this shit talking is not going to prove anything.

    As for cunningham, why is everyone bagging on the kid? i dont get it. is it because they see he has a future, and there jealous of it? please explain.

  • Sui-Sui


    No. I dont see that. Not jealous either.

  • 617lemon

    what position does cunningham play on defense cuz it’s tuff to make it at rb in the next level gotta have the body to take the punishment. if terron ward aint gettin alota offers what makes you think he will pride? plus alameda’s not the school to be at if you want to get a scholarship!


    everybody just needs to calm down!!!…cunninghams a beast and lets leave it at that…remember hes only a junior and against encinal he was a factor with over 100 yards rushing…also encinals a great program and lets leave it at that

  • old former meddling coach.

    Becky, Cunningham did get over 100 yards and he is a good back. But he was not a factor in the Island bowl at all. Jet Pride


    when will we kmow where all of these players go next year?

  • I have viewed the ALL EAST bay teams and amamazed at the absence of javen butler. javen, a junior lead pittsburg in almost every individual statistic on hisc team. he had amuch more productive season than his teammate traci clark had on defense. what are you using to evauate players. I’m an old pirate who attended almost every game. Hopefully he won’t go unnoticed next year.

  • This is Cunningham , the actual player not father . Thanks to everyone talking down on me . You all are adults talking about how a 17 year old “sucks” “is not going anywhere” “has no future” . To be honest , I do not care what you guys think . I’m just going to take this all in as motivation . We’ll see what you guys have to say after the season . Its going to be one of two things , if I have a great season all you guys are going to say is , “oh that does not mean anything , all the teams lost there best players . He is not proving himself .” or if i have a horrible season its going to be , “I told you he sucks , nothing new .” So I am ready for anything you guys have to say .

    If you should know , yes I skipped practice last year for my girlfriends volleyball game . I know I should not have . But none of you guys were apart of the Alameda High program last year , so you would not know what went on . But let me tell you , last year all my coaches placed me on a higher than any other player . they let me get away with everything ; not going hard in practice , letting me get away with not going to practice , etc . Instead of being humble and saying all of that was not right , I took advantage of it . Eventually I got cut and had to work my way back on the team . it was not just running , I had to apologize to the coaches and players , I had to make a list of everything I could possibly do to contribute to the team , even though i was not a captain I had to start acting like one , I had to be more of a team player , I had to get my grades up . All the coaches decided to let me play in the playoff game the day of the game . it was not an automatic thing like all of you may think .

    With grades i have slipped second quarter . Believe I am turning all that around . I doing everything possible that I can to turn around .

    With football , i am working hard for all those non believers out there . I will come out next year bigger , faster and stronger . I will be a captain and do whatever i need to do to get my team a winning record and past the first round of the playoffs . I will make sure my team is eligible to be on the field next year from day one until our last game .

    This is a whole new player here , so keep talking you mess . fine by me , all it that is just motivation . And believe I am going somewhere and i will be somebody . I have learned from all my mistakes and will not make them again .

    I am ready for all your negative comments , so bring them . I not going to reply , just read and take them all in and prove all you otherwise .

    I am Michael Cunningham #2 for the Alameda High Hornets and I know what I want in life and what I have to do . Keep hatin , it’s all good .

    End of subject .