All-East Bay football team

Player of the Year: Terron Ward, De La Salle

Offensive Player of the Year: Brett Nottingham, Monte Vista

Defensive Player of the Year: Blake Renaud, De La Salle

Coach of the Year: Victor Galli, Pittsburg


First Team
QB – Brett Nottingham, Monte Vista – Player of the Year
RB – Rickey Galvin, Berkeley
RB – Richard Calhoun, Alhambra
WR – Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista
WR – Robert Jiles, Pittsburg
TE – Toni Pole, James Logan
OL – Thomas Hickel, De La Salle
OL – Jesse Mercado, Encinal
OL – Sione Maile, San Leandro
OL – Isaiah Henderson, Berkeley
OL – Dylan Wynn, De La Salle
K – James Langford, Foothill

Second Team
QB – Sean Mannion, Foothill
RB – Patrone Wood, Ygnacio Valley
RB – Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech
WR – Cameron Rowland, Foothill
WR – James King, Miramonte
TE – Bo Walter, De La Salle
OL – Omar Omilabu, Alhambra
OL – Mac Hess, De La Salle
OL – DeAndre Ward, Castlemont
OL – Jonathan Murphy, Encinal
OL – Arturo Hernandez, California
K – Mike Eidman, Monte Vista

Third Team
QB – Ricky Lloyd, Concord
RB – Marquis Waters, Las Lomas
RB – Jakari Johnson, Castlemont
WR – Corey Galindo, Concord
WR – Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s
TE – Pat Berrigan, Foothill
OL – Andrew Bailey, Amador Valley
OL – Sinilau Tauteoli, Fremont
OL – Freddie Tagaloa, Salesian
OL – Jacob Mehalas, Hayward
OL – Bryan Moss, Acalanes
K – Maxwell Naterman, Pinole Valley


First Team
DL – Sione Tupouata, Fremont
DL – Fred Thompson, Oakland Tech
DL – Dylan Wynn, De La Salle
DL – Dino Waldren, De La Salle
LB – Dave Wilkerson, Monte Vista
LB – Keenan Coogler, Berkeley
LB – Vince Buhagiar, Clayton Valley
LB – Blake Renaud, De La Salle – Player of the Year
DB – Damante Horton, Oakland
DB – Forrest Hightower, Concord
DB – Tracy Clark, Pittsburg
DB – Tyler Anderson, De La Salle
Util – Tyrone Duckett, Encinal

Second Team
DL – Jeremy Wiles, Pittsburg
DL – Toni Pole, James Logan
DL – Zack Pruess ,California
DL – Will Marre, De La Salle
LB – Abraham Amiri, Encinal
LB – Travis Raciti, College Park
LB – Thadon Haley, Mt. Diablo
LB – Kyle Egan, San Ramon Valley
DB – Robert Jiles, Pittsburg
DB – DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech
DB – Andre Williams, El Cerrito
DB – Brandon Williams, Deer Valley
Util – Kristoff Williams, Deer Valley

Third Team
DL – Aaron Norton-Buford Berkeley
DL – Cedric Lousi Washington
DL – Chris Lawrence De La Salle
DL – William Fukofuka San Lorenzo
LB – Aoese Noa San Lorenzo
LB – Albert Bell James Logan
LB – Dalton Turay, Amador Valley
LB – Giovanni Javier California
DB – Delency Parham Berkeley
DB – David Douglas Oakland
DB – Trevor Morrison California
DB – Donovan Henderson Pinole Valley
Util – Jonathan Willis, James Logan
Util – Kean Stancil, Amador Valley

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Cedric Lousi 3rd teamer? There aren’t 8 better defensive line then him in the East Bay. He should have been 1st team over Waldren in my opinion.

  • renegades10

    perkin…what were lousi’s stats this year at DE? I don’t think he should be in their over Waldren though. but I thought marre should have been a first teamer with 15 sacks on the year.

  • I’m not the guy for stats. Meaning I don’t read too much into them. Washington’s team success & his play as a part of that is what I would reward. He was by far their best player & they went all the Semifinals D-1. Not too damn bad. #2 was good on their team he was the only guy that could compete speed wise with Pitt. QB not impressed barley throw 30 yards. You couldn’t run this guys way great hands & when he caught the ball people didn’t want to tackle him.

  • absolute joke that buhagiar is 1st team D with only 80 tackles…

    Thadon haley from Mount lead the area in tackles and he only makes 2nd team? He should have been defensive player of the year, and definitely first team defense

  • Foreget all this individual stat stuff. Nobdoy goes to every game to see when these stats take place. Did they all come against one weak team? Does one teams coaches leave their players in the whole game to buff their stats?

    Its about who had the better overall defense & who won more games that representative should be 1st team. If Mount Diablo has the defensive player of the year they should probably be ranked top 3 minimum in defense & probaly won more games.

  • Man”oWar

    Whoa “…Says” – If you talk to anybody who hung around the East Bay All-Star team, they can tell you about Buhagiar. Kid was awesome, period. Doesn’t matter number of tackles – if you’re a college coach you take him NOW – don’t wait.

  • ManO’War

    These are great awards, great recognition, etc. Not easy choices to have made, but learned group trying to do a good job, and they do. Do the players also get certificates or patches or other commemorative stuff?

  • Panther Fan

    Here is hoping everyone had a great Holiday and continuing that theme – a Happy New Year.

    However, I have a gripe. Guys, if you posted a response to my questions over the weekend, I apologize I missed it, I didn’t want to get Turkey grease on my keyboard.

    I don’t want to take anything away from any of the deserving players who made this All East Bay team. And I realize that someone always gets left out. What I am having a hard time with is understanding how 1,355 yds and 15 TD’s doesn’t get you on the team.

    I will not put another player’s name on this post, but there are 2 players with less yardage and TD’s. One player had 1,026 and 15 TD’s, the other had 1,348 and 12 TD’s. Both of those players also had 2 more games. Again, those guys deserve to be on the team, but numbers are numbers.

    Sorry for being human here, but maybe one of you could help me make sense of it.

    Thanks for all you guys do and I will recover. At least from the slight, maybe not all the stuffing I ate!

    Go Panthers!

  • Panther Fan you’re a good guy but back your argument up with my #5 post. Numbers are very misleading especially in High School. All the RB’s for the 3 teams went further in the Play-Offs then DBR. Giving itup to numbers whatever they are that ment wins is what its about. I think if ST. MAry’s beats their 1st play off team he probably gets on it. If they win it all he’s a 1st teamer.

  • old former meddling coach.

    A lot of Guys get left out Panther Fan That are very deserving and i know what you are saying but sometimes the people who pick these things just have a difference of opinion about who is deserving and who is not. I’ve felt the same way you felt this year and last year. As far as the All star team,While the coaches had quite a lot of imput the final choices were made by the organizers. Jet Pride!

  • ManDown

    Panther fan I agree with you. Brown-Ryan was a good player and at least deserved to be on the 3rd team but he should be on this list. Maybe its because he got hurt or because St. Marys blew it in the playoffs. Who knows but I agree he should be a second or third teamer.

  • footballer

    Hard to argue with either of the 3rd-team RBs. Waters tied Galvin for the scoring title, so can’t deny him a spot. And Johnson had 1,432 yards and nearly 7 yards a carry, so better numbers than DBR. Plus Johnson was the team’s best QB (led them to Silver Bowl win as jr, then moved to RB full time) so I bet they considered his overall talent. 2nd team wise, Murphy had nearly 2,000 yards so he has to be on there. Wood is really the only questionable choice with a little over 1,000 yards, but his numbers weren’t his fault. That was because of the change in offense. He had been the best back in the area the past two years, so that has to account for something. If the offense had been the same, his numbers would’ve been.

    It’s hard to make these teams, especially as deep as the RB talent was this year. It’s no shame to not get selected and it doesn’t mean DBR wasn’t good or didn’t have a really good season. Just these six guys were a little better.

  • Panther Fan

    As always, thoughtful and insightful comments from you all. I appreciate the responses and do not disagree with the points.

    OFM – Coach. I just want to make it clear that I did not think he should have been on the All star team. The top 4 guys were clear. That being said, without the injury, if my guy just gets his average he tops 1,700 yds and 20 TD’s.

    Footbaler – you make good points. No issue with Walters – moster numbers. Same with Murphy – a beast both ways! The Johsnon point is valid as well, although what the All East Bay is for this year not last. The Woods argument falls a little short. That being said, I know how talented the young man is and am glad he is getting recognized. I don’t want it to be an “either/or”. The recognition should be for this season.

    Listen, the bottom line is someone has to get left off. Obviously, I am biased. Never said I wasn’t, but for what he did for his team and for the impact his loss had on his team, I think they should have found room for him on the list.

    DBR will ride again!

    Go Panthers!

  • Woods single handidly took over the game vs. Alameda in the 1st rd of ncs, i saw it first hand, unfortunately. His stats don’t measure his worth, but Alameda has a rb with over 1350 and 14 td’s , all accal 1st team. He was left off the list but he’s, only a jr. It will exciting to see Cuuningham and Waters next year as seniors. Does anyone know what other rb’s are returning 2010?

  • Sailor

    66.7% of O from NCS DI (50%) & DII (16.7%)
    80% of D from NCS DI (65%) & DII (15%)
    Proving the age old adage that size matters.

  • Panther Fan

    Island02 – Great point about Cunningham.

    I want to reiterate, I DO NOT think Woods is not deserving. Stat for stat there is someone with better numbers, but as Perkins says – stats are not the only consideration.

    All we can do on our end is think of what would have been without the injury. Football is a cruel sport that waits for no one!

    Go Panthers!

  • guru-black

    panther fan relax you son had a good season be happy wit that. to me he may be a 3rd teamer at best but didnt belong in that sac all-star game. as for cunningham he did nothing against b-high or encinal he loaded his stats against a very weak schedule. he’s not a bad player but he’s limited doesnt play defense that wont help him get recruited plus he practice’s wen he wants. heard he went to his girls volleyball game instead of practice knowing rocklin wont cut him & kemp will keep giving him the ball.

  • Ike

    guru-black, to correct you, cunningham was cut. he had to earn his way back onto the team by running 1000 gassers.

    i think this is a fair assessment of the 1st,2nd and 3rd team. why dont i see terron wards name in division 1 recruitiing?

  • ManDown

    Wow. @ Guru-Black

  • guru black your an idiot! get your facts straight before you put these kids business in the streets. regardless of what cunningham did or didn’t do we hope he learns from his mistakes, and learns the life lessons involved with team sports, something you obviously know nothing about. as for defense that was a coaches decision, and he’ll be on the field all game as a senior. 197/1368, 14 td’s not bad for not practicing.

  • oh and guru black this is coach cunningham , his father!

  • Jet4Ever52

    Hey Panther Fan dont know if you got my last post to you but is DBR getting recruited?

    And congrats JESSE MERCADO! Dam best Center in the east bay!


    But where is Kimani Washington? I know he got injured but hes been one of the top LB for 2 years

  • choppers

    As in former encinal alum. We shouldn’t be putting kids. Buissnes out on the streets, mike cunningham is a gooood back. 14 TDS is greaatt. And I hope he does,

  • Jet4Ever52

    Choppers What year did u Graduate?

  • fast and physical

    Lousi,and Amiri, were great players to coach in the allstar game. Doesnt matter what team, as long as they made something, great job to their respectful coaches also.

  • Panther Fan

    Hey all. Just got back on

    Guru – You actually gave a compliment out. That’s big! Thank you. I said the same thing you did. He did not belong on the team to play Sac. 3rd team would have been nice. It’s done with though. Thanks for finally giving him some props. But Gu, lay off the kid Cunningham. He is a good back. Those numbers as a Jr. are impressive.

    Jet4Ever52 – I did not get your last post. Sorry. Yes, DBR is getting a lot of looks. We are gathering as much info as possible. We are wide open and trying to consider everything. I am confident he will end up somewhere he can play. Keep your ears open.

    Go Panthers!

  • guru-black

    coach cunningham u calling me a liar? so that never happened? coaching decision is y he didnt play d. wat coach u? i know it wasnt rocklin the only decision he makes r wen to call time-outs. so either u or kemp made that decision. so u can run out all his stats u want the only stat that matters r w’s. win a game in the playoffs then come talk coach cunningham!

  • Electric WR

    Guru Black – All you do is come on here and bash coaches. How about you COACH a game period, then come talk, guru black. Coward.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Let’s remember that we’re talking about minors here. Discuss what they do on the field, but it’s not a place to make things personal and attack a kid’s character. Same goes for discussing coaches. There’s no reason to get personal and be overly critical. Save that type of talk for the midfield handshakes and let’s try to keep things as civil as possible.

  • themainevent

    Well said Jimmy!

  • HornetPride71

    Guru – Last year my junior year with Cunningham, he BEASTED in EVERY GAME. Racked up im sure 1000+ yards because I was his left tackle and everytime he ran on my side we had a touchdown. EVERY coach makes bad decisions. Can I ask you a question, What do you know about “coaching”? (I am just simply asking in a respectful way; please no negative responses)

    And my other question is, what would you do in our coaches shoes? Under the pressure they may have been under.

    P.S. No negative responses please. Much appreciated

  • HornetPride71

    Durkins- I agree to that.

  • HornetPride71

    Oh to the one that published this, you forgot Emilio Garcia-Sanchez for 2nd team OL. I just wanted to point that out

  • HornetPride71

    Oh and one more thing, why does everyone dislike Alameda High? No one has nothing nice to say or be courteous and show respect to us.

  • HornetPride71



  • E_CULB

    In a effort to swing things back to a discussable topic I must admitt my one pet peave with the choosing defensive players is when you see there stats posted many will leave me really baffaled. Some should just not be posted because they are just unreal. Someone made the comment about the LB should not have been first team with 80 tackles. Now you have a LB with 80 tackles (which in all honesty is really believeable) and then you have a DB with over 100. In the words of ED Lover “COME ON SON! How many DB’s you know getting 100 tackles in one season COME ON SON!” 100 tackles seasons are not the norm no matter what level you play at and how good you are, if Patrick Willis has 147 in 15 games played you mean to tell me its kids getting 100 in 10-12 games a year? Defensive player should just be choosen because they where beast out on the field. 15 sacks in a season is believeable but then I would want to compare it to who they are playing and ask did the teams played throw that many times to give a kid that kind of oppurtunity? The two stats you can really judge a defensive player by are INT and Fumble recoveries because they can be confirmed the easiest.

  • Jamaal

    do it against the best, and you’ll earn coach of the year like galli mayne, ward and co. and nottinham. not cuz they rich or ebal or whatever, or pitt back 2 back ships, but cuz they got it done against the best and performed hella well wit what dey hadd.

    and about this island business.. yall wait til next season. who cares. well see what happens. think about that yall. when season ends around wehere im from, we focus on next season and leave the trash in past. historys already written for this season..but talkin bout who got left off or who got shafted, nxt season yall dont need to worry most the seniors do fine in college d1 baby. i kno my homies always say dat. i guarantee u nobody who doesnt deserve it aint gonna be left off nxt year. and playoffs the most important thing always

    go far and u get benefit of the doubt.

    especially in lower divisions.

  • Coach Cunningham, you guys have a pretty good core coming back next year from what I see. Returning All-League QB, RB, 2 pretty decent sized Linemen Harvell, Lions, Not too bad Polynesian D-linemen/TE don’t know his name. Got the Jets at home should be your year especially with the trash talking about where the Hornets are or are not practicing(Guru has to be a Jet supporter). Island Bowl 2010 you guys gonna bring it back home or what?? Jets maybe do for a drop-off according to many. Bleacher Coach has them going 3-7. Duckett, Mercado, Amiri, Murphy. People plotted the Jets demise 2009 they may have been a year too early. Especially after getting zeroed by Marin chinks in the armor are showing.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well Perkin there is something to what you wrote but i’d like to point out that Marin Catholic was a pretty good team and sometimes you do lose games Plain and simple. A good football program depends on continuation of good coaching and also having kids in your program that are focused on being the best that they can be. I’m sure that the Jets will be ready as they return quite a few good players and welcome new ones as well but i’m also sure that Alameda will make a much better showing in the ACCAL. As far as the Island Bowl.. Well I always fly Jet Blue but You gotta play em’ so you know who the winner is. Happy New year all and as Always… Jet Pride!

  • Perkins, we do have a nice core returning and hope some jv players will make a significant contribution in 2010. The polynesian (lol), is Peni Mesui,and we look forward to his play next season. As always like “Old Former…” said we look to be more competitive in the ACCAL next season, and the “ISLAND BOWL” will be very exciting , so don’t miss out Buru Black! Happy New Year and everyone be safe, even you Guru

  • HornetPride71 an actual player huh? Well #71 lets hear from some players. You gonna beat Encinal this year or what? There was a lot of trash talk last year but they blew threw you guys 34-3 late in the late in the 4th 3rd straight year they’ve handled the Hornets. But man the Jets got blasted 27-0 in the Finals. So whats the word I’m sure you watched the game with your team Marin & Serra must have given the recipe for a home win. You gonna win it or what? Don’t come blogging unless you’re ready to make a bold statement. Save the humble talk for why they beat you 34-18.

  • HornetPride71

    Guru- Umm, I am a senior and i regret not playin wit ma brothers.

    Oh and i like how u ddnt answer my question about coaching.


    Off-season training and dedication will show. So I can’t say for certain. Encinal is gona have Eugene Rush, Joshua Morrow, Whitehead, Mercado, and Penrose as their starting line next year (im assuming).

    But watch out for my poly brothers.

    Encinal is good, no doubt about that. I was born on that side, I grew up over there with those boys. i know how they are. They bring tenacity, aggressiveness, and all things that are defined as “beastmode”.

    But like i said, the showdown @ the next Island Bowl game will determine who put in the most effort in the offseason. Lets not look @ stats but actually see how our boys are. The thing I remember most that coach Kemp was telling me was that, “WORK ETHIC & heart”.

    And to remind you Guru, please answer my question about if u know anything about coaching.


    Hornet Pride!

  • HornetPride71

    ohh my bad that was to Perkin. haha

  • ManDown

    A little Island Bowl talk huh? That will be a great game next year. Alameda has a good RB that will give them trouble. But I know Encinal has alot of talent coming back next year. That was a young team that went to the championship and layed an egg. So I think that Encinal will be hungry next year. It will be interesting to see how Coach Tenerio responds. I like Alameda’s chances too because they are due for a win against Encinal. If anybody wants it I know they do its been 3 long years.

  • mr. i know everything

    please number 71 i barely remeber you?.. alameda has alot coming back??????????, no encinal encinal does…. lets please not forget encinal lost to a team that went to state. in the FINALS.. alameda lost to a team.. in the first round,,, that team got blown out by 61 points the next round.. so theirs for sure a “recipes” of defeat their too. lets not for get about how encinal likes playing theirs players both ways.. their coach puts the best 11 on the field.. besides that the only thing their really losing is a qb.. whole back flied will be back.. all the core linemen will return.. defense is stacked with great dbs a LB.. dline not so sure.. all alameda is bringback is a QB. RB.. and they grauted 27 seniors.. soo lets not get to hardd work and commitment, as a parent seen first hand by me.. encinal is a family.. and probally the hardest working team in the enitre bay.. with a crappy weight room. 22 players on varsity alomost every year.. those are all men.. no boys… mr 71 you guys went 5-5-1 no negative response to you, but you go to earn your right coming on hear yelling hornet pride… then you ask your self why does everyone talk sh**.. just like everyone said this year encinal lost tooo much from the year 08.. and a young encinal team went to the finals and lost… but for sure i can tell you theirs no rebuilding its REloading… time again.. and encinal will win the island BOWL 4 years in a row..

  • Waste

    If i know by boys and i do, that championshi game left the jets sick to their stomach and a bad taste in there mouth. I think the loss will do more for the jets than anything else. Now they have 2 games to make up for next season and to work for all off season.

    All i have to say is im glad im not in the jets way next year because there gonna have a chip on each of there shoulders and are gonna be hungrier then ever.

    Allen, banks, morrow, okamura, whitehead, meno, vee are the future.

    The jets will come back strong and if things pan out how they should( the loss drives them in the off season=hungry) then the jets will be unstopable. Full of swag!
    2010 jets baby!

  • Waste

    Mr i know everything- adversity makes men, and as far as i can tell ahs dosnt have much of that. The kids of the island are begining to realize that the nailhouse is where its at. It aint about havin our stuff pretty its about gettin it done. Quick hard and dirty. They can take there fancy facilities out in the swamp its all buisness.
    The middle schoolers will realize nailhouse has swag and the ability to back it up.
    Nailhouse boys never been some suckas. For the hornets cant say all that, ever once in a while there will be some talent but u cant get far if ur not TOUGH!
    Its that nailhouse swag

  • guru-black

    hornet 71 i was at the encinal & b-high game don’t remember cunningham doin much. both those games were over before the half. as for alameda rebounding next year shouldnt be hard in that league but i expect the same as this year except they wont beat b-high or pinole in pinole they should beat e.c but thats a coin flip.

  • guru-black

    hornet71 who is alameda’s d coordinator i heard he got put in a necklock by a parent cuz he wasnt playin his kid. heard the dad made him tap out & start his son next game!

  • 617lemon

    why would that kid cunningham go to alameda he should have went encinal well i guess he doesnt like winning or playing in big games. i see kids getting scholarships outta that school not much from alameda. is alameda ever gonna win a playoff game?