East Bay Boys Basketball Poll – 1/4

Here’s the latest edition of our East Bay Boys Basketball poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (10) 10-1 150 1
2. Newark Memorial 10-2 140 3
3. Bishop O’Dowd 7-3 128 2
4. McClymonds 7-6 119 4
5. De La Salle 9-1 106 7
6. St. Mary’s 10-3 104 6
7. San Ramon Valley 11-1 83 9
8. Deer Valley 9-2 81 8
9. St. Joseph Notre Dame 10-3 63 12
10. Castro Valley 7-3 54 10
11. Freedom 8-1 52 5
12. Fremont 11-6 41 14
13. Campolindo 10-4 26 13
14. San Leandro 7-4 13 11
15. College Park 11-2 11 NR

Others receiving votes: Heritage (9-3, 9 points), Monte Vista (6-6, 9), Washington (10-4, 6), Oakland (6-8, 3), El Cerrito (11-2, 2). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Ben Enos

  • Sootless

    “So when illegal athletic recruiting or undue influence does occur, it often times does not come with a paper trail, leading to questions as to how it really can be controlled or even if it happens at all.”

    http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com -October 21, 2007

    Care to comment #2?

  • #40

    1. McClymonds with lowly losses to three mediocre teams in reno?
    2. College park has played no one.
    3. Deer Valley has played no one as well.

    Im having trouble believing Washington didn’t sneak in here anywhere. CP and DV will have their hands full come playoff time but will probably finish with great records.

  • junior

    Congrats Geeks!
    from calhi sports:
    “It’s hard, however, to not acknowledge a pick that was dead on for the final score. For that, the co-winners would be Ben Enos and Chace Bryson of the Contra Costa Times. They had De La Salle winning over Crenshaw 28-14 and that was indeed the final score. Known as The Geeks, Enos and Bryson also were just two points off for Oceanside-Bellarmine and were just three points off for Modesto Christian-Parker.”

  • Ben Enos

    Haha, thanks. Yeah, we had fun with it. We were commenting after the Division I game that if Bellarmine made the 2-point conversion, we would’ve had that one on the nose too. Mark, Paul, Harold and Ronnie do a great job at CalHiSports.com and it’s cool that they put the picks out there.

  • kkop

    It’s no secret that the guys who make up this poll love the OAL and anyone who plays against them. It’s ok to admit that it’s a rebuilding year for the OAL….This being said, the OAL just got a huge shot in the arm, as Jabari Brown has left Findlay Prep and reports are that he will be playing for Oakland High School tomorrow night! Maybe the OAL will be worth watching after all this year… still McClymonds is ranked way too high.

    From SF GATE– With all youthful teams, the Oakland Athletic League figures to be wildly up and down. Other than Fremont-Oakland (11-6), every team in the league has 6-8 losses and 5-7 wins.

  • fwi

    CV isn’t higher? they have beaten clovis east by 12, who is a perenial top team in the stat. their only losses are to salesian (quite possibly the best team in the state), newark memorial (who they lost to by 1, and is also one of the best teams in the state) and sacramento (who is ranked sixth in the state by max preps). they can beat anybody in the east bay with the junior talent that they have in bobbitt, anderson and reed. they are deffinitely better than six of the teams currently ranked ahead of them. show some love for the HAAL, who is always underrated as one of the better leagues in the bay area.

  • bhouse

    CV is good but i would not go as far as saying the haal in underrated they are way down this year Bod and Cv the rest are very poor might not be more than two playoffs teams out of this league that will hurt cv come seeding time Cloves is down this year so they really don’t have a quailty win all year and if they don’t beat Bod they will have twenty wins vs nobody

  • E_CULB

    CV has very good players but the underachieve in the playoffs. Rank too high, ranked too low I think with this team ot won matter until they make it to the State playoffs which this year they probably will being that 16 teams make it, and Oh yeah they play O-High soon beat them and then they will start to raise eyebrows.

  • 925

    according to my homie SRV won at DLS….

  • Vikings

    1.) Newark Memorial
    2.) Salesian
    3.) SRV
    4.) O’Dowd
    5.) Castro Valley
    6.) DLS
    7.) St. Mary’s
    8.) St. Joe’s
    9.) Fremont

  • hoopfan

    That should be the end of the top 15 for College Park. Ygnacio Valley took them to the bitter end, only down by 2 with less than 2:00 left. Final score was CP 70-64. I think Ygnacio Valley has won 2 games so far…?

    CP has a player that really thinks he’s something, their whole team acts as if they’re unbeatable. After a couple of technicals the crybabies calmed down just enough to pull out the win. 15 on the bench for CP, 8 suited up for YV, 3 of whom I’m told are Sophs.

    I bet CP doesn’t overlook anybody in league again.

  • Tony Gonsalez

    The HAAL is by no-means down at all.. They have four quality teams (CV, BOD, SL and Hay).. All four teams should be in NCS this year.. They’ve shown what they can do in non-league/tourneys and just like last prior years, will have a good showing in NCS.

  • bhouse

    do not tell me sl and hayward are good teams this year they are way down from previous years neither will make any noise in ncs thats if they make it and the bottom five teams are very poor its only bod and cv

  • E_CULB

    Let’s be real here dang near everyone makes the NCS so that’s not saying much.

  • Tripledoubler

    This Saturday, Jan. 9th is a great opportunity to check out many of the teams that are ranked in the polls at Chabot College. The following teams are playing:

    The 2nd Annual Gametime Eastbay Classic Showcase is right around the corner. Last year this event was sold out and the atmosphere was electric. This year looks again to be a memorable event with some great match ups. When was the last time that two of the most historically successful Eastbay basketball programs, Mack and Bishop O’Dowd, have played each other. This should be a hard fought contest and it tips off at 8:00 PM. We also get to see Desmond Simmons and his returning State Championship Salesian squad play an exciting San Leandro team at 6:30 PM. The following is the schedule for the day:

    Saturday, Jan. 9th 2010 @ CHABOT COLLEGE
    8:00 McClymonds vs Bishop O’Dowd
    6:30 San Leandro vs Salesian
    5:00 Oakland Tech (Girls) vs Encinal
    3:30 Pinole Valley vs Deer Valley
    2:00 El Cerrito vs Oakland Tech

    Admission: $10 ADULTS
    $7 STUDENTS w ID
    $3 5 and under

    This event will again likely sell out so arrive early. Many of the concerns that some of the above posters have in regards to the quality of many of the teams in the polls will be addressed with the above matchups. Come see these games for yourself, and all games at one easy to get to location.

  • sootless

    Coaches do not engage, directly or through agents, in uninvited in-person solicitation of business from actual or potential athletes or other participants who, because of their particular circumstances, are vulnerable to undue influence.

    Newark is 2 – 0 and rolling over everyone in the MVAL. Again I would like some comment from the Newark apologist.
    “So when illegal athletic recruiting or ( undue influence does occur), it often times does not come with a paper trail, leading to questions as to how it really can be controlled or even if it happens at all.”

    http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com -October 21, 2007

    Care to comment ?

  • Bay Area Blaze

    Khiari Swift led Arroyo High with 28 points and 13 rebounds vs. Castro Valley on 1/9/2009

  • bhouse

    who won ? CV or Arroyo

  • coach rodney

    i just came from chabot. I watched the san leandro vs salesian game, san leandro is a horrible team. No go to guy, just play sloppy. Salesian was nice, dominic artis is special. Also the o dowd game, they are best in haal, played physical against mack. Well rounded team

  • The Whole Truth

    Let’s see this year Washington High has beaten, Bishop O’Dowd, San Ramon Valley, Monte Vista, lost a very close games to De La Salle, lost Castro Valley in OT, and lost to Fremont because of a terrible call. If Washington not a top 15 team who is?

    P.S. They don’t even recruit #2.

  • Uh, when did Washington play BOD? Also,there are so many kids playing out of their district it’s not even funny. Newark has a great coach, so naturally an athlete is going to want to go where he thinks there will be success. I wouldn’t be so quick to say Washington doesn’t recruit.What is considered recruiting? My son was talked to by alot of coaches in the Fremont area prior to high school, so I am curious as to why whole truth doesn’t think Washington recruits.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    The Whole Truth, with his very ironic name, is making stuff up. Washington did not play O’Dowd, SRV, Monte Vista or DLS.

  • Thanks for clearing that up Jimmy.I suspect the whole truth has several names on here.