Pre-sale for O’Dowd-Castro Valley showdown next week

Some information was provided today from the Bishop O’Dowd athletic department regarding Wednesday’s showdown with Castro Valley at 7 p.m. (preceeded by the girls game at 5:30). Due to the expected high interested in the game, the school will be conducted an online pre-sale and its unlikely any tickets will be available at the door.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets once they become available, but the earliest the general public will be able to buy tickets is noon Tuesday. Tickets sales begin for students on Monday and any tickets that remain will go on sale to the public on Tuesday. An allottment has been made available for the visiting team, Castro Valley, and details on those tickets can be found out through the Trojans athletic department or coaching staff.

Anyone who is unable to secure a ticket, can watch the game online by clicking this link.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Prep Fan

    I wish they would just move this to a larger venue. The Bishop O’Dowd gym is tiny.

  • no matter where the game is at it will be packed. last year i was squished the whole game in bishop’s gym and equally squished in cv’s gym even though they have a bigger gym.. same for both san leandro games.

  • dan Romero

    What a classic matchup for Winter Bay area high school basketball at a classic gym. Purists understand the home court advantage, and ambiance and lure of the historic BOD gameplace for a showdown. Even with the home court advantage consistent and always prepared for BOD, CV is powerful and possibily favored as O’Dowd has struggled and not managed an A game yet this year with some phase breaking down.

    Most prospective viewers will need to log on to see this classic tilt and kudos to those that broadcast.

  • thatssssss right

    most cv games are packed considering their fans are f*cking nuts…… last year i think my ears blew out at the o’dowd/ cv game in oakland….. what a great atmosphere that was

  • McD

    They need to move this game to like Cal State East Bay or something a little bigger. Both of these games this year will be ridiculously loud and packed(especially the one at CV since it’s the last game of the year). O’Dowd does have a really small gym too so it’s going to be tough to get in there. But Castro Valley should win this game by about 4-7 points I think.

    I’ll be watching the broadcast. Thanks to the people who do it.

  • CV High

    trojan den better be in full force. last year the den made brandon ashley cry in his own house. i expect big things.

  • bhouse

    if bod plays zone i give them the edge by 6-10 if they try to play man D they will be playing right into cv hands cv has one consistant shooter

  • each team should have the advantage of playing their home game on the court they practice on no matter what, unless there’s a safety issue. you want the student body from your school to have a good turnout for your home games.

  • i don’t care what trojen den does as long as they keep the language clean and no racist remarks. i love the idea and the school spirit but the cursing,etc is too much.it’s still a high school game

  • McD

    Bhouse: who is the one consistent shooter?Bobbitt? I play on a regular basis with Read, Seals and Foster at our local park and Seals and Foster can both hit a jumper. I’m in college but I know they can shoot. Read isn’t great and Bobbitt can hit, so can Anderson. Not sure what you’re talking about.

  • bhouse

    yes bobbit Foster is probably scores 2-6 a game and read and andersen are both good but very very inconsistant just look at the box scores, and seals please, and thats great that they can score at the local park,who really cares

  • coach rodney

    Ive seen a few of these guys play since few years ago. Bobbitt is a good shooter, anderson not so much but still is a great player. read is just a leaper to me and foster and seals can get it done also. But bobbitt is clearly most complete player on the team.

  • coach rodney

    and b house? what do u think about the haal so far this year??? i am dissapointed by it. in my opinion 2 elite teams and the rest are not so good. O dowd and Cv are the two best. san leandro is not a good team and arroyo has improved alot.

  • bhouse

    I agree 100% people are saying it is a good league, NO it is not there is CV and BOD the rest including sl are poor, what i mean by that is they are way down from years past, the bottom five or six teams are bad, and yes hayward is bad this year

  • coach rodney

    Yep, that is completly true. Whos your mvp for league so far? Im going to have to say brandon ashley. He played big in san diego and he is playing big in league games

  • Prep Fan

    Hayward is down this year, but the Farmers should still be one of the favorites in a down NCS D-2 this season.

  • McD

    BHouse: I know that Read can’t shoot a lick, trust me. He thinks he’s improving but he’s not at all. Bobbitt is of course the best but Foster can get hot, but he isn’t aggressive really. Seals just goofs off but he always shows glimpses of how good he could be if he actually focused.

    Rodney: Ashley probably is the MVP with Bobbitt right behind him. This game on Wednesday could change things.

  • haal fanatic

    Yea i agree, Ashley is mvp. But some others that can make a case are james davis from arroyo, or kihiari swift from arroyo also. they are playing well

  • mob56

    Rod bobbitt is the best scorer in the league. Ashley will be great but my vote goes to Rod.

  • thatssssss right

    bobbitt averaging 22 a game right now deffinitely makes him the mvp so far, we’ll see what happens on wednesday night, should be a great game, i believe both these teams should be top 4 in the east bay, right behind newark and salesian, maybe even ahead of newark considering cv should have beaten them bit it was their first game and the played absolutely terrible and still only lost by one