The latest info on Jabari (UPDATED, 9:25 p.m.)

Some more information on the Jabari Brown situation after returning from Oakland’s 65-63 win over Fremont that puts the Wildcats in sole possession of first place. The CIF has told Oakland High and Oakland Section officials that a decision is expected by Wednesday. Oakand doesn’t play again until next Friday — a make-up of Wednesday’s “rained out” game when the roofs at both Oakland High and Oakland Tech were leaking — so we’ll know in advance of the Wildcats next game if Brown will finally get to suit up. It’s certainly been a frustrating situation for all involved. After today’s game ended, Brown took a beeline toward the lockerroom while the rest of his teammates shook hands with Fremont. Oakland coach Orlando Watkins expressed those frustrations.

“It’s frustrating because the kid didn’t do anything wrong,” Watkins said. “His parents didn’t do anything wrong. We submitted the paperwork and the OAL approved it.”


Less than two hours from tip-off of today’s Oakland Athletic League showdown between Fremont and Oakland, there is still no decision from the California Interscholastic Federation on the transfer of Jabari Brown. Brown, who was ruled eligible for play by the Oakland Section before his eligibility was challenged, played in two games for Oakland and averaged 29.5 in those games, has sat at the past two for the Wildcats while awaiting word on his eligibility. We’re all stuck playing the waiting game right now. I’ll be up at Oakland High tonight, so I’d expect to find out more information if it becomes available in the next couple of hours.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Ballhawk

    The OAL is just one step in the transfer review process. The NCS must approve the transfer with CIF oversight. There was a similar situation last season in a different sport, but not complicated by the 2nd transfer. The paperwork was filed before the season started, and it took several weeks, including follow-up meetings, to get a favorable ruling. The player played JV for almost half of the season, before being allowed to play Varsity, and ended up all league honorable mention. Unfortunately, patience is the watchword.

  • All Day

    Why does the NCS must approve the transfer since Oakland is its own section?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    The NCS doesn’t need to approve the transfer, but after the Oakland Section approved it the transfer was challenged to the CIF by the NCS, according to folks at the Oakland Section.

  • Ballhawk

    Jimmy, please elaborate on the NCS challenge of the transfer.

    My understanding is that in the case of inter-section transfers, the “to” and “from” CIF sections need to agree on such transfers, and these transfers are subject to greater scrutiny. In fact, the CIF WEB site recommends that a student consult first with the “from” section for approval. Therefore, the OAL cannot unilaterally approve the transfer, and the NCS is required to review and approve the transfer. The example that I was referring to in a prior posting was intra-NCS and did not involve an out-of-state 2nd transfer situation, but that situation was reviewed at the CIF level.

    If this transfer is approved next week then that should be considered a fast track review and approval.

    All of that said, unless the facts and circumstances are clearly against the filing, let Jabari play.

  • let the truth be told

    gill lemons needs to go to H*ll with all his free toime.. he shouldnt be sticking his nose in to other peoples buissnes

  • fast and physical

    We are messing with children here. Why the NCS worrying about the OAL? Playoffs coming around, watch out what you wish for. Go Jabari, stay strong, we support, good luck.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    It’s hard for me to elaborate right now, because not all of the details are available. I’ve received different accounts from different parties, so until I can get more information, I don’t know what’s fully accurate.

  • Mike

    Yeah, why did the NCS get into an OS thing? that doesnt make sense. just give forfeits intersection if they worry so bad

  • Mike

    for both teams like St Liz Skyline tie 0-0

  • Ballhawk

    Thanks for the reply and I understand your position. We appreciate all that you and the Bay Area News Group team are doing to cover HS sports in the East Bay. First rate coverage with timely analysis and insight. Keep up the great work and keep those administrators in line…