East Bay Boys Basketball Poll – 1/25

 Here’s the latest boys hoops poll. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (10) 17-1 150 1
2. Newark Memorial 17-3 139 2
3. Bishop O’Dowd 15-3 131 3
4. San Ramon Valley 17-1 120 t4
5. De La Salle 16-2 109 6
6. Castro Valley 15-3 99 7
7. St. Mary’s 14-6 89 t4
8. St. Joseph Notre Dame 15-5 73 8
9. Campolindo 15-4 68 9
10. Oakland 11-9 56 11
11. Heritage 14-4 45 14
12. Antioch 14-4 44 10
13. El Cerrito 17-2 32 15
14. Fremont 15-8 25 12
15. San Leandro 11-7 8 NR

Others receiving votes: Deer Valley (13-5, 6 points), California (12-6, 5), College Park (15-3, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Ben Enos

  • donut

    Castro Valley moving up.. Have they played Odowd yet? and De La go through weball round one yet or not?

    Salesians BSAL is good with st Joe’s and St Mary;s but Newarks MVAL is more topsy turvy with Kennedy and Logan beating Washington.

    hey we talk about them in football but what about the Bval? 2nd tier?

  • killlla

    The BVAL is strong (not including Liberty) but all the teams are beating each other up. Freedom is a good team but have lost four straight. Deer Valley is good too even they have lost two straight. Antioch swept the first round of league but then lost to Pitt who they beat earlier in the season by 25. Pitt is coming on strong with their outside shooting by dargan and manning. Heritage seems to be consistent but we’ll have to see how the league pans out.

  • Trojan

    CV plays odowd on wednesday… the den will be there to take over their tiny gym. CV will dominate, and odowd will go below CV where it belongs.

  • dee

    why isnt the 2nd place team in the BSAL ranked when you have the 3rd and 4th team up there???

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Because St. Pat’s isn’t in the East Bay (and thus, not in our coverage area), we do not include them in consideration for our East Bay poll. If they were in our coverage area, they’d be ranked, but unfortunately for St. Pat’s fans they are not. It’s not a slight to the team, we just don’t cover St. Pat’s so we don’t see them play regularly enough to be able to make a fair judgement.

  • Jimmie, they beat St. Mary’s in OT and beat Fairfield, who beat Mack. That should be enough. Not bad considering no one over 6’4.

  • donut

    So Odowd CV round 1 what was the result? and sounds like BVAL teams may have some runs in NCS perhaps with that s.o.s. in league

  • dee

    Thank you for the clarification.. I thought that might be the case. Guess it just sucks for them being across that bridge! Hmmm and all the bay area news groups use the same rankings!!! Damn thinking about it, they are just a bit SOL when it comes the ranking thing ehh!!! LMAO

  • dee

    If im not mistaken weren’t the st pats girls ranked those 2 years they went to state?? I could be wrong…Just wondering!!

  • McD

    Donut:CV-O’Dowd round one is Wednesday night at O’Dowd. Just played tonight actually with some guys from CV and they look focused. O’Dowd better watch out. Don’t cry again Ashley.

  • McD,

    I do see tears in Ashley’s future, when he’s accepting that cap at the NBA draft 🙂

  • sootless

    To Ashmore, Swift and all the recruiter of the world… keep up the good work fella’s, you most certainly are teaching the youth of America how to get ahead. Maybe you should be sending your recruits on to wall St. to screw the masses. Good luck on recruiting Jr. and everyone else you are targeting for next years dream team…and to all you gutless Newark parents with a consience.,.tell swift to stop the corruption.


    Another stupid comment from the peanut factory. Sootless, your pitful life has been consume with this for years, it’s time to give it up. Go on to your next venture. Who will be your next prey????? I pray that you finally find some peace in your life. Was it you that was banned from the game yesterday by your own school!!!
    ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!

  • sootless


    NO not ENOUGH SAID!!!
    I was at the game so who are you talking about? I walked right past you Mr. Norris… Good luck on recruiting” Jr.” That should keep the your bogus streak in tack. Did you know that every year Mr. Swift tells ALL the MVAL ADs that Newark doesn’t recruit? They are all on to you and it’s just a matter of time before Newark Memorial will have to play by the rules and by the way Mr Swift is a lair? I rest my case. Hugs and kisses to Willy.

  • local coach

    Sootless, since you know so much about the inside stuff, here is a easy solution, your great town of fremont should just deny all transfers period! Then you could stop crying on a message board! Oh but if they did that they would have to deny incoming transfers and just think if that rule was in place this year your team would be a joke because your best player is a transfer! WOW imagine that.


    Oh, it is enough said Sootless, so I guess we are both incorrect because this is not Mr. Norris and you are not whom I think you are. It’s enough said because my time is more valuable than reading garbage; I take it to the dumbster instead. So gotta go, I here the garbage truck coming.

  • Mike Norris

    Message for sootless. I guess i’m a cowardley Newark parent. One of the other cowardley Newark parents gave me a heads up that you were upsed With Washington’s policy of not allowing transfers in; You use my kids name and he doesn’t even live in the Washington attendance area. Get a life.

    When you are short on facts you just make them up. You call people cowards yet you hide behind a screen name and call out kids and parents by name.

    My guess is you are a bitter coach who should spend more time working with kids and less time tearing them down. I would be happy to meet so you can get your mind right; or maybee you are more comfortible stalking people. In the mean time come by my house and you will see a big bag of t-shirts from various colleges; Sure don’t want give the idea that if my son wears a Ohlone Shirt he is somehow being recruited.