Jabari Brown is eligible, will play Friday at Oakland Tech

Jabari Brown has the green light to take the court Friday when the Oakland High boys basketball team faces Oakland Tech.

The star junior transfer from Findlay Prep-Henderson, Nev., who played his first two years at Salesian, was declared eligible Monday by California Interscholastic Federation Executive Director Marie Ishida.

Brown was ruled eligible per the Oakland Section’s hardship ruling, according to an e-mail from Oakland Athletic League commissioner Michael Moore, Sr. The details of the hardship were not made public.

“I think for the young man it’s just a big weight off his shoulders,” Oakland coach Orlando Watkins said. “We have a lot of love for Jabari and we saw the damage this did to him. When I told him, he was super ecstatic.”

Brown’s eligibility was challenged after playing in two games for Oakland because he did not make a valid residency change and was playing for a second school this season. He’s sat out the past three games for the Wildcats, who are currently 11-9 overall and 3-0 and in first place in the OAL.

Brown will be limited to 26 regular season games. Since he played in 19 at Findlay Prep and two with the Wildcats, he will have to sit for two of Oakland’s remaining seven games. He will be eligible for any postseason contests and Watkins confirmed he’ll plan to have him in the lineup for Friday’s 6 p.m. game at Tech.

“He’s been waiting long enough,” Watkins said.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • dgreen

    This last stipulation is stupid limiting him to 26 games, man who cares, let the kid play out the season since u are going to clear him. I don’t understand that!

  • JimV

    The 26 game regular season restriction is a CIF limit for all players. I followed Jabari his two years at Salesian. He’s a great kid with a world of talent and I wish him all the best.

  • starfire

    Be happy that he is eligible Dgreen! The 26 game rule applies to everyone in the Oakland Section. He is still eligible for the playoffs and that is what’s most important.

  • coach Mel

    Don’t 4 game tournaments only count as 3 games toward your total amount of games?

  • coach Mel

    If not, I think a lot of teams/players are in trouble for playing too many games.

  • E_CULB

    I know that hardship rule pissed off somebody!

  • peter rabit

    E_Club……. Probably Salesian and De La Salle! hahaha lol!

  • OAL fan

    Good for Jabari. Hopefully O-High represents Da Town well in NorCals.

  • Ballhawk

    OAL Fan: Agreed, good for Jabari and for NorCal H.S. basketball. Again, while the process is cumbersome, it is spelled out in detail in the CIF transfer handbook, so I do not suspect any “foul play.” BUT, I would like to hear what Jimmy D. was told, if it can be told.

  • Mike

    NorCals gonna be epic. O-High, Salesian, O’Dowd, Newark, DLS, SRV they should have an open Division so they can all duke it out tournament style.

  • CIF is a fraud setup for coaches and their power over the kids what difference does it make if the kid plays 5,6, or 7 games. It is a joke, but Jabari is still lucky. Anytime you get something from CIF, or NCSF you are very lucky CAUSE they are all power tools who enjoy the advantage over kids.

  • dgreen

    Yeah I feel ya, and I am happy that he is able to play.

  • coach Mel

    Just trying to get a clarification, but don’t 4 game tournaments only count as 3 games toward your total amount of games?

    Not sure about OAL, but I’ve seen a few NCS teams with 28 games total scheduled, and I according to Maxpreps, a couple OAL schools have 27 total scheduled.

  • Hood Boy

    Finally they let him play!..If I was Jabari, I would go on a rampage and light up the scoreboard and just dunk on everybody LOL!.