East Bay Boys Soccer: Who’s No. 1?

I’m about to head out to see Castro Valley v. Bishop O’Dowd, but before I do I wanted to pose a question to you guys.
Who should be the No. 1 team in the East Bay rankings on Monday?

With De La Salle losing to Granada, it’s wide open. I can see an argument for and against all the following teams:

De La Salle
San Ramon Valley
Bishop O’Dowd

Let’s hear what you guys think? I know that no matter who I go with, I can’t make everyone happy. I can just make the best decision, and some input might not hurt.

Matt Smith

  • 925

    ties dont get you as far as wins.


    SRV definitely dominated the first half and should have done better with their opportunities. Really took it to Acalanes the first half. Second half capped off a frustrating 24 hours for the Wolves. SRV came out very flat and lacking intensity in the second half. It appeared the 2nd game in less than 24 hours caught up with SRV, and Acalanes took advantage of it and picked up their game at the same time. Soccer Fan is correct that the SRV foul that gave the Acalanes the free kick was not a smart foul deep at the SRV defensive end. The Wolves really needed a win after a tough draw at Amador last night.

    Acalanes looked like a solid competitive team, but I do think SRV is deeper and with a day’s rest would have played a much better second half. As we all know, no matter good a team is you have bring the effort for all 80 minutes. This is one of the reasons I think DLS wins a lot of close games. They may be outskilled at times and not on their “A” game every night, but they bring their effort for 80 minutes every game.

    SRV home vs. Granada and at Cal next week – both teams right behind them in league standings. Big week ahead for all three of these teams.

  • The Sweeper

    Soccer Fan and SRV DAD each gave accurate reports of the Acalanes vs. SRV soccer match today. SRV has no excuse for such a lackluster performance in the second half as Acalanes also had a game on Friday. Give Acalanes credit for stepping up in the second half to tie the match. SRV needs to focus on playing well for 80 full minutes.

    Unfortunately, the officiating was uneven at best, resulting in less than stellar play and at least 3 players for each team carded for verbal protests over the course of the game: something that I have never seen.

  • DBL

    The reports on the SRV vs. Acalanes game also match my observations on the game, although it seemed like the first 10 minutes of the the first half were more even and then SRV began to take advantage of possession, build up and proved more dangerous in their attack. Acalanes had the edge in the 2nd half, although not dangerous until they converted on the free kick. What wasn’t mentioned above was the stop by the Acalanes keeper in the 2nd half on a breakaway that kept the game from being 2-0 at that point. In my opinion, the foul before the free kick was a good call and it’s always easy to label the officiating as uneven, but the ref kept control of the game and all the cards were warranted. Both teams were playing their 2nd of back to back games and this is the time of the season when the physical toll of high school soccer is brutal. Thankfully, it seemed like both teams came away healthy.

    This was a very entertaining game and it was played by both teams like it meant something. Give credit to both teams. SRV won the first half and Acalanes won the 2nd half. If they played 4 more games, you might have 1 win each and 2 more ties!

  • Ben Rudolph

    Why is Campo even in this conversation? They aren’t even that good. The DFAL leaders will be Dublin, Acalanes and Las Lomas. LL has won 4 straight and they battle Dublin on friday. They have already beat dublin once and they beat Acalanes this past friday. They will be a great threat in NCS

    On another note, Piedmont’s league is so weak, they can’t even compare on rankings.