Two Geeks: Live chat 1/28

The Geeks go online for another Thursday to take your questions on the week in prep sports. Come join us! Bring friends.

Chace Bryson

  • E_CULB

    Ben here goes mine.

    2.St. Francis

    3. St. Mary’s Stockton (how coould you forget about them?!)
    4.Modesto Christian
    5.St. Joe’s

  • Ben Enos

    Haha, nice work. Yeah, that’s always good. Forget the No. 1 team in the country. Now it’s me who stands corrected!

    I do think Carondelet will come back around by the end of the season. I bet a rematch with Mitty would be a great game.

  • Ballhawk

    E_CULB, Bold and beautiful…but, DLS & SRV will have some say on the boys side, and O’Dowd cannot be ignored on the girls side. That said, you laid it out there. We shall compare notes in 3 weeks.

  • St.Mary’s 3rd? No BOD?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    He’s not doing rankings. Those are his predicted winners in each CIF division. And in Division III, as good as O’Dowd is, the road goes through St. Mary’s of Stockton, which is the No. 1 ranked team in the country.

  • Jimmy,
    lol, that’s why i was totally confused. Eculb is usually pretty accurate. I guess I should read more carefully, thx. That being said, I agree 🙂

  • e_culb

    But as you all know I’m a sucker for the OAL! I actually think Newark may stand tall in the end. As far a O’Dowd girls, I look at them like I look at SMS both are two trick ponies and which team has the best two ponies? Gotta go with SMS, I could be wrong but man if they are hitting there shots they are scary.