East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook: Jan. 30

This week, let’s take a look at the league races, and then the teams within that league and how their playoff chances are shaping up.

Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League

Richmond controls its own destiny. All the Oilers have to do is win out. This is a big week for them, because they have three games. If they beat Alameda, El Cerrito and Pinole Valley, they’ll be in first place at week’s end.
One slip up by Richmond and Berkeley is in control. This league is far from decided. Alameda is still in the thick of things, and at 5-2-2 the Hornets chances of being eligible for the playoffs are looking good. A win, or a tie, guarantees them an over .500 record in league.

Bay Shore Athletic League

Albany still has five matches left, so a lot could happen, but this league belongs to the Cougars. It would take a pretty big meltdown for them not to win it. Piedmont still has six matches left, so if they go 6-0 or 5-1 and Albany goes 2-3 or 1-4, the Highlanders could steal the crown. It’s a longshot.
Piedmont is in great shape for the playoffs, however, needing just to win or tie one match. St. Mary’s is in the same boat, just a win or a tie qualifies them. Two wins, or a win and a tie, and Kennedy is qualified.

Bay Valley Athletic League

Still the most competitive league in the East Bay from top to bottom, though Antioch has separated itself a little bit. A win or a tie and the Panthers are playoff eligible. Three wins and they win the league. Freedom needs to be pretty much perfect from here on out, winning each night and hoping Antioch stumbles.
Freedom needs just a win or a tie to be playoff eligible and Deer Valley needs two wins, or a win and a tie.
Liberty needs to win at least one more time than it loses.

Diablo Foothill Athletic League

Dublin is in complete control. Two wins, and the Gaels win their first ever league crown. A win, and losses by Acalanes and Las Lomas does the trick as well. As far as the playoffs are concerned, those three teams, and Campolindo, have become eligible. Campo is 7-0-1 in its last eight matches. It is a team to watch out for in the playoffs.
Alhambra just needs to play .500 to get in, while Dougherty Valley needs to win one more win than it loses. It’s possible six teams from this league could get in.

Diablo Valley Athletic League

Two wins, or a win and a loss by Ygnacio Valley and the league goes to Clayton Valley. What a turnaround Rory Gentry has pulled off. YV is the only team with a chance to catch the Eagles, and it’s probably not likely. Those two teams are in all likelihood headed to the playoffs, as is College Park which needs only a win or a tie to be eligible.
Concord needs two wins, or to go 1-0-2 in its final three games, to have a chance.

East Bay Athletic League

With a six-point lead over San Ramon Valley, and the tiebreaker, De La Salle is on solid ground. The Spartans lock up the league with two wins. Anything less than two wins gives the Wolves, and Granada, a chance. Those three teams, along with Cal, are eligible for the playoffs.
Amador Valley, a team capable of beating anyone, is still on the fence. Two wins and the Dons are in; or a win and two ties. They just can’t lose one more than they win.

Hayward Area Athletic League

Bishop O’Dowd is in the driver’s seat, but despite the thumping the Dragons handed Castro Valley, the Trojans are still in the hunt. If they win out, and O’Dowd loses or ties, then the Trojans win the league. The Dragons simply need to win out. Those two teams should be playoff-bound and Arroyo is on solid ground.
Hayward, with plenty of makeup dates left, has a chance to play above .500 and get in.

Mission Valley Athletic League

Logan simply needs to win out. A pair of ties could do the trick if Newark Memorial doesn’t win out.
Kennedy has just one league game left, so it would need Logan to lose at least once to have a chance.
Newark needs to win out and hope Logan ties at least once. Needless to say, those three teams are in good playoff shape.
Mission San Jose just needs to win one more time than it loses, and the Warriors are in.


Who to rank No. 1 was nearly an impossible decision, but after much deliberation I’ve gone with Granada. The Matadors are 8-0-3 in their last 11 games, and obviously handed De La Salle its first ever EBAL loss. There was no way I was going to make everyone happy, so I am ready for the comments to go crazy with people telling me how wrong I am. I don’t think there was a perfect scenario, but Granada deserves props for playing so well down the stretch.
I think the team with the biggest gripe is Albany, and I know it won’t be happy. A two-spot drop. But, the Cougars didn’t do anything to fall, it’s just that Bishop O’Dowd and Granada, with big wins, had to jump.
Some people might have expected Las Lomas to jump Acalanes, but the two teams split this year, Acalanes still has the better overall record and a tie against San Ramon Valley was enough to keep the Dons from dropping too far.
Well, here are the rankings. Enjoy.

1. Granada (13-2-4)
2. De La Salle (12-5-1)
3. Bishop O’Dowd (14-0-4)
4. Richmond (10-1-8)
5. San Ramon Valley (10-2-7)
6. Albany (17-0-2)
7. Dublin (16-2-1)
8. California (11-3-4)
9. Berkeley (12-3-2)
10. Castro Valley (13-3-3)
11. Amador Valley (6-5-9)
12. Acalanes (13-3-2)
13. Las Lomas (12-4-2)
14. Clayton Valley (14-2-2)
15. Newark Memorial (14-4-4)

Others considered: Logan (11-7-4), Campolindo (10-6-4), Ygnacio Valley (10-4-2), Antioch (6-6-5), Freedom (8-4-6), Arroyo (10-7-0), Kennedy-Fremont (9-5-2), College Park (9-7-5), Piedmont (9-3-4), Liberty (5-5-6).

League standings

Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (12-3-2) 6-1-1 19
Richmond (10-1-8) 5-0-2 17
Alameda (6-11-2) 5-2-2 17
El Cerrito (5-7-1) 3-4-1 10
Pinole Valley (4-11-1) 2-5-0 6
De Anza (3-11-6) 1-5-3 6
Hercules (1-8-1) 1-6-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Albany (17-0-2) 11-0-0 33
St. Mary’s (10-6-2) 8-3-1 25
Piedmont (9-3-4) 7-2-1 22
Kennedy (9-7-2) 6-3-2 20
Salesian (4-7-1) 4-6-1 13
Encinal (3-13-1) 3-7-1 10
Swett (3-8-0) 3-7-0 9
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-7-0) 1-6-0 3
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (1-13-0) 1-9-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Antioch (6-6-5) 6-2-3 21
Freedom (8-4-6) 4-2-5 17
Deer Valley (8-6-5) 3-3-5 14
Liberty (5-5-6) 3-3-5 14
Pittsburg (6-10-3) 3-5-3 12
Hertiage (3-9-1) 3-6-1 10

Team Overall League Points

Dublin (16-2-1) 7-1-1 22
Acalanes (13-3-2) 5-3-0 15
Las Lomas (12-4-2) 4-3-2 14
Campolindo (10-6-4) 3-4-2 11
Alhambra (6-5-3) 3-4-1 10
Dougherty Valley (6-6-3) 2-4-2 8
Miramonte (0-5-4) 0-5-4 4

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (14-2-2) 8-0-0 24
Ygnacio Valley (10-4-2) 6-2-1 19
College Park (9-7-5) 4-2-3 15
Concord (3-8-3) 3-3-1 10
Berean Christian (2-15-2) 1-6-1 4
Northgate (2-15-1) 1-6-0 3
Mt. Diablo (1-5-0) 1-5-0 3

Team Overall League Points

De La Salle (12-5-1) 8-1-1 25
San Ramon Valley (10-2-7) 5-1-4 19
Granada (13-2-4) 5-2-3 18
California (11-3-4) 5-3-2 17
Amador Valley (6-5-9) 2-2-6 12
Monte Vista (4-10-5) 2-6-2 8
Livermore (2-9-2) 1-7-2 5
Foothill (5-10-4) 0-6-4 4

Team Overall League Points

Bishop O’Dowd (14-0-4) 9-0-3 30
Castro Valley (13-3-3) 8-1-2 26
Arroyo (10-7-0) 7-4-0 21
Hayward (6-6-2) 3-4-2 11
Mt. Eden (6-9-0) 3-6-1 10
San Leandro (4-8-6) 2-6-3 9
San Lorenzo (3-5-2) 1-3-2 5
Tennyson (0-6-1) 0-5-1 1
Moreau Catholic (1-7-1) 0-5-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Logan (11-7-4) 7-1-2 23
Kennedy (9-5-2) 7-3-1 22
Newark Memorial (14-4-4) 6-1-3 21
Mission San Jose (9-8-1) 5-5-0 15
Washington (4-12-2) 4-6-1 13
Irvington (5-11-3) 3-6-1 10
American (0-12-0) 0-10-0 0


Here is the list of the players in the East Bay who are top ten in goals and assists.
Littleton, Piedmont 27
Borges, Albany 23
Chen, Las Lomas 15
Foster, Granada 15
Ramirez, Albany 14
Thornton, Castro Valley 13
Fuentes, Newark 13
Weir, Dublin 13
Romero, YV 13
Avila, Clayton Valley 12
Zupan, Albany 12

Gomez, Clayton 19
Borges, Albany 16
Lopez, YV 14
Thomas, Granada 13
Shiluck, Castro Valley 12
Montes, Richmond 11
Swafford, BOD 11
Martin, Deer Valley 10
Khorashadi, Albany 9
Hoster, Dublin 8
Arzate, Newark 8
Avila, Clayton Valley 8
C. Salazar, Granada 8
Kelleher, St. Mary’s 8

Computer Rankings

Division II teams rule the computer rankings.

1. Bishop O’Dowd 80.7 pts.
2. Albany 76.49 pts.
3. Dublin 71.54 pts.
4. Acalanes 68.63 pts.
5. De La Salle 58.86 pts.
6. Richmond 58.70 pts.
7. Clayton Valley 57.54 pts.
8. Granada 55.26 pts.
9. Las Lomas 54.76 pts.
10. Castro Valley 53.67 pts.
11. San Ramon Valley 9-2-5 40.82 pts.
12. Newark Memorial 52.21 pts.
13. San Ramon Valley 52..12 pts.
14. Berkeley 44.16 pts.
15. Logan 38.68 pts.

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or statistics, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • DBL

    EBAL Spektator,

    ESPN does not agree with Matt. If you had checked more closely you would have seen Bishop O’Dowd as the #18 nationally ranked team.

  • JJ

    Give Matt some credit as it is not an easy task to rank the top 5 teams as each one could argue their case for #1. Give Granada credit for knocking off DLS and lets see if they can retain the ranking going into NCS.

  • The Sweeper

    I would take Matt’s rankings any day of the week over ESPN RISE. The ESPN Fab 50 rankings are like a popularity contest, fun to read but the substance is limited. Matt uses local knowledge and analysis to reason his rankings.

  • The Sweeper

    G-1. SR-0 at half, late pk

  • Matt Smith

    I’m at the game as well. I thought SRV had the bulk of the chances in the first half.
    Would you agree Sweeper?

  • Scoreboard

    DLS 3 – Foothill 1
    Late goal from Foothill but otherwise a dominant performance from the Spartans.

  • defense_mom

    I can say that the first half went to San Ramon prior to the half they fouled foster in the box and we scored off a PK. The second half was all Granada we came out more hungry that SRV. We had alot of chances to win this game by 3-0 but we ended with 1-0. Again our defense was unstopable they are the heart of this team… Ricky Salazar, Kevin Fread and Cody Lutz wow…way to shut another team out.

  • In the Air

    AV 2, Livermore 1. Does this get AV closer to meeting the minimum NCS criteria ?

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    Granada @ San Ramon Valley…..wow, what a game. Both teams had multiple chances….nice to see a good hard fought game….this is hopefully a preview of how the rest of the season, and the playoffs will go. I guess Granada moves up in the National rankings now….

  • bambam

    I have to give Foothill’s soccer team props as they played very hard until the last 3 minutes tonight. You would have thought they were playing for a playoff spot. What is amazing is that they have 0 wins in Ebal. That should show everyone how tough EBAL is from top to bottom.

  • defense_mom

    Matt can the MVP ever be a defender? We know the GHS has strong defense and are keeping them in competition of advancement. How does that work?

    I would have to say ever since Foster / Ricky Salazar started high school at Granada they have helped put Granada on the map after last year of making it to the NCS for the first time in 15 years! They are not the only ones but they are strong players and have played together for years. Next year they will be seniors and are ready for a great senior year. This is our dynamic dual!! The funny thing is they both play for San Ramon League lol….

  • Futbol!

    What is your input on the Granada-SRV game?

  • Soho Pro

    Stopped by to watch the SRV Granada game tonight it was a very well played game by both teams. Could not leave. Foster is amazing, he creates pressure on every defender regardless of his start off position up front, a full on scissor kick about 5 feet off the ground just went wide, did anyone get it on film? The defense for Granada ranks very high. DLS, Cal, were also shut out… Ryan, Salazar and Freid are stalworth players. One last thing: MVP needs to be the most influential player that contributed inside of a team setting, it’s more then goals, even though that is an important measure. That Foster kid is exciting to watch! The play offs is the place to see who shows up though…

  • renegades10

    SRV’s loss means that DLS only needs to win one out of the next three games to be the outright league champs. They play @Amador on Friday. Matt do you think if DLS and Granada win out, that DLS would be seeded ahead of Granada? I know your rankings have Granada ahead of DLS, but if you had to guess what the seeding committee would do what do you think will happen?

  • Matt Smith

    To answer the MVP question, my East Bay MVP last year was a defender, Dominic Daley of De La Salle. He was phenomenal, so yes, the MVP can certainly be a defender. He was the EBAL MVP also.
    I think that De La Salle is going to get the top seed, and deservedly so. Rankings work differently, as you guys well know. My prediction, right now, would be De La Salle #1 seed, Granada #2, Richmond #3 and SRV #4.
    And my input on the game is that Granada is very strong, and very organized in the back. They play very good defense. SRV did a great job of creating chances for the first 30 minutes tonight and the Granada defense was able to hold them off.
    Once Granada started countering and getting the ball over the top to Foster, and letting him use his speed, then they started to become more of a threat on the SRV side of the field.
    After halftime, I would say it was pretty close to a 50/50 game, maybe with Granada having the slight possession and field position edge, despite packing it in during the final 10 minutes or so.
    I also think SRV needs to take advantage of opportunities against a good D like Granada’s and I am sure SRV players, coaches and fans would say the same thing.

  • The man

    How does the mvp work? Does every league have there MVP or only defensive mvp or offensive MVP and who votes for like MVP of the whole EastBay.

    Matt does a wondeful job keeping up with everything in the Eastbay Espn are bunch of people who think they are always riight.

  • Matt Smith

    Thanks, you guys, for supporting my rankings for the most part. Seeing a ton of soccer really helps.
    As far as East Bay MVP, I ultimately will make that decision, but I get plenty of input from coaches and stuff before I make my call.
    And every league (with the exception of the MVAL, I think) does an MVP of their own.

  • The Sweeper


    Sorry for the slow reply to #105. Sometimes work gets in the way of fun…but not for you. Excellent match and the officiating was up to snuff with the ref calling fouls decisively (no hesitation) and communicating with the players: no yellows for verbal protests. SRV had an edge in the first half until the late foul in the box. SRV was sloppy to start the second half and Granada almost put the game away, but SRV regrouped and pressured Granada the rest of the way. Granada retains the #1 spot and SRV should remain a top 5 team, unless they lose to CAL.

  • ghsalum

    When it comes to important pieces to the success of GHS, don’t forget about Trevor Long. He is only a Freshman, but is a top forward in the league. Trevor is the real deal. He is a definite reason for the success of Granada soccer now, and for years to come.

  • watcher of soccer

    richmond tied alameda 1-1 and now all berkeley has to do is win out to win league. Does this mean that berkeley is ranked higher than richmond in D1 or will richmond still be a higher seed?
    Also, if berkeley faces richmond in the playoffs who would get home field advantage: berkeley or richmond?

  • defense_mom

    Trevor is definately a good player and will continue to grow into a leader for Granada after the last of the good players are gone next year. Trevor its all up to you buddy and way to hang in there after SRV hacked you last night!!

  • ebal fan

    Matt, anything on Cal vs MV last night or Amador?

  • Tack

    Any knews about Acalanes vs. Campo?

  • Matt Smith

    Acalanes 1, Campo 0.
    Not sure on how the MV/Cal and AV/Livermore games played out, other than the box scores.
    I know that Livermore has hit a rough stretch, but the kids are playing very hard, from what I hear.

  • Sports Reporter

    Las Lomas just beat Dublin at Dublin 2-0, they dominated the game. Elias Walker scored off of an assist by Ryan Chen, then soon after Chen scored on a header off a throw in. LL has won 6 straight in a row, and beat The #1 team Dublin both times they’ve met this season.

  • ebal fan

    What game will you cover friday matt?

  • Matt Smith

    I think I will be at DLS v. AV.
    I was gonna go to Albany, but I think we are already covering the girls side, so we didn’t want to overkill our coverage of one area.

  • ebal fan

    Should be a great game depending how AV comes out.
    Cal vs SRV should be interesting to see how SRV regroups after a tough loss and how Cal responds to being blown out by SRV the first time around. Adjustments must be made.

  • ebal fan
  • BSAL

    any updates on albany/ st. Mary’s?

  • Coach

    Not really a lot of discussion about the Bay Valley league? Currently, the most competitive league and clogged at the top. Standings at this moment are Antioch 1st 22pts, Deer Valley Freedom Liberty tied for 2nd 20pts, Pittsburg 5th 12pts, and Herritage 6th on 11pts. Coming into the last week of the season the league title is still up for grabs..Whoever wins out will win the league. All teams have 2 games remaining.