East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook: Jan. 30

This week, let’s take a look at the league races, and then the teams within that league and how their playoff chances are shaping up.

Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League

Richmond controls its own destiny. All the Oilers have to do is win out. This is a big week for them, because they have three games. If they beat Alameda, El Cerrito and Pinole Valley, they’ll be in first place at week’s end.
One slip up by Richmond and Berkeley is in control. This league is far from decided. Alameda is still in the thick of things, and at 5-2-2 the Hornets chances of being eligible for the playoffs are looking good. A win, or a tie, guarantees them an over .500 record in league.

Bay Shore Athletic League

Albany still has five matches left, so a lot could happen, but this league belongs to the Cougars. It would take a pretty big meltdown for them not to win it. Piedmont still has six matches left, so if they go 6-0 or 5-1 and Albany goes 2-3 or 1-4, the Highlanders could steal the crown. It’s a longshot.
Piedmont is in great shape for the playoffs, however, needing just to win or tie one match. St. Mary’s is in the same boat, just a win or a tie qualifies them. Two wins, or a win and a tie, and Kennedy is qualified.

Bay Valley Athletic League

Still the most competitive league in the East Bay from top to bottom, though Antioch has separated itself a little bit. A win or a tie and the Panthers are playoff eligible. Three wins and they win the league. Freedom needs to be pretty much perfect from here on out, winning each night and hoping Antioch stumbles.
Freedom needs just a win or a tie to be playoff eligible and Deer Valley needs two wins, or a win and a tie.
Liberty needs to win at least one more time than it loses.

Diablo Foothill Athletic League

Dublin is in complete control. Two wins, and the Gaels win their first ever league crown. A win, and losses by Acalanes and Las Lomas does the trick as well. As far as the playoffs are concerned, those three teams, and Campolindo, have become eligible. Campo is 7-0-1 in its last eight matches. It is a team to watch out for in the playoffs.
Alhambra just needs to play .500 to get in, while Dougherty Valley needs to win one more win than it loses. It’s possible six teams from this league could get in.

Diablo Valley Athletic League

Two wins, or a win and a loss by Ygnacio Valley and the league goes to Clayton Valley. What a turnaround Rory Gentry has pulled off. YV is the only team with a chance to catch the Eagles, and it’s probably not likely. Those two teams are in all likelihood headed to the playoffs, as is College Park which needs only a win or a tie to be eligible.
Concord needs two wins, or to go 1-0-2 in its final three games, to have a chance.

East Bay Athletic League

With a six-point lead over San Ramon Valley, and the tiebreaker, De La Salle is on solid ground. The Spartans lock up the league with two wins. Anything less than two wins gives the Wolves, and Granada, a chance. Those three teams, along with Cal, are eligible for the playoffs.
Amador Valley, a team capable of beating anyone, is still on the fence. Two wins and the Dons are in; or a win and two ties. They just can’t lose one more than they win.

Hayward Area Athletic League

Bishop O’Dowd is in the driver’s seat, but despite the thumping the Dragons handed Castro Valley, the Trojans are still in the hunt. If they win out, and O’Dowd loses or ties, then the Trojans win the league. The Dragons simply need to win out. Those two teams should be playoff-bound and Arroyo is on solid ground.
Hayward, with plenty of makeup dates left, has a chance to play above .500 and get in.

Mission Valley Athletic League

Logan simply needs to win out. A pair of ties could do the trick if Newark Memorial doesn’t win out.
Kennedy has just one league game left, so it would need Logan to lose at least once to have a chance.
Newark needs to win out and hope Logan ties at least once. Needless to say, those three teams are in good playoff shape.
Mission San Jose just needs to win one more time than it loses, and the Warriors are in.


Who to rank No. 1 was nearly an impossible decision, but after much deliberation I’ve gone with Granada. The Matadors are 8-0-3 in their last 11 games, and obviously handed De La Salle its first ever EBAL loss. There was no way I was going to make everyone happy, so I am ready for the comments to go crazy with people telling me how wrong I am. I don’t think there was a perfect scenario, but Granada deserves props for playing so well down the stretch.
I think the team with the biggest gripe is Albany, and I know it won’t be happy. A two-spot drop. But, the Cougars didn’t do anything to fall, it’s just that Bishop O’Dowd and Granada, with big wins, had to jump.
Some people might have expected Las Lomas to jump Acalanes, but the two teams split this year, Acalanes still has the better overall record and a tie against San Ramon Valley was enough to keep the Dons from dropping too far.
Well, here are the rankings. Enjoy.

1. Granada (13-2-4)
2. De La Salle (12-5-1)
3. Bishop O’Dowd (14-0-4)
4. Richmond (10-1-8)
5. San Ramon Valley (10-2-7)
6. Albany (17-0-2)
7. Dublin (16-2-1)
8. California (11-3-4)
9. Berkeley (12-3-2)
10. Castro Valley (13-3-3)
11. Amador Valley (6-5-9)
12. Acalanes (13-3-2)
13. Las Lomas (12-4-2)
14. Clayton Valley (14-2-2)
15. Newark Memorial (14-4-4)

Others considered: Logan (11-7-4), Campolindo (10-6-4), Ygnacio Valley (10-4-2), Antioch (6-6-5), Freedom (8-4-6), Arroyo (10-7-0), Kennedy-Fremont (9-5-2), College Park (9-7-5), Piedmont (9-3-4), Liberty (5-5-6).

League standings

Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (12-3-2) 6-1-1 19
Richmond (10-1-8) 5-0-2 17
Alameda (6-11-2) 5-2-2 17
El Cerrito (5-7-1) 3-4-1 10
Pinole Valley (4-11-1) 2-5-0 6
De Anza (3-11-6) 1-5-3 6
Hercules (1-8-1) 1-6-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Albany (17-0-2) 11-0-0 33
St. Mary’s (10-6-2) 8-3-1 25
Piedmont (9-3-4) 7-2-1 22
Kennedy (9-7-2) 6-3-2 20
Salesian (4-7-1) 4-6-1 13
Encinal (3-13-1) 3-7-1 10
Swett (3-8-0) 3-7-0 9
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-7-0) 1-6-0 3
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (1-13-0) 1-9-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Antioch (6-6-5) 6-2-3 21
Freedom (8-4-6) 4-2-5 17
Deer Valley (8-6-5) 3-3-5 14
Liberty (5-5-6) 3-3-5 14
Pittsburg (6-10-3) 3-5-3 12
Hertiage (3-9-1) 3-6-1 10

Team Overall League Points

Dublin (16-2-1) 7-1-1 22
Acalanes (13-3-2) 5-3-0 15
Las Lomas (12-4-2) 4-3-2 14
Campolindo (10-6-4) 3-4-2 11
Alhambra (6-5-3) 3-4-1 10
Dougherty Valley (6-6-3) 2-4-2 8
Miramonte (0-5-4) 0-5-4 4

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (14-2-2) 8-0-0 24
Ygnacio Valley (10-4-2) 6-2-1 19
College Park (9-7-5) 4-2-3 15
Concord (3-8-3) 3-3-1 10
Berean Christian (2-15-2) 1-6-1 4
Northgate (2-15-1) 1-6-0 3
Mt. Diablo (1-5-0) 1-5-0 3

Team Overall League Points

De La Salle (12-5-1) 8-1-1 25
San Ramon Valley (10-2-7) 5-1-4 19
Granada (13-2-4) 5-2-3 18
California (11-3-4) 5-3-2 17
Amador Valley (6-5-9) 2-2-6 12
Monte Vista (4-10-5) 2-6-2 8
Livermore (2-9-2) 1-7-2 5
Foothill (5-10-4) 0-6-4 4

Team Overall League Points

Bishop O’Dowd (14-0-4) 9-0-3 30
Castro Valley (13-3-3) 8-1-2 26
Arroyo (10-7-0) 7-4-0 21
Hayward (6-6-2) 3-4-2 11
Mt. Eden (6-9-0) 3-6-1 10
San Leandro (4-8-6) 2-6-3 9
San Lorenzo (3-5-2) 1-3-2 5
Tennyson (0-6-1) 0-5-1 1
Moreau Catholic (1-7-1) 0-5-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Logan (11-7-4) 7-1-2 23
Kennedy (9-5-2) 7-3-1 22
Newark Memorial (14-4-4) 6-1-3 21
Mission San Jose (9-8-1) 5-5-0 15
Washington (4-12-2) 4-6-1 13
Irvington (5-11-3) 3-6-1 10
American (0-12-0) 0-10-0 0


Here is the list of the players in the East Bay who are top ten in goals and assists.
Littleton, Piedmont 27
Borges, Albany 23
Chen, Las Lomas 15
Foster, Granada 15
Ramirez, Albany 14
Thornton, Castro Valley 13
Fuentes, Newark 13
Weir, Dublin 13
Romero, YV 13
Avila, Clayton Valley 12
Zupan, Albany 12

Gomez, Clayton 19
Borges, Albany 16
Lopez, YV 14
Thomas, Granada 13
Shiluck, Castro Valley 12
Montes, Richmond 11
Swafford, BOD 11
Martin, Deer Valley 10
Khorashadi, Albany 9
Hoster, Dublin 8
Arzate, Newark 8
Avila, Clayton Valley 8
C. Salazar, Granada 8
Kelleher, St. Mary’s 8

Computer Rankings

Division II teams rule the computer rankings.

1. Bishop O’Dowd 80.7 pts.
2. Albany 76.49 pts.
3. Dublin 71.54 pts.
4. Acalanes 68.63 pts.
5. De La Salle 58.86 pts.
6. Richmond 58.70 pts.
7. Clayton Valley 57.54 pts.
8. Granada 55.26 pts.
9. Las Lomas 54.76 pts.
10. Castro Valley 53.67 pts.
11. San Ramon Valley 9-2-5 40.82 pts.
12. Newark Memorial 52.21 pts.
13. San Ramon Valley 52..12 pts.
14. Berkeley 44.16 pts.
15. Logan 38.68 pts.

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or statistics, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • 925

    did Granada beat SRV before? becuase if they do now, then they should be #1

  • Matt Smith

    Granada and SRV tied 1-1 the first time.
    That’s one reason I ranked Granada No. 1, knowing they had a chance to absolutely prove it at SRV on Tuesday.

  • Futbol!

    Granada tied SRV 1-1 in the first meeting.

  • The man

    #46 piedmont has one player who you can respect they dont have a good defense if yu call making your whole team defend and none of them can dribble except litteton then you just have no confidence in your other players…

    Speaking on MVP Matt i dont want to put you on the spot but who would you put as your top 10 MVP up to right now and can make a big difference in both divisions?

  • Matt Smith

    In no particular order I would say:
    Wesley Moar, DLS
    Garrett Foster, Granada
    Gabriel Borges, Albany
    Ryan Thomas, Granada
    Swafford/Rietz/Ranahan’s, BOD
    Guillermo Rivas, Cal
    Chikiz Montes, Richmond
    Bobby Edwards, SRV
    Cody Hoster, Dublin
    Nikolai Littleton, Piedmont

    I think Borges and his playmaking ability is the possible difference maker in Division II. The difference in D I is Montes of Richmond. If he’s healthy and playing well, they’ll be hard to stop.

  • JJ

    Is MVP focused only on the top goal producer? A few other names to consider for EBAL MVP. Thomas for Granada with the big throw ins/assists. Sjogrel(?) on SRV very talented with many assists/goals. Howard on DLS is another strong candidate.

  • Wagawaga

    What about mv keepers?

  • The Sweeper

    I don’t know his name, but the center-back at SRV (known as the sweeper in my day) warrants a mention. He plays traditional football, taking no prisoners and moving up when required. I have not seen one forward beat his aggressive challenges is 5 ranked-team matches.

    BTW, I agree that the Acalanes keeper made a tremendous 1-on-1 stop to keep the match 1-0, and if he has played the season at this level then he should be considered.

  • EBAL parent

    I agree with JJ, Johan Sjogrell, of SRV has scored multiple times against DLS and other top ranked teams, he is the real deal.

    Also Howard of DLS is 70% of their attack

  • Out of pocket

    Cokito (#43) is spot on re: MVP in what surely is the most team dependent sport on the planet. Case in point: AV. They have had many seniors and arguably some of their top performers sidelined with injuries this year and yet they have found a way to compete with the best of EBAL without having to rely on any one player.

    And DFAL (#22), if only wins told the complete story your obvious contempt for AV would have merit. It’s been an interesting season for AV and they have managed to put together a very good one so far, and with a bit of luck (as in, no more injuries) may earn a spot at NCS. It’s definitely within their reach right now. Good luck to Dublin in its remaining games and NCS.

  • defense_mom

    In the past years and I mean years Granada has never been able to be a competive soccer program from Foster being ranked with the top goals and our great defensive line Ricky Salazar, Kevin Fread and Cody. The defense on this team and mids have finally put Granada on the map of being ranked as #1. Congrats on the team and Tues will be the night to come out and watch. We have alot of team mates through the EBAL and its great to see how well they all are doing. No need to hate on Granada it’s our time in the new era of high school soccer. Thanks Matt for the support and remember defense is what wins games…

    Go granada!

  • Dublin

    #39.. Why do you think Dublin is overrated? They are in total control of DFAL and have been playing brilliant soccer this year with only a couple of let downs. They have a fantastic defensive line, a solid mid and with hoster and wier up top they can do pretty much anything. Congrats to dublin and goodluck in NCS.

  • SoccerDad215

    Matt you are spot on with the rankings! Granada truly deserves the No. 1 spot! They are hot and as someone had said before they are 8-0-3 in their last 11 games! They are very dangerous with Foster and Long up top and with Thomas’s long throw in! I would like to see Thomas get MVP. Although they are in 3rd place in EBAL they beat DLS and definitely have the potential of beating SRV on Tuesday. It will be a great game! EBAL league is exciting this year and I am looking forward to these final games and can’t wait to see who the winner will be.

    Good Luck!

  • bambam

    Just as I pulled for SRV to win on Saturday against Alcalanes, It shows an EBAL pride factor. All leagues seem to have it as you just need to read it on this blog. Dublin and Granada are like the Saints this year. It’s refreshing and good for the sport to see a new face on or near the top. My son has it least 2 players from each Granada and SRV that he has played with. A tie would be good for him and DLS, so I guess we will hope for a tie. SRV seems to be going after the leader (RCH) in that dept, so why not.

    MVP – At this point DLS doesn’t have any one person as a team MVP. Their stats are very even and each of them are equally important in what they do on the pitch for the team. We don’t have a Rivas or Foster with phenomenal stats. Howard/Bernardi/Decosta/Mohr/Rogers/Sweeney/ect. The above players and some that were left off this list have all contributed to at least one or more wins this year in EBAL. So, I guess I agree with Cokito as far as soccer being a team sport.

  • ??


    How watered down will the NCS playoffs be this year since the new rule that allows 16 teams per division? I’m looking at some of these teams on your list of maybes and what if’s, and their overall records are horrendous. Is just making the mark at .500 a real mark of a playoff team?

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    Matt, did you get to first base? Oh wait, that’s Baseball, not Soccer….

    I just have to say, this is GREAT, seeing all of this “banter” heading down the home stretch. I have not even read all of the posts yet, but had to jump in….
    Considering what O’Dowd has done in their last 11 games, and with their convincing “whooping” of CV, I would have to put O’Dowd @ #1.
    That being said, I am looking forward to watching the SRV and GHS game on Tuesday night.
    Matt, will you be at that game?
    P.S. Don’t answer that question until AFTER the date!!!

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    OK, the only reason I bring this up is because so many of you have already mentioned this phrase……”Own Goal”.
    Don’t we need to really re-think this?? Most of these so called “own goals” aren’t really “OG’s”.
    In this past weekend’s game with Arsenal and Man. U., the Arsenal keeper gets an “OG”, just because the BRILLIANT shot by the Man. U. player “happened” to go off his finger tips. Is that really an “OG”? NO!!!!!
    In NCS, if a corner kick gets headed into a player, and it bounces of a defender and goes in, is that an OG?
    NO!!!! At least not in my opinion. There, I got that off my chest….
    It should be considered a GOAL by the person that headed it in…

  • cokito

    Lake Tahoe, I think technically it is an own goal if the deflection caused the ball to go in, and without the deflection it would not have gone in. Granted, it is sometimes difficult to establish the second condition.

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    Cokito, I get that…..However, think of a game of billiards, I can intentionally “bounce” a ball off of another object, (in billiards, another ball), or in soccer, another player, or even the goalie himself, to achieve the desired result…..the ball in the “pocket”, or in the net.
    Should I not get credit for that?
    In the case of a corner kick or a throw in from the side line, isn’t the desired effect to get the ball in the net?
    It certainly is not the defender or the keeper’s intent to score on their OG.
    Just curious how others feel about this?

  • ebal fan

    I think if the MVP of EBAL goes to the best player on the best team I would go with Moar but he has a lot of help around him everyone around him puts up numbers. I have seen Borges of Albany play once and he’s the real deal, he will probably be the East Bay Player of the year. Matt, I only disagree with you on the Ryan Thomas one because all he basically comes out as is a player who throws the ball in for Granada. There are more deserving along with Foster, Rivas, Moar.

  • The Sweeper

    #68 Cokito,

    Good knowledge and clear explanation, but does that mean Richmond’s second goal against SRV was an own goal? The long rocket shot hit the crossbar, rebounded down sharply in the field of play, and then went into the goal off the keepers back or shoulder. Had the ball not hit the keeper the shot would not have ended up in the goal. The second condition was established in my eyes, but that has got to be a goal. Your thoughts?

  • campo futbol

    Back to the subject that Campo Fan brought up. I really dont think that winning 8 out of there 9 last games is luck. Campo is a very strong team that just, after a bumpy start needed to get there minds focused and after they did they have been totally consistent ever since. Its not luck. Its consistent skill.

  • JJ

    I think the MVP of EBAL is the best player from a team that advances to at least a semifinal match in the NCS playoffs. Granada or SRV could take 3rd in EBAL, but could win NCS. Wes Moar is an outstanding player, but I don’t see him as the league MVP. Moar is a legitimate EBAL All League player with a lot of DLS talent around him. My top 5: Johan Sjogrell, Bobby Edwards, Justin Howard, Ryan Thomas and Rivas.

  • Futbol!

    I would put garrett foster over ryan thomas.

  • HS Soccer

    EBAL MVP is announced before NCS

  • JJ

    #75 HS Soccer
    Thanks for refreshing my memory on the timing of all league awards. I’m still a believer that the top award goes to the best player on a NCS playoff team.

    I like Garrett Foster, but I don’t know how many of his goals were against EBAL teams vs non EBAL teams. Granada had several lopsided wins against weak teams.

    I agree with Granada being ranked #1 in NCS. The Granada/SRV game will be a great match tomorrow. Looking forward to an exciting couple weeks of EBAL games.

  • kicks are for kids

    In response to “Scoreboard” #26 entry…

    I guess if you are requesting Matt to get into those kinds of details on goals for Foster, than shouldn’t that be done for all the top 10 players? what goals really count against which tough teams and how is that determined in the beginning when teams are pretty much on a even playing field? Alittle to micro managing to me.
    So with all these comments on goals- “OG’S” and “deserved goals” etc…
    When does a goal become a “Goal” anymore? It would be nice if just plain kuddos can go to the TEAM that scored. Most these teams are very even,have talented players and on any given day they can win against each other-just depends on who got the ball into the net that day!

  • Futbol!

    Will you be attending the Granada/SRV game?

  • EBAL spektator

    Just weighing in.

    I attended the SRV/Granada game round 1,
    Granada was down 1 to 0 when they scored on a set piece just before the half ended.

    SRV pounded Granada in the second half but could not get one in, Granada had less posession but was dangerous on a few counters and that was about it.

    should be intersting tomorrow night. As far as an MVP goes, why would Cal have any contenders?
    they were pummeled by DLS, SRV and Granada allowing an average of 3 goals per game, after starting undefeated on a very weak schedule, they are the doughtery valley of the EBAL…. and they had no standouts in those tough games….just sayin

  • ebal fan

    DLS, Granada, SRV, Cal will advance to NCS so the MVP candidates come from there.

  • The Sweeper

    #76 JJ Says,

    Is your MVP list in order of preference or random? Just curious. Tomorrow night’s match at SRV is a can’t miss. DLS fans can cruise by after halftime…

  • JJ

    I won’t be able to make the SRV/Granada game tomorrow due to work.

  • The Sweeper


    If you have it, what is the breakdown of EBAL and East Bay soccer players of the year the past 5 or 10 years (you select) by forwards, midfielders, defenders and keepers? I suspect 60% forwards & 30% mids, with maybe one keeper. Would love to see the breakdown.

    BTW, what match are you covering on Tuesday? I hear MV is looking for an upset tomorrow…strange but true.

  • JJ

    my top 5 was random and I honestly could not pick a #1 at this point. I’m sure there are other quality players such as Foster, Bernardi and Moar.

  • Scoreboard

    Kicks Are For Kids Says:
    February 1st, 2010 at 9:08 pm
    In response to “Scoreboard” #26 entry…

    I guess if you are requesting Matt to get into those kinds of details on goals for Foster, than shouldn’t that be done for all the top 10 players? what goals really count against which tough teams and how is that determined in the beginning when teams are pretty much on a even playing field? **OK Kicks-ur going to tell me Leadership of Hayward, Alameda and Pinole valley were on an even playing field with a team in Granada that made the 2nd round of NCS last year? Come on, u can’t be that naive 🙂 My point was there are always coaches that leave players in during blowouts-so I was wondering if Foster had 2 or 3 goals in any of those matches…However I guess in your mind DLS or SRV starts even out of the gate in 2010-11 with say a Berean Christian or John Swett.
    Be real…

  • ebal fan

    Cal beat Granada the first time around 3-2 in case you don’t remember. Cal will have at least two kids be All-League. And the top four teams deserve to have someone in the running. DLS has a lead but the other three teams are separated by two points.

  • ebal fan

    I think a problem with the All league teams continues to include the fact that Seniors are favored even if an underclassmen has a good year. That falls on the coaches.

  • AcalanesAlum

    @67-69 regarding og:

    The way I see it is:

    Almunia was rightly credited with an OG, because the ball would NOT have entered the goal had there been no other players on the field and he attempted to play the ball with full awareness of the situation. Almunia had an hour to read that lifted shot, and he pushed the ball into the goal in an attempt to push it OVER. Sure, Nani’s shot was dangerous but I believe the reason for the ball entering the net was %75 Almunia’s doing and %25 Nani’s = own goal.

    The example of the deflection off the post/x-bar and bouncing off the keeper as he attempts the save brings up a whole grey area of interpretation. I believe in that situation you have to look at what caused the deflection off of the keeper, and whether or not the keeper was able to act upon the ball in a conscious way. Reason the ball entered the goal: %90 shot, %10 deflection off the keeper.

    The keeper who’s back the ball bounced off was not playing the ball in the same way, the ball deflected off of him without a reasonable amount of awareness. That shot off the x-bar should be credited to the shooter imo.

  • Cokito

    Sweeper, yes, I believe that would be an own goal.

  • The Sweeper

    Cokito, Thanks for the reply. Not to argue the point because you and I see the beautiful game with a similar eye, but that shot was pure and true, and not an own goal as the keeper had no way to defend the rebound in that position. After reviewing the comments and considering the circumstances that I have personally experienced, a third element should be added to your criteria for an own goal: the defender must have had a reasonable opportunity to react to the shot, otherwise the shooter gets credit for the goal. Hope to see you in the semis or finals…

  • Matt Smith

    In response to post #65 – I think the 16-team bracket will lead to a few more lopsided wins, but also I think it will create more upsets.
    (I thought I posted this earlier, and it didn’t work.)

  • Matt Smith

    Oh ya, and I’ll be at the SRV v. Granada match on Tuesday.
    So is anyone after goal breakdowns for certain players or is it “show one, show all?”

  • The Sweeper

    Matt, with 16 team brackets there could be at least 2 upsets in the 1st round of D1 and D2. BTW, your articles are getting “football-like volumes of comments” showing that soccer has either more passion or a higher “tech following” than the indoor game with a net, no keeper…and legal hand balls. TRUE. Dribbling is a foot skill, not a hand skill.

  • Jeff

    Chad…you obviously weren’t at the Acalanes VS Las Lomas game, Las Lomas had a great game and a great goal off of a cross. get your facts straight.

    as far as the MVP debate goes, those players are very debatable considering many play defense and have not much to show, although Moar is very dangerous. they are all good players but how can we be sure they are up for debate. How about the players with the highest stats and most goals? goals win games in the end, defense only insures a tie.
    players like Borges from Albany with 23 goals and Chen from Las Lomas with 15? with DFAL being one of the toughest leagues i think any of these guys could be MVP

  • SoccerDad215

    Although the Granada/San Ramon game will be exciting I think that Granada will win 2-0. What does everyone else think?

  • Scoreboard

    Predictions? I love them!
    SRV 2 – Granada 1
    DLS 2 – Foothill 0
    Clayton 3 – Concord 1
    Freedom 1 – Pitt 0

  • cokito

    Talking about the MVP issue again, I ran across an interesting youtube clip last night. It comes from a movie by Ken Loach, called ‘Looking for Eric’ about a Man U fan, who is somewhat lost in life, and finds answers and comfort through an imaginary dialog with ex-Man U striker Eric Cantona. Cantona actually acts in the movie. I really do not want to get into the Man U or Cantona hate/love thing, but I thought it was a beautiful clip, true to the game and I would like to share it. Here it goes, enjoy:


  • cokito

    Thank you, sweeper. I think you do have a point. And I really enjoy your posts.

  • BernieBernard

    Thank You Cokito for that AWESOME video clip ok ‘Looking for Eric’. It just goes to show you a great pass is just as rewarding for even the best players in the world.

    Up with the Red Devils!!
    Up with Eric!!

  • EBAL Spektator


    ESPN Fab 50 disagrees with you- todays national rankings are as follows for bay area teams:

    SRV (ranked 39 nationally)
    Granada (ranked 46 nationally)
    DLS (ranked 50 nationally)

    Richmond, Cal , Berkeley, Dublin unranked

    however, a loss by any of the 3 ranked teams listed here will likely knock them out of the Fab 50 next tuesday