Oakland vs. McClymonds basketball games postponed

Friday’s boys and girls varsity basketball games between Oakland High and McClymonds have been postponed until further notice because of concerns of potential violence.

“Continued conflicts between rival high school students have created additional security concerns around (Oakland Athletic League) games,” Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint wrote in an e-mail. “We’re erring on the side of caution and postponing events that could provide a forum for those looking to address preexisting disputes. At the same time, we’re working to better understand and resolve the underlying conflicts so they don’t jeopardize the students involved or the ability of the League to conduct its events in a normal fashion.”

No make up date has been announced.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • brandon beard

    Hey Jimmy, what do you think about this, and how it effects the kids who are suppose to play. And how will they know that the re-scheduled game won’t have potential violence?

  • Ballhawk


    It is unfortunate that the teams/athletes have to wait to compete. Let’s hope that the OAL finds an appropriate and fair solution soon.

    As we wait this situation out, is the OAL considering neutral site or no spectators games? If a no spectators game is considered, COMCAST should be approached to broadcast the game. Just a thought to keep the athletes on track and deter the negative element.

  • brandon beard

    I feel ya ballhawk, but families deserve to see their kids play, we just need me security and people doing their job. This cannot continue to happen.

  • what about only letting parents in the game? this is sad for the players, I am sure they have been looking forward to playing all week. Is the violence just a rival school thing? This may make it difficult for them to schedule teams for out of league 🙁 I think the district was smart to be proactive, better safe than sorry.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Brandon and Ballhawk,
    I have heard some word of considering holding these games without spectators. It’s not fair to the majority of the people that attend these games that don’t cause problems, but it would be hard to pick and choose who could come in so it may become necessary.

    What prompted this, I believe, is the fight that occurred outside the McClymonds at Oakland Tech game earlier this year. School officials had heard of threats of violence and had extra security personnel on site for the game but it wasn’t enough. So I believe there was word spreading around that there could be incident at this game so the move was made to postpone.

    I have to say this is a sad step back for the league, which had been progressing. But honestly, there have been enough incidents at games this year (including one in which I was a victim) that the league needs to take these things very seriously and clearly they are.

  • Fred Dobbs

    This is an old, old story. In the ’40s, after WWII, Oakland high schools cancelled the championship high school basketball game at the Civic Auditorium because students of rival schools, were beating each other up. This was most acute when McClymonds played

  • it gets crazy at the games sometimes,not just OAL. Emotions are running high and I even have to tell myself sometimes it’s just a game, imagine when you have a bunch of kids together who can’t usually put themselves in check.

  • epcthree

    Fred Dobbs… You are right on with your comments. My Mom graduated from Castlemont back in the 40’s and I remember her telling me about stories of troubles with kids even back then, and yes, they usually centered around McClymonds. Problems with OAL schools continued into the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. I will say that one of Oakland’s saddest days had to be when they let the castle (yes, Castlemont REALLY had a castle) be demolished. From the pictures I’ve seen, it was a gorgeous school (I know it was a winner of national awards for it’s beauty back in the 30’s and 40’s).

  • brandon beard

    Man jimmy I am sorry that u had to deal with that type of ignorance, and this is why many school dont want to come to oakland to plkay our schools.This is really sad, but I do believe something has to be done. And at the same time we have to try to make a difference for the kids of these neighborhoods and make them safe. We should be able to go and enjoy a basketball game in our city anywhere, and it’s sad that obviously we can’t. any word jimmy as to when they will freschedule to games?

  • I am curious. How is the security placed in the gyms and outside the gyms? At BOD you have security guards standing directly in front of the bleachers throughout the gym, at a san leandro game last season, i noticed the police officers moved us all along to our cars. I mean there was no time to do anything but get in our cars, it was annoying at the time, but now i see what a great idea it was. at berkeley, right after the players left the court, the security started clearing the gym, parents and all. does the opposite team also bring security to control their crowds?

  • brandon beard


  • yep

    as a cv student last year in the trojan den, we were escorted by security out of the gym after every game, with extra security after the san leandro and hayward game, and that still didnt stop fights. they need to take every precaution they can and play this game when it’s safe to play it, hopefully the fans can watch, but if its not safe, then they should play without spectators

  • no offense yep, but the trojan den might have incited a little more incidents. Some of the things they say cross the line over school spirit. I personally heard racists remarks and at the end of the BOD game the chanted “F odowd”. You mix that with an already volatile situation, of couse there are gonna be fights. It’s sad, but the safest thing would probably be to hold their games with no spectators until further notice, at least the players get to play their games.

  • thatssssss right

    thats right, fuck odowd, the den got into the heads of their opponents fans and players like nobody else in the bay

  • thatssssss right, obviously you are a child, so I will keep that in mind, but my whole point was that when you cross the line to get into your opponents heads, that’s when fighting occurs, so that is probably why the den was escorted from the building after the game and had to have extra security. This blog is not about how “bad” you are, it’s about how this particular game had to be postponed. Some of the things the den says are really clever and funny, but having to be escorted from a building is nothing to be proud of, it doesn’t make you look as tough as you’re trying to sound on a blog. Because of a few people who can’t keep the game just a game, some players, parents and students are missing out and that is truly a shame 🙁

  • bigrdp

    The cancellation of the game had nothing to do with aviolence between the two school. It was something that was going on in the neighborhood.

  • thatssssss right

    get over it, it’s the people who cant handle what a crazy student section says that ruin the game. its all part of the game, and shit talking is a part of the game in every level of every sport

  • i thought the article said continued conflict amongst rival schools, which didn’t sound like the game was postponed because of violence in the “neighborhood” at least that’s what the School district spokesman said. I could have misread it. thatssssss right, i won’t even respond to your comment since it’s obvious the people on this blog are talking about possible causes and resolutions. Y not start by only letting immediate family of players attend?

  • bigrdp

    It has nothig to do with the the schools.. there has been some shootings amongst rival gangs in the neighborhood. If it was the school then the games wouldnt be played with fans on Feb 24 @ O-High or on Feb 26 @ Mack. The Feb 24 game will be aired on Comcast.