East Bay Boys Basketball Poll 2/8

Not much movement in the boys poll this week. Here it is. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (9) 20-1 135 1
2. Newark Memorial 21-3 123 2
3. Bishop O’Dowd 19-3 120 3
4. De La Salle 20-2 108 4
5. San Ramon Valley 20-2 99 5
6. Castro Valley 18-4 88 6
7. St. Mary’s 16-7 75 7
8. St. Joseph Notre Dame 17-5 64 8
9t. Campolindo 19-4 62 9t
9t. Oakland 12-9 62 9t
11. Heritage 18-4 45 11
12. El Cerrito 20-2 42 12
13. College Park 19-3 20 NR
14. San Leandro 14-8 11 14
15. California 15-7 10 NR

Others receiving votes: Antioch (15-7, 8 points), Fremont (15-9, 5), Deer Valley (16-6, 3). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Chace Bryson

  • Prep Fan

    How can Califoria be both #15 and Honorable Mention?

  • East /bay FAn

    Typo? Has to be.

  • Washington is better than the group from the bottom half. Yes, they lost a couple games that they should of won but they are still a solid team.

  • cbryson

    It was a typo. California is No. 15. We simply failed to remove them from the honorable mention space of a week ago.

  • Prep Fan

    Save that HM spot for Cal again, as they just got annihilated by SRV tonight. All their football players are on the sidelines, with Reggie Davis and Max Schultz in street clothes no longer with the team, and Trevor Morrison out with a broken hand on the bench. They needed all the size they could muster, but SRV wanted to make sure their first meeting (won by SRV by 6 points) was a fluke. They showed no mercy tonight. A lot of other coaches in the crowd as there weren’t many other games tonight and both SRV and Cal are potential matchups at NCS in 2 weeks depending on how the seedings end up.

  • keeping it real

    Washington has two solid players (solid for mval) and one decent spot up shooter. But unfortunately zero true athletes, so they lost games they would inevitably lose due to that void. Mckinney should have went to newark, they play his style of ball, too bad for him.

  • Keeping it real you don’t know highschool basketball. You should just shut up and do not say anything. Washington is a solid squad and they will make ncs.

  • Prep Fan2

    Where was the game played and why was the story today with no box score? Cal what’s up are they capable of NCS?

  • Prep Fan2

    Whats going on NCS Basketball?

  • Prep Fan2

    is there a thread on that?

  • Prep Fan

    Cal Played SRV at Doughety Valley last night, due to the continuing saga of the SRV gym. I don’t know why there wasn’t a box score, but I would understand if Cal didn’t want to call it in :).

    This link has a lot of info for NCS basketball:


  • jacketfan

    jimmy Durkin: how about a story about the seniors on the bhs team who decided to play this year even knowing they could not go to ncs. They were not apart of the last years varsity team, but they all started in the program their freshmen year. Some of them are good basketball players.They wanted to show the under program positive leadership for them to hold their heads high. With all the things that is going on around them in our cities. Its been nice to see them bring some honor back to the bhs program.

  • keeping it real

    Actually hoops knowledge, I know about it more than you, and have coached hoop more than you. I agree washington is a decent squad for mval, and if they go to ncs it will be more of a lack of a strong showing from other teams than their own merits. Losing to fremont high of oakland when they were up 10 in the third? Losing to kennedy? TERRIBLE losses for a supposed solid team don’t you think? The pollsters do! As I said to bad for jack veronin and mckinney, they play for a coach who holds them back in a controlled half court game with questionable tactics. Its no wonder those two struggled so hard against division 1 and 2 prospects in AAU this summer, I was there and I was coaching, they should have went to newark. Veronin could learn to face the basket better and mckinney would learn to be a point guard. Oh and hoopslackofknowledge, you shut up! Lol