East Bay Girls Basketball Poll – 2/8

Here’s our latest East Bay Girls Basketball Poll. After the first three teams, there was some movement. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Bishop O’Dowd (9) 19-3 135 1
2. Berkeley 20-3 126 2
3. Carondelet 17-5 117 3
4. St. Mary’s 20-3 108 5
5. Dougherty Valley 20-2 99 6
6. Miramonte 17-5 84 4
7. Northgate 19-3 82 7
8. Dublin 18-5 72 8
9. Campolindo 16-7 60 10
10. Monte Vista 18-4 54 11
11. Piedmont 19-6 51 9
12. Deer Valley 17-6 35 13
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame 20-3 29 12
14. Albany 16-7 10 NR
15. Castlemont 12-8 8 NR

Others receiving votes: Heritage (17-5, 3 points), Liberty (15-7, 2), Washington (13-9, 2), Alameda (14-9, 1), Moreau Catholic (14-8, 1), Skyline (15-6, 1). Records are through Saturday.

Phil Jensen

  • E_CULB

    Who was the one voter that gave in? What made you give ground?

  • this is probably a dumb question, but what does the number in parentheses mean?

  • Ballhawk

    I think it is #1 votes, 9 voters x 15 pts per = 135 points, Berkeley has 9 x 14 (all #2 rank votes).

  • I get it now, thx

  • Prep Fan

    I hear you E_CULB. I was shocked that only 1 voter had gone with Berkeley previously, but now a complete whitewash is puzzling. BOD is an excellent team, and is as deserving as a #1 pick as anyone, but Berkeley is just as good and if they aren’t #1, they should at least have a few votes for it.

    Their only losses are to 2 teams in the top 10 in the country per CalPreps, and a team that made the SoCal finals last year. Their wins are every bit as impressive as BOD’s. They beat #3 Carondelet in their only meeting while BOD split with them, and they clobbered #5 Dougherty. Again, I have no qualms with anyone picking BOD #1, but everyone?

  • Prep Fan

    How about unranked Cal High knocking off #10 Monte Vista tonight after having lost to them in OT the first time around?

  • Ballhawk

    E_CULB and Prep Fan,

    Splitting hairs is what these blogs are about. #1=135 pts, #2=126 pts, #3=117 pts, #4=108 pts, #5=99 pts. Am I detecting a pattern here or what? Who are these voters and why are they in lock step? Which teams are hot and which teams are not?

    Why do they play the games? Because unranked Cal can upset #10 Monte Vista…

  • I have only seen BOD play, so I certainly can’t speak on Berk. I only got to see some highlights of them on CalHigh sports. My curiosity is definitely piqued now. I think it would be great to see these two teams play each other.

  • hoopjunkie

    Those top 4 teams are so close its ridiculous. If BOD and Berk played they’d in a series they would probably split 50/50. Of course, I think CHS is the best but the score board says different.

    Depending on who’s playing well that day will determine who’s the best. Unfortunately, thats not gonna happen this year……but may next;_))

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Berkeley and O’Dowd are both very impressive teams and if they were to play I think they’d match up with each other really well and it’d be a fantastic game. Here’s why I couldn’t justify putting Berkeley at No. 1 (despite how much I wanted to after seeing them play St. Mary’s stockton): How can you drop the Dragons for winning by 50 points every night for the last five weeks? If you look at it, Berkeley and O’Dowd have incredibly similar resumes (a win over Carondelet by comparable margins, a loss to a top 5 nationally-ranked team, absolutely demolishing league opponents, etc.), but Berkeley didn’t really prove itself until later in the season when O’Dowd already had a strong grasp on No. 1.

    Besides, I’m sure all these teams care about is winning NCS, NorCals and going to state, not where they’re ranked in our poll. Berkeley is emerging as the favorite to represent NorCal at state in D1, while O’Dowd is probably going to have to beat both St. Mary’s Stockton and Sacramento (a sort of Jekyll and Hyde team that already beat the Dragons early in the year) to get to Bakersfield.

    Also, Cal High beating Monte Vista last night was no fluke. The Grizzlies are a pretty good team and I think they’ll do well in NCS (as long as they can avoid Berkeley, haha).

  • E_CULB

    Thansk Prep Fan I see you, if you stick your neck out there to go against the grain dont go back.

    Stephanie I would simply ask this question, what do you mean by “Berkeley didn’t really prove itself until later in the season when O’Dowd already had a strong grasp on No. 1.”?

    In just looking at the local rankings Berkeley has more wins over ranked teams be it East Bay or the entire NorCal than O’Dowd. They’ve beat #3 Carondelet, #5 DV, #10 MV, #12 Deer Valley, a ranked Valley Christian, and Modesto Christian squads. What everyone holds over them is the Potter’s House game, which while understandable should not be the final say, and yeah both leagues suck so it’s tough to say which team is playing well now should be the test but like someone said earlier O’Dowd is not just hands down best team around.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    What I mean is that O’Dowd played virtually all of its meaningful games in December, so they showed us how good they were then by beating Mitty, Eastside Prep, Washington Prep and Deer Valley, etc. all by double digits. Plus they avenged the loss to Carondelet and played pretty well in the close loss to Brea Olinda.

    Berkeley had some good wins in December, too, but when they lost to Potter’s House and Hanford, they were both by pretty big margins. At that point (first week of January) I don’t think there was any question that O’Dowd should be ranked higher than Berkeley, but I know we’ve gone over strength of schedule in the WCJ before. In my opinion, the Jackets really proved themselves by beating Carondelet then playing St. Mary’s so close, both in mid-January. If those games had happened in December I think you would have seen a split in the votes. But I just couldn’t drop a team from No. 1 when all it had done was win huge for a month.

  • Prep Fan

    But that is flawed logic Stephanie. Why should games played early in the season count more than games played later? That is one of the problems with the BCS in college football. Teams that were erroneously put at the top early in the season can end up ahead of better teams, because the voters feel some need to keep the spots until they fall.

    But to E_CULB’s original point, how did the one person who voted for Berkeley in the last poll, suddenly decide now that BOD was the top team? Or did they just want to conform to a sort of conventional wisdom?

    If every voter really feels BOD is a better team and is deserving to be ranked ahead of Berkeley based on their body of work for the entire season, and not just game played in December, then so be it. It is just surprising, that’s all. I can totally see how someone would vote for BOD, and to be honest, if I had a vote it might go to them, but every vote? Where is the independent thought?

    The voters shouldn’t just look at last week’s rankings and fill it out exactly the same unless someone gets blown out. Teams can be impressive in wins or look vulnerable in wins just the same. These two teams look so evenly matched to me it is mind boggling that all 9 1st place votes would go to either of them.

  • Phil Jensen

    Hi all,

    The way I vote, there has to be a very good and clear reason for a team to drop in the poll if it has won all of its games the previous week. Bishop O’Dowd moved into the No. 1 spot in our poll on Jan. 4, with Carondelet ranked No. 2 and Berkeley No. 3. Since that poll, Bishop O’Dowd has won 12 games in a row and shown me no reason that it needs to drop in the poll.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Prep Fan, I see what you’re saying and while I was out freezing at a soccer game I realized I should have made this point more clear in my second post: I don’t think Berkeley has done anything that O’Dowd hasn’t. If Berkeley had blown out Carondelet by 20 or if they had beaten St. Mary’s (or even if the game had come down to the final buzzer) I would have voted Berkeley No. 1 for sure. I didn’t mean to imply that games played earlier count more, I’m just agreeing with Phil that I just can’t drop O’Dowd for a 12-game win streak. Berkeley had some work to do to prove it belonged in the top spot after losing twice at the WCJ. They did that, but didn’t show that they were clearly better than O’Dowd just on the same level.

    I also think O’Dowd’s best non-Carondelet win (Mitty) is better than Berkeley’s (Modesto Christian).

  • E_CULB

    Yeah but to be fair to that Steph they played Mitty the first game of the season at home. Teams arent even in game shape then.

    Dang 3 weeks til playoffs! These talks are theraputic.

  • E_CULB

    And Phil first off thanks for posting your voting standards, but let me just say that you mentioned BOD has run off 12 straight since 1/4 but lets be real the HAAL might be as bad as the ACCAL at least in the ACCAL they have Alameda who may win a game or 2 in NCS and 11 of those 12 wins were in league, and the one close game was against a St. Joe’s team that may not be as good as there record indicates (oh and by the way its the same St. Joes team that Modesto Christian beat). Just food for thought.

    *******Disclaimer to All*********

    Just so you know I post certain things casue I like to debate, please dont take me to seriously I realize its all in fun and thanks for humoring me. Yes I am a Berkeley all the way kind of guy but know I do realize that this stuff will play out on the court. But until the playoff’s I have very little that peaks my interest. To all of you writer (I know all of you read these blogs but dont post) keep up the good work!

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Valid point, E_Culb, but a win is still a win. Anyway, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on voting standards. Hopefully you guys see where I’m coming from though. And Berkeley can definitely claim the No. 1 spot if they continue to beat good teams in the postseason.

    To change the subject, who does everyone think will make the NCS finals? NorCal finals?

  • E_CULB

    Fair enough. And since I’m at work bored

    D1- Need I say anything
    D2-C-Let NCS, Mitty-C-Let NorCal
    D3-O’Dowd NCS, Sac-SMS NorCal
    D4-Piedmont vs SMB NCS, MC vs SMB NorCal
    D5- St. Joe’s NCS, Pinewood Norcal

  • How much is berk beating it’s opponents in league by on average? I really need to try and see Berk play

  • E_CULB

    On average 38 points, it would probably be worse but De Anza doesnt have a team.

  • Prep Fan

    Stephanie, I am also just making conversation here. I do enjoy the weekly rankings and that you guys take the time to do them. I did not mean to be critical, but I was just surprised that BOD got every first place vote. Please keep up the good work with your colleagues and continue to do them.

    I hope both teams go all the way to state, as well as Carondelet and SMB, as those are 4 very strong representatives from this area that could all end up with NorCal titles if all goes well. BOD does have a huge stumbling block in the #1 team in the nation SM of Stockton in D3, but that game won’t take place until ARCO over a month from now. Meanwhile, I look forward to the final games this next week as we head into the playoffs.

    I hope you guys will continue to do the predictions again for each division. That eternal glory has been nice!

  • bod is beating their opponents in league by an average of 49-50 points, so that could be an argument, but then I get what prep fan is saying, it’s too close between both teams to have a unanimous vote for first place. good luck to both teams

  • Stephanie Hammon

    I couldn’t agree more Prep Fan and E_Culb, it’s all for fun and I don’t take your criticisms personally at all. Lets keep up the good discussion.