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By Matt Smith
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at 2:44 pm in Boys soccer.

I am sure you soccer fans are aware of our two resident Geeks, Chace Bryson and Ben Enos. They do fantastic videos throughout the prep sports year, and they host a live chat every week.

Well, this week one of the Geeks is unavailable so I will be joining Chace for the live chat on Thursday, at 4:00. This is a great opportunity to get the soccer community even more involved in the live chat. Come one, come all and fire all your soccer related questions at me.
I’m off to Bishop O’Dowd.

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  • BbOy

    Who is O’Dowd playing tonight???

  • Matt Smith

    O’Dowd beat Moreau 9-0 this afternoon. I was there.
    Moreau is down, but BOD was sharp.

  • BbOy

    once again BOD being THE TEAM TO BEAT in NCS

  • trust Me

    What type of coach would let his team light it up like that. That is like stealing second base when your leading 10-0 in the ninth inning. It is not surprising though since it is a private school!

  • BbOy

    The Coach doesn’t play the game, the players do.
    I bet when i reached 3-0 he pu the bench players in.
    do you think a bench player would back out just cause the other team is bad? NO! they want to prove themselves!
    this is VARSITY soccer, not a u11 house team that the goal is to have fun.

  • trust Me

    Hey Bboy I guess you have no class!!!!

  • BbOy

    since when class is a synonym for being soft??
    I believe that in any sport the goal is to win.
    If the players that played have the desire to win is no ones fault. To play hard because they hardly play is normal, and no wonder that the result was elastic like that.