NCS soccer seeding predictions

One last call to gauge the interest of a live chat tomorrow. And if so, what time.
Enjoy debating these everyone. I can’t wait.

Division I

This is how I think Division I is going to be seeded.

No. 1 De Le Salle
No. 2 Granada
No. 3 Richmond
No. 4 San Ramon Valley
No. 5 California
No. 6 Berkeley
No. 7 Castro Valley
No. 8 Newark Memorial
No. 9 Amador Valley
No. 10 Clayton Valley
No. 11 Logan
No. 12 Antioch
No. 13 Deer Valley
No. 14 College Park
No. 15 Liberty
No. 16 Freedom

I think Granada holds on to the No. 2 slot despite the loss to Livermore. If anything, Richmond could grab it, but I think that the Matadors are pretty safe.
It’s a tossup with Castro Valley and Newark at No. 7 and No. 8. Newark tied Richmond, which Castro lost to. Castro tied Granada, which beat Newark. Castro also beat Amador Valley, which tied Newark. Newark has a win over Berkeley. Tough call. I hope I’m at least close.
I think Berkeley is not going to be happy with being left out of the top four seeds, and they certainly have a case. But in the end I think the two EBAL teams are going to be right behind Richmond.
I think Arroyo is going to be the first team left out, unfortunately, with Mission San Jose right behind them. Mt. Eden and San Lorenzo might be eligible, but I don’t think either gets in. Alameda probably won’t get in.

Division II

Now on to Division II.

No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd
No. 2 Dublin
No. 3 Acalanes
No. 4 Albany
No. 5 Las Lomas
No. 6 Piedmont
No. 7 Ygnacio Valley
No. 8 Dougherty Valley
No. 9 Kennedy-Fremont
No. 10 Campolindo
No. 11 Kennedy-Richmond
No. 12 St. Mary’s
No. 13 El Cerrito
No. 14 Concord
No. 15 Salesian

I think the big discussion is what is going to happen in the three, four and five slots. I personally think that Acalanes’ schedule strength is going to be enough to reward them the No. 3 seed. With that said, I think it could very easily be flip-flopped. Albany as high as No. 2 or as low as No. 5 wouldn’t surprise me. I think Piedmont, YV and Dougherty could all get shuffled around in that six, seven, eight range, but I think they all get a home game. I also think that Campo’s seed depends on Dougherty’s because they wouldn’t want to have them play in the first round, I am sure. That’s why I have Campo at No. 10.

Matt Smith

  • PelotaMan

    Div II Girl’s is up

  • The Sweeper

    They must be looking for a three sided coin to determine #2, 3 & 4. Go Albany.

  • trust Me

    There were only 12 teams Div 2 Mens that had a record at 500 or better. So to determine the last 4 or 5 teams
    must be taking awhile.

  • HEY

    It says in the article above that Amador Valley tied Newark Memorial; however while Amador did tie just about everyone in the bay area they lost to Newark 2-0

  • defense_mom

    Boys DII is up

  • defense_mom

    It’s been great listening to everyone’s predictions now that all teams are seeded what is the input Matt about the match ups?

  • Matt Smith

    No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd (18-0-5), bye
    No. 2 Albany (21-0-3) v. No. 15 Salesian (8-9-1) 5 p.m.
    No. 3 Dublin (17-3-2) v. No. 14 St. Mary’s (12-7-3) 7 p.m.
    No. 4 Acalanes (17-3-3) v. No. 13 Concord (7-8-4) 7 p.m.
    No. 5 Piedmont (15-4-3) v. No. 12 El Cerrito (7-9-1) 7 p.m.
    No. 11 Ygnacio Valley (12-5-2) v. No. 6 Kennedy-Richmond (14-7-2) 7 p.m.
    No. 7 Kennedy-Fremont (9-7-2) v. No. 10 Dougherty Valley (10-8-3) 7 p.m.
    No. 8 Las Lomas (15-4-3) v. No. 9 Campolindo (12-8-4) 5 p.m.

  • Tack

    I can already hear the screams from Las Lomas. #8 matt?

  • The Sweeper

    Las Lomas looks too low and got a tough seed, 5 spots below Dublin. Wow. And a rested O’Dowd looms.

  • PelotaMan

    I think that Dublin will find out quickly that St. Mary’s will not be a typical 14 seed and go quietly. St. Mary’s can play D.

  • Matt Smith

    The new notebook is up with all the breakdown.

  • BSAL

    prediction: kennedy richmond will lose on the road to Ygancio Valley. They lost to salesian on the road. They seemed to have gotten a very favorable seeding, considering their road record (3-5-2).

  • condor

    Dublin shouldn’t have a problem. There defense is very talented and a great offense. It would be a big upset if they were to loose.

  • DFAL Fan

    In ALL my years around NCS, i have never seen a bigger mistake then Las Lomas at #8. Really? They beat the best in the east bay area. and Piedmont gets a higher seed? They are in the worst league and they get spanked in NCS every year against DFAL opponents. Horrible decisions. They need to go back to the traditional meetings instead of submitting a resume online. This is just not fair.

  • soccerguru

    hey matt…how about getting more involved in the girls soccer…better yet, scratch that idea because your “thoughts” or “predictions” are usually about as right as the weather man!

  • honestly old chaps.
    i believe arroyo is the dark horse this year.
    they will defeat any team and end up in the final against De La Salle.

  • EBALDad

    Sir Alex,


    turn out the lights on that Dark Horse

  • it was a close match.
    arroyo had many opportunities.
    football is 11 on 11.
    anything can happen.
    goodluck in semis CAL