Updated Computer Rankings

I dig these computer rankings. It makes great conversation and shows the difference between using the human element and a non-objective system. It’s great. Our friend has split up Division I and II and given us the top ten teams.

Division I

Team Record Total
Richmond (14-1-9) 79.75
Granada (15-3-5) 79.16
De La Salle (14-5-3) 77.56
Newark Memorial (18-4-4) 77.24
Clayton Valley (16-3-3) 77.23
Castro Valley (17-3-4) 77.02
Berkeley (16-3-2) 71.11
San Ramon Valley (12-3-8) 67.22
California (13-3-6) 66.03
Deer Valley (11-6-6) 58.97

Division II

Team Record Total
Albany (21-0-3) 107.32
Bishop O’Dowd (18-0-5) 104.94
Acalanes (17-3-3) 99.78
Dublin (17-3-2) 85.50
Las Lomas (14-4-3) 82.54
Piedmont (14-4-3) 69.33
Ygnacio Valley (12-5-2) 48.32
Dougherty Valley (9-8-3) 45.30
Campolindo (12-8-3) 45.30
St. Mary’s (12-7-3) 37.62

Matt Smith

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    Could be that Granada’s loss to cross town rival Livermore last night, might just prove to be the igniter of the “fire”, heading into NCS…

  • ebal dad

    I agree that GHS will rebound going into NCS. I am assuming they played w/o their stud center mid Thomas which would certainly hinder their ability to control the mid in the LHS loss.

    Lets see how the NCS Seeding play out tomorrow.

  • Matt Smith

    Thomas was actually cleared to play.
    Turns out you don’t necessarily sit out with a soft red. It depends on what the second card was for. Ryan won his appeal, from what I understand.

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    Matt, you are correct. In “Club” Soccer, it would have been a mandatory one game “sit out”. However, in H.S. Soccer, it is “recommended” that the player sit out the next game, but it is a “discretionary” decision, with the Athletic Director being able to “weigh in” on the matter.
    I was not witness to the “soft red”, but by all accounts from my sources, it was Bogus. Glad he was able to play on Granada’s Senior Farewell night. Too bad about the outcome, but like I posted earlier, I think it could make them even more dangerous….
    Good luck to all the teams headed in to NCS, and may each game be decided by the PLAYERS on the field….
    Good clean games Everyone….

  • Fan

    Why is St.Marys there and not Kennedy(Richmond). They both had the same record in the league. and if you guys are looking at overall league you guys should also look at the teams Kennedy and St.Marys played because in my opinion Kennedy had harder games.And Kennedy also beat St.Marys.

  • The Sweeper

    Here is my comment on the computer rankings: yawn, interesting data but not real information. And you can quote me on that.

    Seriously, with the premium on scoring in soccer, the subtleties of match-ups, and the random PK factor, bits and bytes don’t cut it for me personally.

    Of course, over a long period of time the trends average out, the statistical nature of data (distributions, standard deviations, etc.) is developed, and patterns can be discerned. Similar models used to “predict” or anticipate the future have resulted in wildly fluctuating stock markets and global climate change hypotheses (sorry, just had to sneak that one in). Chaos theory rules and consensus is not deterministic! Blah, blah, blah…

    Are you with me on that Bambam? Cokito? Ebal Dad? Granada fans? Matt? Anyone?

    At the end of the day, that is why they play the beautiful game. Can computers detect beauty, skill and luck? Good luck to all NCS soccer participants.

  • D2

    When will the ncs rankings be out? and will you be posting seedings/schedules?

  • bambam

    Sweeper – I was just going to post verbatim the exact thing that you wrote. LOL

    NO offense to BOD as I had suggested that their #1 at this time but how many points do they get for beating my old high school 9-0 this week. A tie match between DLS vs SRV should be worth 4 times the points of what might have been given in the Moreau match.

  • Cokito

    Sweeper, I think the inner beauty of the universe is mathematics, and the other way around.

  • EBAL parent

    I think the loss to Livermore could have the opposite affect on the pshycy of a team, they could be doubting themselves down the stretch, or they could fire up, a test for the coach I suppose….

    For me any of the top 5 can win it, but the real dark horse is Richmond, they have so much individual talent they could run away with it if they fire up…

  • Matt Smith

    Hey guys, I know the threads are spread out all over, but the seeding predictions are up, so let’s get the conversation going over there and make it light up.

  • EBALDad

    I’d really like to see the algorithm for this.
    Then I could offer semi-intelligent commentary, until then, I just see it as gibberish.

  • Great work! keep the posts coming… i’ll keep reading them. Thanks