East Bay Boys Soccer Brackets, Rankings, Standings, Stats

As I stated in the comments, it was a shame to leave Freedom out.

I’ve seen both Freedom and Arroyo this year, and they are evenly matched teams, but when you compare resume’s it’s not really that close. I will agree that Arroyo was a fringe team, but the No. 11 seed is too high. And at the expense of Freedom makes it stand out this much more.
No disrespect to Arroyo, they are a fine team, but I feel like Freedom deserved to get in. The BVAL as a whole was disrespected with Antioch, Deer Valley and Liberty getting the No. 14, No. 15 and No. 16 seeds respectively.
I won’t disagree with seeds two through six, I thought that could have gone anyway. Apparently league finish was very important. Seeding Newark ahead of a Castro Valley team that won a head-to-head game is confusing. If it were more than one spot ahead, then fine, but you should flip-flop those two teams if you have them next to each other.
Enough about Division I, on to Division II thoughts.
I am shocked at Las Lomas getting a No. 8 seed. That’s just ridiculous. I’m not going to call any teams out, but I think the BSAL was valued too high in comparison with the DFAL.
And I’m also confused about YV hosting Kennedy-Richmond as the No. 6 seed. YV is not a league champ. Sure, they were the highest finishing D II team in that league, but not the champ.
I also don’t get Campo being one spot ahead of Dougherty. If you have them separated by two spots, fine. But one spot, I think the two Dougherty Valley wins should have equaled a flip-flop.
I’m not surprised Albany got the No. 2 seed. We’re about to find out if Boise State is a BCS buster, right?
Let the message boards blow up!

Division I
First Round
Wednesday, Feb. 17

No. 1 De La Salle (14-5-3) v. No. 16 Liberty (8-5-7) 5 p.m.
No. 2 San Ramon Valley (12-3-8) v. No. 15 Deer Valley (11-6-6) 7 p.m.
No. 14 Antioch (9-7-7) v. No. 3 Granada (15-3-5) 7 p.m.
No. 4 Berkeley (16-3-2) v. No. 13 College Park (12-7-5) 7 p.m.
No. 5 Richmond (14-1-9) v. No. 12 Logan (14-9-4) 7 p.m.
No. 6 California (13-3-6) v. No. 11 Arroyo (13-9-1) 7 p.m.
No. 7 Newark Memorial (19-4-4) v. No. 10 Clayton Valley (16-3-3) 7 p.m.
No. 8 Castro Valley (17-3-4) v. No. 9 Amador Valley (7-5-12) 5 p.m.

Division II
First Round
Wednesday, Feb. 17
No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd (18-0-5), bye
No. 2 Albany (21-0-3) v. No. 15 Salesian (8-9-1) 5 p.m.
No. 3 Dublin (17-3-2) v. No. 14 St. Mary’s (12-7-3) 7 p.m.
No. 4 Acalanes (17-3-3) v. No. 13 Concord (7-8-4) 7 p.m.
No. 5 Piedmont (15-4-3) v. No. 12 El Cerrito (7-9-1) 7 p.m.
No. 11 Ygnacio Valley (12-5-2) v. No. 6 Kennedy-Richmond (14-7-2) 7 p.m.
No. 7 Kennedy-Fremont (9-7-2) v. No. 10 Dougherty Valley (10-8-3) 7 p.m.
No. 8 Las Lomas (15-4-3) v. No. 9 Campolindo (12-8-4) 5 p.m.


The good thing about the rankings this week is that the playoffs are about to start, so they will all get sorted out once and for all.
Again, I struggled with who to put at No. 1 but I valued De La Salle’s tie against California than O’Dowd’s tie against Tennyson. And I was all set to go with the Dragons this week. Still, they stay at No. 2.
Small changes in the bottom half of the rankings. Things are about to become very clear.

1. De La Salle (14-5-3)
2. Bishop O’Dowd (18-0-5)
3. Granada (15-3-5)
4. Richmond (14-1-9)
5. Berkeley (16-3-2)
6. San Ramon Valley (12-3-8)
7. California (13-3-6)
8. Albany (21-0-3)
9. Dublin (17-3-2)
10. Acalanes (17-3-3)
11. Amador Valley (7-5-12)
12. Castro Valley (17-3-4)
13. Newark Memorial (19-4-4)
14. Las Lomas (15-4-3)
15. Clayton Valley (16-3-3)

Others considered: Deer Valley (11-6-6), Logan (14-9-4), Antioch (9-7-7), Liberty (8-5-7), Ygnacio Valley (12-5-2), College Park (12-7-5), Dougherty Valley (10-8-3), Campolindo (12-8-4), Freedom (10-6-6), Piedmont (14-4-4).

League standings

Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (16-3-2) 10-1-1 31
Richmond (14-1-9) 9-0-3 30
Alameda (6-12-4) 5-3-4 19
El Cerrito (7-9-1) 5-6-1 16
Pinole Valley (6-14-1) 4-8-0 12
De Anza (3-14-6) 1-8-3 6
Hercules (1-12-1) 1-10-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Albany (21-0-3) 15-0-1 46
Piedmont (14-4-4) 12-3-1 37
Kennedy (13-9-2) 10-4-2 32
St. Mary’s (12-7-3) 10-4-2 32
Salesian (8-9-1) 8-7-1 25
Encinal (5-17-1) 5-10-1 16
Swett (4-13-0) 4-12-0 12
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (3-17-0) 3-13-0 9
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-16-0) 1-15-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Antioch (9-7-7) 7-3-5 26
Deer Valley (11-6-6) 6-3-6 24
Liberty (8-5-7) 6-3-6 24
Freedom (10-6-6) 6-4-5 23
Pittsburg (6-13-4) 3-8-4 13
Hertiage (3-12-2) 3-10-2 11

Team Overall League Points

Dublin (17-3-2) 8-2-2 26
Acalanes (17-3-3) 8-3-1 25
Las Lomas (15-4-3) 6-3-3 21
Dougherty Valley (10-8-3) 4-6-2 14
Campolindo (12-8-4) 4-6-2 14
Alhambra (6-7-5) 3-6-3 12
Miramonte (0-7-5) 0-7-5 5

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (16-3-3) 10-1-1 31
Ygnacio Valley (12-5-2) 8-3-1 25
College Park (12-7-5) 7-2-3 24
Concord (7-8-4) 7-3-2 23
Northgate (4-19-1) 3-9-0 9
Berean Christian (2-19-3) 1-9-2 5
Mt. Diablo (1-12-1) 1-10-1 4

Team Overall League Points

De La Salle (14-5-3) 10-1-3 33
San Ramon Valley (12-3-8) 7-2-5 26
Granada (15-3-5) 7-3-4 25
California (13-3-6) 7-3-4 25
Amador Valley (7-5-12) 3-2-9 18
Monte Vista (5-13-5) 3-9-2 11
Livermore (3-12-2) 2-10-2 8
Foothill (5-13-5) 0-9-5 5

Team Overall League Points

Bishop O’Dowd (18-0-5) 12-0-4 40
Castro Valley (17-3-4) 12-1-3 39
Arroyo (12-9-1) 9-6-1 28
Mt. Eden (11-10-1) 8-7-1 25
San Lorenzo (7-7-5) 5-6-5 20
Tennyson (4-8-5) 4-7-5 17
San Leandro (6-11-6) 4-9-3 15
Hayward (6-12-3) 3-10-3 12
Moreau Catholic (2-14-3) 1-12-3 6

Team Overall League Points

Logan (14-9-4) 9-1-2 29
Newark Memorial (19-4-4) 8-1-3 27
Kennedy (9-7-2) 7-4-1 22
Mission San Jose (10-10-1) 6-6-0 18
Washington (4-13-2) 4-7-1 13
Irvington (6-12-3) 4-7-1 13
American (0-14-0) 0-12-0 0


Here is the list of the players in the East Bay who are top ten in goals and assists.

Littleton, Piedmont 48
Borges, Albany 25
Tieku, El Cerrito 20
Chen, Las Lomas 17
Fuentes, Newark 17
Foster, Granada 16
Ramirez, Albany 16
Rietz, BOD 16
Menezes, Dougherty 15
Huang, Deer Valley 15

Gomez, Clayton 22
Borges, Albany 20
Montes, Richmond 20
Shiluck, Castro Valley 16
Thomas, Granada 15
Lopez, YV 15
Swafford, BOD 13
Martin, Deer Valley 13
Ornstil, BOD 10
Menezes, Dougherty 10
Arzate, Newark 10

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or statistics, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • Aztecfan

    I also want to nominate Rene Siles as the coach of the year. His accomplishments at Richmond high are numerous, his student-athlete program has raised the bar for the students of the working class community of Richmond. His dedication to each kid in his soccer program throughout the year and not just during the HS season in unmatched. The College Is Real (CIR) program is another great achievement for the unprivileged students at RHS during his tenure. His calm and cool personality, passion and love for the game, students and the community has created a class of his own. He should be recognized for his accomplishments at Richmond and as a role model for other coaches. Richmond high and HS soccer community will miss him greatly.

  • bambam


    First match up was to stop Rivas and knock him off the ball every time he got near it. It became very physical and at the end Rivas received a Yellow card most likely out of frustration. No reds were given but I believe at least 4 yeallows that game. SRV won that game and in my opinion is the more physical team. Cal vs SRV is a toss up and it wouldn’t suprise if this is settled in similar fashion to Berk vs Rich game. The key match up is Ritter vs Rawls in the shoot out scenario.

  • Yamon


    In the event of a Ritter vs. Rawls shoot out, who do you give the edge to?

  • 2cents

    Out of Pocket,
    Thanks for your kind words, but Believe me that is an accurate/genuine reflection of what transpired in that game. To suggest anything different is laughable at best. I stand by my statements. AV did NOTHING until that horrible PK was called.

  • ptown

    You say AV did nothing until that PK was called. Last time I checked a HS match is 80 minutes. I will agree with you that CV dominated the 1st half against AV. 2nd Half was a different game that saw AV turn up the offensive heat and continued to play great defense. The 2nd AV goal was beautiful. 1st the AV keeper punted the ball deep into CV territory where the CV defender header out of bounds around the 15 yd line. Then #11 for AV threw in a long throw in which was headed in for a goal by #5.

    Like Out of Pocket said…you will get over it with time. Enjoy the semi finals with the rest of us on the sideline. It will be a couple great games.

  • LakeTahoeGuy

    Out of Pocket,
    It was Granada that beat DLS @ GHS, 1-0.

  • Roland Jara

    I’m very impressed of what CAL had accomplished this year. From only 1-10 in EBAL last year to 15-3 overall this. Now that’s an improvement beyond compare. I think their success is much from their coach, CHRIS FAIDLEY. It is obvious that coach Chris Faidley know his players and cultivated each and every talent that they have to orchestrate win in every game. For that, I nominate coach Chris Faidley for COACH OF THE YEAR.

  • Matt Smith

    What a horrible thing to say, Evelio.
    And I don’t normally say things like this, but you should really use spell check.
    Your comment is being deleted. No racist stuff will be tolerated.

  • soccer

    O’Dowd won 2-1. awful officiating!

  • Tony Manero

    Chino – Did you happen to notice that Dublin defeated Albany? How did YV do against them? Did you happen to hear how Hoster dominated the Albany defense? He put two in the net, got a yellow card for physical play, played defense for 22 minutes, and oh by the way scored a PK when Albany’s team couldn’t. Another example of a true MVP picking up his team and carrying them to the finish line. When any YV player can do that then you will have an MVP argument. Fancy touches and moves do not determine MVP’s. Stats, Leadership, Wins, and performance in CRUCIAL games do.
    Congratulations to Dublin Boys on a great game.

  • EncinalJet

    Our soccer team was terrible this year. I knew we wouldn’t have made it into the Playoffs this year.

  • jane

    Ken Villegas needs to leave Amador for the team to be successful……there is NO respect there!!!! Clue in