NCS Girls Soccer playoff brackets

Here are the girls brackets.

Division I
First Round
Wednesday, Feb. 17

No. 1 Castro Valley (21-0-2) v. No. 16 Antioch (13-7-4), 7 p.m.
No. 2 Carondelet (12-4-3) v. No. 15 Logan (12-6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 3 San Ramon Valley v. No. 14 Heritage (12-6-5), 5 p.m.
No. 4 Clayton Valley (14-3-3) v. No. 13 Mission San Jose (13-5-7), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Washington (11-7-6) v.No. 5 California (11-4-6), 7 p.m.
No. 6 Amador Valley (10-6-6) v. No. 11 Freedom (12-3-8) 7 p.m.
No. 7 Monte Vista (11-8-4) v. No. 10 College Park (12-5-4), 7 p.m.
No. 8 Liberty (17-2-4) v. No. 9 Berkeley (18-2-2), 7 p.m.

Division II
First Round
Wendensday, Feb. 17

No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd (15-1-5) v. No. 16 Redwood Christian (9-9-2) 7 p.m.
No.15 Moreau Catholic (12-8-4) v. No. 2 Berean Christian (15-6-3) 7 p.m.
No. 3 Albany (20-0-1) v. No. 14 Piedmont (14-6-2) 5 p.m.
No. 4 Campolindo (8-4-3) v. No. 13 St. Mary’s (17-5-0) 7 p.m.
No. 5 Miramonte (6-3-3) v. No. 12 Hayward (15-5-2) 7 p.m.
No. 6 Las Lomas (9-6-7) v. No. 11 Alhambra (7-9-4) 7 p.m.
No. 7 Acalanes (10-8-4) v. No. 10 El Cerrito (10-7-3) 7 p.m.
No. 8 Dougherty Valley (7-8-3) v. No. 9 Northgate (10-7-1) 7 p.m.

Matt Smith

  • EBALDad

    Used to be, that girls soccer got ALL the discussion
    What gives?
    Maybe it’s Matt Smith’s great coverage of the boys side?

    Well, stirring the pot needs to be done then.

    If ever there was a season when a team with 21 wins DIDN’T deserve the top seed it is this year!
    Interesting that #2 seed has only 12 wins eh?

    Upper half of Girls bracket, with CV, only has one EBAL Team in it, where the bottom half has 4!

    Hey, Times. when you post your brackets can you put them in bracket form so we can see who they play next?
    We have to go to the NCS site for that.

    Fairly easy path for CV to get to the final then.
    Or, fairly easy path for CAL to get there as well.
    When was the last time a Non-EBAL team won Girls NCS?
    I’m thinking it was Carondelet when they weren’t part of the league?

  • junior

    it was Carondelet in 1999 and 1994- every other year has been an Ebal team. C-let won the 2A class in 2001.

  • FormerFarmer

    Personally, I’ve lost interest in girls soccer because I’m tired of clueless parents making disparaging remarks about other teams. Its so strange that this happens more often with girls than boys. True, similar comments occur on the boys thread, but by in large, people have more knowledge of the game.

    EBALDad, your comments regarding CV aren’t as bad as the comments on this blog last year around NCS time, but still, its a taste of bitter backbiting and poisonous drivel that is rife in youth soccer.

  • EBALDad

    I’m not a CV hater. And if my comments came across as backbiting or poisonous, then I didn’t represent myself well, sorry about that.
    My reasoning for my comments, are that CV is the #1 seed in a tournament that has never, never been won by any team other than an EBAL team or Carondelet.
    21 wins is very very impressive.
    But, who have those wins come against?
    How many wins are against teams in this years NCS Div 1 field?
    CV, for example, did not play in the highest possible bracket in the Winter Classic Tournament at their own request. Don’t you find that noteworthy?
    my main observation is that all the discussion is on the boys side of the soccer equation.
    I’m OK with that, just surprised that’s all.
    I’m all for positive discussion.
    I’m, frankly, surprised at the seeding decisions by the NCS.
    best of luck to all.

  • underrated

    CV has beaten Washington 2-0 Heritage 8-0 and California 5-1… Those seem like pretty convincing wins to me and with an undefeated record I really don’t see how you couldn’t put them as the #1 seed

  • EBALDad

    OK, I’ll answer that one.
    first, the fact that they specifically chose NOT to play in the highest division of the Winter Classic is, to me a red flag, and should NOT be rewarded.
    Should EBAL Teams schedule the easiest possible schedules for themselves simply to get more wins?
    Strength of Schedule HAS to count for something.
    So, CV has played ONLY Three teams in the NCS D1 field?
    if that is so, sorry but that, 3/15, is weak.
    They have beaten only 1 league champion and that is from arguably the weakest girls soccer league in NCS. Not meaning to be too negative, just stating my opinion.
    When you play in a D2 league, it is your responsibility to play the toughest non-league schedule possible.
    Now, with that said, apparently the NCS selection committee loves the win total, so apparently I’m wrong about that one.
    Assuming CV gets past Antioch, then the second round match will be their biggest test of the year.
    Good luck Trojans!

  • Eric

    Congrats to Antioch Girls Soccer, this Senior class is amazing. They set a goal of gettig into to the NCS from the very first day and they did it. Good luck to the Boys and Girls, and GO ANTIOCH

  • The Sweeper

    Give the CV girls soccer team their props. They are ranked #5 nationally by ESPN RISE. If you have seen the CV girls play, they are easily a top 4 NCS team regardless of the schedule questions.

    That said, until SRV loses in NCS (four years running, 12-0, an unheard of result for a public school), all bets are off…or should I say, if the SRV girls are healthy, the NCS goes through SRV. CV knows this, Foothill knows this, Monte Vista knows this, Carondelet knows this, blah, blah, blah.

    All of that said, Matt Smith is the driver to make the NCS boys winter soccer blog more active than ANY SPORT on the Bay Area News Group, PERIOD. (unless you are talking about football coaching changes).

    Great job Matt.

  • Eric


  • The Sweeper

    Best of luck and good health to all 2010 NCS soccer teams!!! I personally hope that PKs are relevant only after 100 minutes…

  • S. FAN

    CV will win out and play a fromidable ebal team in the finals.

  • quickthought

    EBALDad: CV did want to get in to Invitational to play @ the TriValley Classic but missed out. Apart from that, have played only 1 (Cal) team that qualified for NCS. If this was the BCS, CV would be Boise State (4th/5th seed)… but wins obviously count rather than strength of Schedule.

  • quickthought

    My mistake: CV has played two teams in top 16.

  • S. FAN

    2 EBAL teams gone in first round. Looks likea few of them made the NCS by mistake.

  • S. FAN

    By the way, CV did not get their application in on time for the tri-valley top flight per the tri-valley director.

  • EBALDad

    Congrats to Freedom and College Park on their wins.

    Monte Vista, which had a victory over San Ramon on it’s resume and games against a host of NCS teams, certainly more than 2, was not in by mistake (12 of their games vs D1 NCS Teams)
    Amador Valley, had a victory over #2 Carondelet, not in by mistake (14 of their games vs D1 NCS teams)

    I never said CV being in the tournament was a mistake. I questioned their #1 seed.
    CV is a very very good team. Good luck to them the rest of the Tournament.


    Castro Valley 3 – Liberty 1
    California 2 – Clayton Valley 1 could be overtime or PK’s either way a tight game
    The battle of Concord v Pleasant Hill
    Upset Special
    College Park 2 – Carondelet 1
    San Ramon 4 – Freedom 1

  • soccer 1

    Amador losing to Freedom and College park beating Monte vista wich is the bigger upset?

  • Vitotheballer

    Albany Undefeated season in BSAL 18-0 Beat Las Lomas! Beat Piedmont 5-0 first round of NCS. Soft line up or not, this is the Cinderella team to watch. 3 of the girls on this team played for the Mavericks in the Norway Cup and beat China for the Championship! Mertens , Wise, & Kirkby . Good luck girls do it again. NCS-2010

  • Vitotheballer

    Talk about seeding. Albany ,Undefeated 18-0 league and 19-0-1 and still seeded 3rd to Berean Christian 15-6-3 seeded 2nd.

    Albany 3rd seeded played 14th seeded Piedmont first round NCS 5-0

    Berean Christian 2nd seed played Moreau Catholic 15th seed and won only only 1-0 to the 15th seed? and they were seeded 2nd above Albany?

    Granted BSAL is an easier league but give me a break 6 losses! What if the had seven losses would that still been ok? Where is the cut off. Undefeated in any league at this level of play is worth props. Any given Sunday in a long season with injuries and sickness and school finals!

    Good luck to all!

  • S. FAN

    Bottom line, the EBAL is not what it’s all cracked to be…maybe just maybe money in the Mustang nation can’t buy soccer championships…maybe just maybe, other areas with a little bit of diversity and some long tradition of soccer are catching the all white rich kids from the EBAL and their “professional” training.

  • ManO’War

    Hey S. FAN, are you implying the “professional training” is a positive? No facitiousness intended.

  • thatssssss right

    cv neeeevvvveeerrr getting any love from the other schools, especially the EBAL fans. this year cv will tear through ncs, castain twins will dominate as the best duo in the state and then we’ll see who gets the last laugh. the ncs knows what theyre doing when they rank them number 1, EBALdad, so shove your EBAL loving shit back in your mouth and watch the trojans dominate ncs.

    soccer is a dumb sport anyways


    Don’t forget that CV beat Burlingame this year who is the TWO time defending champion for their league! They also beat Notre Dame, Berean Christian and California.

  • S. FAN

    cv 3-1, ring on the ebal

  • Pete Casso

    Anyone know the final score/winner of the Carondelet NSC game earlier this afternoon? Thanks.

  • Pete Casso

    Correction, played at 7:00, should be completed soon.

  • Mike

    #22 he was pointing out what he felt like valid reasons for them not being completely solid waterproof. They sure are like 99% the best team in ncs, but the 1% was all he was bringing up. no need to get so defensive for what you call a “dumb sport”.

    Everyone here is giving love to CV for their star studded team but you have to hope HAAL prepares them for the best of the rest?



    Carondelet 3, College Park 0.

  • EBALDad

    Welcome to the EBAL Castro Valley Girls Soccer!

    Now the NCS Tournament, on the girls side, gets, in my opinion, more interesting.
    The should be no one-sided games now.
    I believe I read that in the first match-up this year with CV, that CAL was missing 5 players due to an early December Club Tournament.
    Well, no matter what, it will be interesting to see if the “99%” best team in NCS will run through the EBAL to an NCS Title.

    Castro Valley 2 – Cal 1 (I know, I predict them to win, go figure)
    San Ramon 3 – Carondelet 2 (The Wolves just have NCS magic, pure and simple)

    Mike, thanks for chiming in to #22, I’m surprised that a forum moderator didn’t step in first.
    We can disagree but still be civil, can’t we?

  • EBALDad

    No body cares
    No body cares

    the “Matt Smith factor” is TOTALLY absent from girls soccer

    a shame

  • The Sweeper


    I am with you on this one and agree with your predictions.

    In fact, the #5 ranked girls soccer team in the NATION, Castro Valley, is playing for a spot in the championship, while several Mustang club team players will be facing teammates when SRV plays Carondelet at Owen Owens Field. We will see if 5 is a charm for SRV.

  • EBALDad

    Still nobody cares.
    perhaps all the Girls Soccer crazies graduated or became Lacrosse fans?

    San Ramon 3 – Castro Valley 1
    as the Wolves make it 5 in a row!!!!!


    So did the HAAL prepare CV good enough to face “the best of the rest?” I THINK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    CV all the way this year!


    BTW there are several girls from CV that play for the Pleasanton Rage and had to face some of their teammates tonight too!

  • EBALDad

    What place did CAL High finish in the EBAL?
    Sounds like a very evenly played, dramatic game, was it?
    anyone anyone anyone echo echo


    It was a very dramatic game because of the horrible ref.

  • calfan

    if you mean by horrible ref he didn’t call enough fouls on CV i agree with you. If they foul that much while playing SRV they lose by more than 3-1.


    EXCUSE ME CALFAN…….ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT GAME WERE YOU WATCHING?????? All the fouls were called against CV. Cal had hardly any fouls called against them and should have had more. That hand ball in the box call was the WORST CALL EVER! What about when the CV girl was taken down twice in the box by CAL and nothing called on those plays?????? What about the 5 Cal players on 1 CV player and CV gets a foul against them?

  • Calfan2

    Come on Castro Valley parent. I was surprised at a few foul calls but not most. Did one of your players leave with a golf ball sized black eye??? Nope that would be a Cal High player which was a result of an elbow straight to the eye. And guess what?! No foul called on that! I’m actually rooting for Castro Valley to win Saturday. I just hope the fouling doesn’t get out of control and take your girls out of their game. SRV knows how to win and they take every advantage given to them.

  • S. FAN

    San Ramon’s coach has always stated he does not want to play Castro Valley because they hurt his girls. Give me a break. CV plays a different style that we play on this side of the hill which will become more prevelant in the future. Tough defense and in your face.

    Castro Valley wins 2-0.

    By the way, the refs at the CV v. Cal game were the worse I have seen. If it was even closely called, it would have been at least 4-0 Castro Valley.

  • The Sweeper

    S.FAN #40, were you referring to the SRV coach (Danville) or the Cal coach (San Ramon)? Your “quote” sounds very suspicious. Please provide the date when the coach said CV girls hurt his girls.

    Answer me this: Prior to 2010, which NCS girls team had 6 straight 20+ win seasons, was seeded #1 two times, and lost to an EBAL team in the playoffs each year (Foothill 3 times and SRV 3 times)?

    CV has the talent to win it all, but they have to get past yet another EBAL team. If CV wins, after Carondelet (now in EBAL), they would be only the 2nd non-EBAL team to win the girls NCS 3A championship. They would be deserving of consideration for the ESPN RISE 50 #1 ranking. Don’t ignore the history and good luck against SRV, the 4 time defending NCS champs. It should be a great match.

  • S. FAN

    Before last years tr-valley classic, San Ramon had a chance to play Castro Valley in the second round. Castro Valley beat them 3-1 earlier in the tournament. I was near the scheduling cooordinators and the San Ramon coach, believe it or not, said, I don’t want to play Castro Valley because I don’t want my girls to get hurt. After bringing it up a couple of times to other soccer coaches and fans, they said he has made similiar comments about CV being too tough.

  • calfan

    To tell you the truth after Wednesday game i wouldn’t want to play CV in a meanless game either. You better hope for a Ref that likes your style of play if not SRV will convert enough set pieces to win the game. Here’s your other problem your defense is not good enough to stop SRV your hope of winning 2-0 is a pipe dream. Good luck but after playing both teams twice this year SRV 3 CV 1. You better tell your girls it’s not a good idea to let the other team score in the first minute like they have for the last 3 years.

  • The Sweeper

    S.Fan #42,

    So you are on record quoting SRV girls soccer coach Mark Jones stating your claim, blah blah blah. If the Bay Area News Group reporters do not get a comment from coach Jones, I will try to approach him for a response. I have seen him hang around before and after each NCS championship win over the past 4 years, and he has been very approachable.

    Again, check the record. SRV historically starts the season slow because they have club players committed to club play into December, and early season injuries make no sense before the EBAL season. As any smart coach would do, hang back early, build during league and peak in the NCS championships, when it really counts, and then take THE TROPHY.

    Please explain CVs 0-3 record against SRV in NCS play, and 0-6 against EBAL teams during the past 6 years. Is there a response that makes any sense given your comments?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  • Soccerfan


    “San Ramon had a chance to play Castro Valley in the second round. Castro Valley beat them 3-1 earlier in the tournament. ”

    Why would a team agree to play the same team twice in a four game pre-season tournament if it’s not for the championship?
    If there was a choice to be had, it is only logical to play a different opponent to create a better overall schedule as a resume builder for NCS seeding later in the year.
    be they “thuggish” or otherwise.

  • The Sweeper

    Good point Soccerfan. And then, oh by the way, CV went out and lost to Monte Vista. HUH?

    Again, at the end of the day (or season in this case), the ultimate high school soccer prize is…drum-roll please…the NCS trophy. BRILLIANT!


    Who cares what happened in the past. Every team has a different make up every year.

  • The Sweeper

    #47. Only the informed care what happened in the past. CV faces a team that has won the NCS 4 years running. The current CV team has lost to an EBAL team to end its season the past 6 years, including the current senior class for the past 3 years. Do I sense a pattern developing?

    I wish all the best to the CV girls, but…show us. I will applaud their win, but it must be earned on the pitch, not on a blah, blah, blog…


    Hey Sweeper….thank you Captain Obvious.

    Why are all you people so down on CV? What have they done to you? No one here is bragging about CV but all you people do is constantly put them down! WHY????????? Is it CV’s fault that the other schools in the HAAL aren’t as good? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you give them any credit for their ability to at least hang with the so-called “best of the rest.”

    BTW….Why did SRV win last year?????? HORRIBLE REF!

  • S. FAN

    0-6 last three years, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. You must have been A SLEEP when they CV beat Cal twice this year, Granada twice this year, foothill once this year, San Ramon and Carondelet last year, and Monte Vista the year before with all of their stars. Have fun talking to Coach Jones. He’s usually complaining about something and I’m sure he will be talking to the refs before the game. Also, don’t forgrt about Bishop O’dowd…Castro Valley, #1 in the State and possibly country. Be proud of you neighbors instead of chanting your elitist views.