East Bay Boys Basketball Poll — 2/16

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (10) 25-1 150 1
2. Newark Memorial 22-3 138 2
3. Bishop O’Dowd 21-3 132 3
4. De La Salle 12-2 120 4
5. San Ramon Valley 22-2 110 5
6. Castro Valley 20-4 98 6
7. St. Joseph Notre Dame 20-6 80 8
8. Oakland 14-9 77 9t
9. St. Mary’s 18-8 70 7
10. Campolindo 21-4 67 9t
11. El Cerrito 23-2 250 12
12. Heritage 12-4 41 11
13. College Park 21-3 33 13
14. San Leandro 15-9 19 14
15. Antioch 17-7 13 NR

Others receiving votes: Deer Valley (17-7, 2 votes). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • S. FAN

    Can anyone tell me what happened to Castro Valley’s gaurd names Seals. I guess he quit before the O’dowd game.

  • i love him

    Seals graduated early and he left.

  • Ballhawk

    SF, Nice guess. DOH!

    ILH, Could Seals have completed the season, or does early graduation kill a winter sport athlete’s season? If it does, why would a winter coach keep an early grad on the roster? Curious situation.

  • McD

    I know Seals personally and after his early graduation, which was very surprising to me, he moved to Sacramento. That’s the reason he didn’t play at O’Dowd. He was still eligible to play against O’Dowd, but he was moving. After that Coach Jones told him that his season was over.

    Ballhawk: Coach Jones probably had no idea that Seals was going to graduate early. He most likely found out mid-season. Seals isn’t the person you would think that would graduate early. He’s really goofy and jokes around a lot. Obviously it differs in the classroom.

    CV wins 56-52 against O’Dowd on Friday

  • Ballhawk

    McD #4,

    Good knowledge, and thanks for your comments. It all makes sense now.

    That is certainly a big call on Friday’s game. CV may have to hold O’Dowd below 50 to win. Besides the home court advantage, what is going to make the difference?

  • thatssssss right

    jones deffinitely had no idea that seals was going to graduate early until the day before the o’dowd game. this has a been a blow to the cv team because brandon was a huge part of their team chemistry and was also a pretty good player who could get hot beyond the arc at any time.

    i believe that cv will be ready for o’dowd on friday. the difference will be instead of manning up on o’dowds huge players like they did in their last mathcup, they will play zone and this will be the difference in friday’s game, they will use their speed and fast breaks will kill o’dowd, along with a very rowdy castro valley crowd. bobbit takes control of the game in this one and scores 30 in a 62-49 beat-down of o’dowd on friday.

  • S. FAN

    without seals, cv has to be on fire from the outside and play the boards hard. don’t see it at this point.

  • McD

    Post #6 hit it on the nose. I tried to watch the game on the broadcast thing last time(not very good), and I seen that O’Dowd got a lot of easy layups of screens on inbound plays. Castro Valley’s screen D needs work. They should play a zone since O’Dowd isn’t a great 3 point shooting team. Ashley had too many open looks underneath off the screens, he did miss some, but I don’t think that will happen again. For CV to get the win, someone other then Bobbitt needs to score this time. My boy Read needs to step up, and last time Anderson just had a terrible game in general. Without Seals, the PG spot has been a little weaker and less athletic if Thompson plays. CV needs to rebound and possibly press O’Dowd and their weaker guards.

  • thatssssss right

    anybody know what the score is?

  • thatssssss right

    anybody know what the score is? of the cv game?

  • odowd won by 13

  • it was a good game. odowd hit alot of 3’s. #10 and #5 for cv really wanted the win, you could tell by hard they played. supposedly they oversold tix and some people who had brought tix prepaid didnt get in.imagine that.

  • jacketfan

    tribune staff writers: how come there was no coverage on the BHS/EC game? Coach Booker said to the press after there first meeting “that berkeley is going to have to find a way to beat them”. I think the 4 seniors on bhs team knew the way. On senior nite they proved that they were proud to play for a school that
    trusted them to bring honor and pride back to the men’s basketball program. The Seniors never missed a practice,showed leadership in the classroom(gpa),big brother’s of the under program.Jimmy,with all the negatives going on in our communties,here are 4 young men that had nothing to gain(ncs),but to give back. And on there night they showed to there parents and school the most important thing, “NEVER QUIT”

  • jacketfan ,when does bhs get their post season back? how sad that so many kids had to punished for the behavior of others

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Unfortunately with limited space and so many big games going on, we had to focus on games that were either league playoff games or those relevant to league title races. With El Cerrito already having won the ACCAL title, there wasn’t really anything on the line in that game. It’s no disrespect to Berkeley, but we don’t have the same space we used to so when it hits this time of year we have to give priority to meaningful games (and in this context, I mean games that have an affect on the playoffs).

  • jacketfan

    Jimmy: thank you for the answer.
    Bbfan2: 2011

  • jacketfan, this will only make the team stronger. i am proud of the sr`s for setting a good example for thier teammates

  • donut

    Who;s going to get the #4 seed. SRV or CV. Thats a big decision for home court and guaranteed semi final berth

  • Prep Fan

    SRV got the #3 seed, but there is no such thing as a gauranteed semi-final berth, a each team has to win twice to get there. CV even has to go on the road in round one, as they drew DVAL league champ College Park, who for some reason was seeded #13 at 22-3. It will be a short postseason for CP, as I’m sure they were hoping for better draw then having to face the #4 seed CV in the first round.