NCS Hoops Bracket Challenge leaderboard — Day 3

I’m trimming the fat a little bit to only include those who completed all the brackets. Those are the only ones who will contend anyway, so it makes a little less tallying work for me. Also, there were a few who originally submitted a bracket in time and were credited with those points, but it was incomplete and so after the deadline they completed the bracket. Those entire brackets are now invalid. It doesn’t affect anyone who is on the leaderboard, but thought I’d point that out. Kyle is pulling away a bit, but there are still several in contention. This round is definitely where the contenders are being separated from the pretenders.

North Coast Section basketball

Name Points
Kyle Bonagura 95
donfan 92
Prep Fan 92
High School Sports Junkie 91
Jimmy Durkin 90
Doug Arbios 86
Jeff Silva-Brown 86
Two Geeks 86
Stephanie Hammon 84
Marcus Reed 83
Brian Ney 81
don rappold 81
XMustard 79
Daniel 78
Bulldog215 76
Hoop Junkie 74

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Softball fan

    Are you going to do a bracket challenge for baseball/softball as well? This is a great idea for basketball and would like to see it at the end of May for baseball/softball.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, I know Kyle has Monte Vista winning in round 3 of the girls D1 bracket, so he loses 3 points there. So if Deer Valley beats the Newark/Castro Valley winner, then I’ll get the 3 points back right there that I am currently behind. A lot of hoops left to be played for sure, expecially as the point totals for each round increase. Could come down to a photo finish.

  • donfan


  • Prep Fan

    E_Culb, sorry to hear about your sister Chariese’s ACL injury. I hope she gets through the rehab OK and is back next year for her senior season. She is a great player with a big heart and although Berkeley should still win the NCS, they’ll surely miss her the rest of the way and at NorCals. The important thing is to make sure the injury heals completely and not rush back too soon and create more problems.