LIVE BLOG: Castro Valley at Newark Memorial

Basketball fans: If you can’t make it to Newark Memorial on Wednesday for the Division I boys semifinal between the Cougars and Castro Valley, you’re in luck. I’ll be running a live blog from the game and will be providing scores from playoff action all over the East Bay. See ya then!

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • E_CULB

    Is this game Friday or Wednesday?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Wednesday. Fixed.

  • jr2sndbrd

    In the paragraph above its listed as friday but in your statement its wed. Which one is it?

  • bhouse

    its a battle of the recruiters, it would be interesting to see which one of theses schools has the most out of district players on each team

  • E_CULB

    Wed. he fixed it.

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks for doing the blog Kyle, but I’m still going to try to make it over there. Should be a great game.

  • McD

    Yes thank god. I was hoping that when CV received the 4 seed I was going to be able to watch one NCS game at home, but we never got one. Thanks for doing the blog as I will be in it the whole time. Last time CV played Newark, it was a 1 point win in a great game.

  • newark beat cv 2 years ago in ncs in triple ot thriller. why does newark get home game but other semifinal game is at st marys? is it because of the size of newark’s gym or because they r #1 seed? fill me in thanks

  • E_CULB

    Both size and seed

  • Prep Fan

    I think DLS voluntarily moved their game over to St. Mary’s as their gym was sure to fill up. It becomes a neutral site for SRV, but the NCS gets a lot more $$$. And since the finals will be held there, the winning team will be used to the gym when they play in the finals on Saturday night. Alloco thinks of everything. 🙂

  • Jimmy Durkin

    De La Salle has annually used St. Mary’s as a “home” site for large drawing semifinal games and other NorCal games.

  • popcorn

    BHouse battle of the recruiters???? when are you and the rest of the people that talk about that stuff going to give it a rest!?!?

    as for the newark game being at Newark it has nothing to do with the seeding and everything about the size of the gyms. THe gym needs to be able to seat a certain amount of fans in the stands when it comes to this point in the season. If De La, CV, SRV, or Newark get a home game in nor cals they will definitely play atleast one game at home (well except SRV).

  • bhouse

    just stating facts do your research you then find a number of out of district players on each roster

  • popcorn

    Whats your definition of recruiting? Not being arrogant or disrespectful, just some think of it differently than others. Do you know the rules of high school basketball and where a kid can and cant play??

  • bhouse

    most teams play with kids within there district these schools play with kids from all over out of there district you can call that what ever you want i call it an unfair advantage neither of these schools are private

  • cwaldenwaldo

    hey what time game start? 730? i know dls won by 9 49 40 so whoever wins this wil play in the championship. its weird how the oal does their plaoff. oakland does not even have to play in the semis. they got the automatic bid to the championship game after one game. mack beat fremont and cam beat oakland tech. so those two will play and the winner of that will play oakland. i dont understand why oakland did not have to play anyone really? why is that? why is their playoff so different? the first seed gets a gimmme for sure. the dls playoff is way different. dls got first seed but they still had to play 3 games to make it to the final. oakland only had one. and their already in the champion ship game.

  • Ohlone Burial Grounds

    #12 yeah that darn gymnasium… championship banners belong in a large gym and hosting basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and the other indoor sports should be in a gym. even if it is on an indian burial ground…hmm is that why they’ve been so misfortuned since the gym closed? or why they had so many banners when it was in use? conspiracy nah

  • popcorn

    Bhouse it is what it is. All I’m saying is that if you dont know all the circumstances you shouldnt be throwing out accusations like that. Maybe Castro gets some kids because their parents dont want them to go to a public school in Oakland or Hayward??? All im saying is that there are circumstances that none of us can understand. Example the transfer from Mack to Castle. Im sure that the powers that be NCS, CIF, OAL looks into any transfer going to any school in their respective districts and make sure that there are not any “Recruiting” violations.

  • honestly,
    they should just throw out the transfer rules altogether. No one will ever be happy and “recruiting” will always come up. Besides, every situation is different so it will always “appear” unfair. The kid who’s parent can’t afford private school anymore will never understand why he had to sit out a year and then see two players play for two different high schools in the same school year. Everyone always throws out circumstance and hardship which I don’t doubt, so just let em all play.