Live from CIF State Wrestling: Day Two

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates last night. Deadline hit, as usual. So, we’ll have three wrestlers still alive for titles when the semifinals start at 9:30 am – De La Salle’s Joey Moita and Luke Sheridan and Newark Memorial’s Victor Pereira. The consolation round starts at 9, and if my count is correct, we still have Oakland Tech’s Craig Sherman, College Park’s Orry Elor, Albany’s Andrew Reggi, De La Salle’s Alex Abono and Liberty’s Jesse Baldazo in the hunt for a medal. I’m going to get set up, and I’ll have more updates soon.

7 pm: I’m back in the building, getting set to take in the finals, so I thought I’d give you some final thoughts on this weekend’s tournament. I think the moral of this year’s story is the youth that took over for the East Bay this year. I think the NCS has a chance to make a huge impact next year, and I think we saw the groundwork for that laid this weekend. The placers from this weekend are only going to get better, and there were a couple guys that were a match or two away from getting there.

So, the March of Champions is about to start. I’m going to settle in and watch the finals, and get the box score typed up for tomorrow. Thanks for joining me, and keep an eye out for hoops blogs next weekend. See ya!

3 pm: Well, before I start to file my story, I figured I’d give you the placers. Luke Sheridan was the area’s highest placer this year, taking third. DLS’ Joey Moita placed fourth, Newark Memorial’s Victor Pereira finished fifth, and Albany’s Andrew Reggi, Liberty’s Jesse Baldazo and College Park’s Orry Elor all placed eighth. I’m gonna go file, and hopefully I’ll get some final thoughts up in a while. Thanks for joining me today!

12:55 pm: Sheridan won by pin, so he’ll wrestle for third. He and Moita will be the East Bay’s highest finishers this year.

12:50 pm: Pereira lost 9-1 in his consolation semi, which means he’ll wrestle for fifth. Sheridan is on the mat right now.

12:30 pm: For the trivia buffs out there, this is the first time since 2004 that the NCS will not have a finalist at this tournament. Jason Welch of Las Lomas went from 05-08, and David Klingsheim and Nick Pica made it last year.

12:30 pm: For our Benicia readers, Josh Lewis lost his match and is out of the tournament. He lost 3-1 to Rodolfo Juarez from Central High.

12:30 pm: Victor Pereira is getting set for his consolation semifinal. He’ll wrestle to see if he goes to the third or fifth place match.

11:50 am: I feel very smart. Oak Ridge is in the Sacto area, Oak Grove is in SJ. Maybe I was secretly hoping that a Bay Area News Group coverage area school would be represented. Who knows. But anyway. We’re in the consolation semis right now. Joey Moita is wrestling, and currently leads in the first period. (update – Moita will wrestle for 3rd after winning his consolation semi 11-9)

11:35 am: The overtime doesn’t take long, as James Cook hits a takedown and he’s into the final, beating Sheridan 9-7. Great comeback there by Sheridan but he was never able to get consistent offense. So, the East Bay will not have any finalists this year. That means I’ll have to abandon the blog for a while to go get some quotes after the medal round. I’ll check back with ya periodically.

11:30 am: Cook starts the third with an escape, and now leads 5-3. Sheridan goes for the headlock and Cook has it scouted, taking Sheridan down. Sheridan gets an escape tough. and it’s 7-4. Sheridan’s only real hope now looks to be if he lands his big move. 30 seconds left. Stalling on Cook makes it 7-5 with 15 seconds left. Sheridan tries a shot, but they go out of bounds. 10 seconds left. Sheridan gets A TAKEDOWN AT THE BUZZER!  It’s 7-7! And we’re headed to OT!

11:25 am: Sheridan escapes to start the scoring, but Cook follows with a takedown. Sheridan ties it again with an escape, and they’re back at neutral. Cook gets another takedown, and leads 4-2. Timeout for blood. Sheridan looking for an escape and he gets it. Cook leads 4-3. That’s how the second period ends, with Cook leading 4-3.

11:20 am: OK, we’re set for the 171-pound semis. James Cook of Madera will face De La Salle’s Luke Sheridan. Sheridan wears the black of DLS. Cook wears white. Sheridan is the aggressor early, looking for the tie-up. They grapple out of bounds and restart at neutral. Cook almost gets a takedown but they’re out of bounds. Cook looks for a leg sweep but Sheridan sidesteps it. Another restart, and still not a ton of action. This isn’t the normal Sheridan energy so far. He looks a little tentative. The first period ends in a 0-0 tie.

11:20 am: I’m told I have some Benicia readers today! I didn’t see Josh Lewis’ first match, but when I find out how he did, I’ll let you know.

11:20 am: And Waldhauser does it, beating Selma’s Nathan Zarate 3-0 to advance to tonight’s final. Baldazo is down 8-2 in the third period of his match. A loss in that maatch would send Baldazo to the seventh-place match in a little while.

11:15 am: Luke Sheridan has come out of the tunnel and he’ll get set to face Madera’s James Cook in their 171-pound semi. Waldhauser continues to lead 3-0, and Baldazo trails 6-2.

11:15 am: Waldhauser has a 3-0 lead in the second period of his match. Baldazo trails 2-0 in the first period of his.

11:10 am: For our San Jose friends, Oak Ridge wrestler Vince Waldhauser is wrestling his 160-pound semifinal right now against Selma’s Justin Lozano. Baldazo is getting ready to wrestle as well.

11:10 am: Liberty’s Jesse Baldazo will be the next local to hit the mat. He’ll wrestle El Dorado’s Charles Chavez at 140 pounds.

11 am: Pereira starts the third on top. He’ll need something special to get the win now it looks like. Time continues to tick away and Johnson gets an escape point. Pereira scores a takedown, and the yadd a bunch of points on the board that I didn’t see. The score is now 9-6 Johnson. That was odd. They restart with two seconds left and that’s it. Johnson is through to the finals with a 9-6 win.

10:55 am: Johnson defers choice, so Pereira starts in the down position. Johnson scores two for a near fall and now leads 6-2. They restart with Pereira down, and Johnson gets a false start warning. Johnson doing a great job of riding, and Pereira’s getting nowhere. The period ends with Johnson leading 6-2.

10:50 am: Here we go. Johnson vs. Pereira for a spot in the finals. The two lock up right away, with Pereira trying to circle for a takedown. He can’t get it, and after some dancing, the two end up in a stalemate on the mat. They restart at neutral, with Johnson getting the first points of the match with a takedown. 2-0 Johnson. Pereira counters with a reversal though, tying the score at 2. 20 seconds left in the first. Johnson is down on the restart, and Pereira is trying to ride the period out. He can’t, and Johnson gets two for a reversal. That’s how the first ends, with Johnson leading 4-2.

10:50 am: Pereira heads to his mat finally, joined by his dad and Newark Memorial coach Tim Hess. They’re followed by the Vacaville contingent, led by state No. 1 Tyler Johnson.

10:45 am: Elor evens the score with an escape. 1-1. Elor hits a takedown with 40 seconds left, taking the lead 3-1. Porter escapes, with Elor holding on to a 3-2 lead. Porter looks to get a takedown but the official waves it off, saying they were out of bounds. That was close, but maybe it was a little karmic payback for the way Elor lost last night. It’s all over, and Orry Elor will bring a medal back to Pleasant Hill.

10:45 am: College Park’s Orry Elor is wrestling his consolation match against Rialto’s Giordan Porter. Porter leads 1-0 after two periods. Meanwhile, Pereira has popped his head out of the tunnel, and he’ll head over to his mat soon to get ready for his match. 

10:30 am: Little bit of a break now for East Bay wrestlers, as the next match will be Newark Memorial’s Victor Pereira’s semifinal.

10:22 am: Rubio escapes to start the third. 5-3 Reggi. Rubio with a takedown to tie the score. Rubio allows an escape, making it 6-5 Reggi. Rubio obviously feels good on his feet. Reggi blows that theory up though, scoring a takedown of his own with about 40 seconds left. 8-5 Reggi. Rubio escapes to make it 8-6, and he’ll try to tie it with a takedown. 20 seconds left now. False start warning on Rubio. 15 seconds left and another restart at neutral. They lock up, Reggi is called for stalling but he gets a takedown! Andrew Reggi will be bringing some hardware back to Albany with a 10-7 win!

10:20 am: Reggi starts the second strong, getting an escape and a takedown to lead 5-1. Rubio gets an escape, making it 5-2. End of two, Reggi leads 5-2. 

10:15 am: Reggi is queued up  and ready to go. Rubio is ready as well. Reggi takes the early lead with a takedown. 2-0 Reggi. Rubio escapes, making it 2-1. End of one, Reggi leads 2-1.

10:05 am: It was a quiet third period, and Gallegos won 7-1. Next wrestler I’ll be keeping an eye out for is Albany’s Andrew Reggi, who will face Righetti’s Jordan Rubio.

10 am: Sherman starts the second in the down position And, after some rolling around, Gallegos scores first with a three-point near fall. Sherman escapes, and they’re at neutral with Gallegos up 3-1. Gallegos adds two more with a takedown. 5-1 Gallegos. Gallegos gets a couple more back points and, after two periods, it’s 7-1 Gallegos.

9:55 am: It looked like Sherman struck first with a takedown but they wiped it off the board, saying they were out of bounds. So, the first period ends tied at 0.

9:55 am: Sherman is now out of the tunnel and getting set to face Foothill-Palo Cedro’s Travis Gallegos. Gallegos is the Northern Section champion at 152 pounds.

9:50 am: Just saw the Red Bluff contingent come out of the tunnel, so I figured I’d answer yesterday’s trivia question. The journalist who graduated from Red Bluff High is the great Chace Bryson.

9:50 am: I missed Baldazo’s match, so the next local to watch will be Craig Sherman. He should be coming up shortly.

9:45 am: Moita starts in the down position, and Garrett gets the better restart. Moita tries to get up, does, and Garrett takes him back down with a leg sweep. Garrett controlling the action from the top position, and with 44 seconds left they go out of bounds. Moita is awarded a point for something, and it’s now 4-3. An escape would mean a tie score. Garrett is holding on for dear life. 16 seconds left and another restart. Another leg sweep by Garrett and he’s got the win. 4-3 and Nashon Garrett heads to tonight’s finals. Moita will now head into the consolation bracket.

9:40 am: Moita defers choice until the third, so Garrett starts the second on bottom. Garrett working hard to get a reversal but Moita is fending him off. They go out of bounds and Garrett gets his escape point. He now leads 3-0. Moita comes right back with a takedown though, stunning Garrett from the neutral position. That was a big move by Moita as he’s now back in it. They go out of bounds, which means Garrett will have 35 seconds to try for another escape. Garrett gets the escape, and at the end of two periods, it’s 4-2 Garrett.

9:35 am: Here we go. Garrett vs. Moita with a spot in the finals on the line. These two have trained together, so they know each other well. Garrett is the No. 1-ranked wrestler in the state at 103 pounds. Garrett starts quickly, scoring two for a takedown. 2-0 Garrett. Moita makes it to his feet, looking for an escape, but Garrett is hanging on. Another restart, and Garrett spins Moita to the mat. Garrett with a leg sweep and they go out of bounds again. The first period ends with Garrett leading 2-0.

9:35 am: Moita’s got the black De La Salle singlet on today, with Garrett clad in red. De La Salle coaches Mark Halvorson and Brandon Zoetewey will man the corner for Moita.

9:30 am: I’d imagine Joey Moita is chomping at the bit in the tunnel, waiting for his 103-pound semifinal to be called. And, as I wrote that, he came out of the tunnel and is headed to the middle mat. Just about ready for his semi against Chico’s Nashon Garrett.

9:30 am: Adam Hendrickson of Healdsburg just won his match, which means he’ll be bringing a medal home for the NCS. Demison wins 9-0 over Abono.

9:25 am: Demison starts the second in the down position and gets the escape point, now leading 3-0. Demison is looking strong this morning. Demison gets two more for another takedown, but he stays down with an injury. He’s back up though, and at the end of two, Demison leads 7-0.

9:20 am: So, Abono is set to face Bakersfield’s Natrelle Demison. Remember, Demison beat Logan’s Danny Mai yesterday in an early-round match. Demison lands an early takedown to go up 2-0, and he’s working on turning Abono. Abono manages to hold him off to the end of the period. Demison leads 2-0.

 9:20 am: I can see Alex Abono in the tunnel across the arena, so we’re getting close to his match. Jesse Baldazo will follow shortly.

9:15 am: We could be looking at some history today if Craig Sherman can make it to the medal round. Our resident NCS wrestling historian Larry Katz just told me that if Sherman medals, he’ll be the first Oakland Section wrestler to do it since Gerry Abas did it for Oakland Tech in 1990. How cool would that be?

9:05 am: De La Salle’s Alex Abono will be the first East Bay wrestler in a consolation match today. That’s a heckuva result for a sophomore, making the second day and getting a shot at coming home with some hardware.

9 am: Here’s the deal for our five guys wrestling consolation matches this morning. It’s very simple – you win this morning, you get a medal. So, this morning is the make or break round for these guys. Those matches are starting as we speak. The mats are set up in their traditional second-day pattern, with four outside mats for consolation matches and two in the middle for the championship semis.

8:45 am: People continue to file into Rabobank Arena. I can see the De La Salle contingent across the arena growing as we get closer to the 9 a.m. start. Consolation rounds start at 9, championship semifinals start at 9:30.

8:25 am: I’m going to do my best to live blog all three semifinal matches. Since I don’t need to talk to the kids right after those matches, I’ll be able to hang near my computer.

Ben Enos

  • Mike

    What happened to Ty Stevenson from MHS? I see he’s @Conso 5 rounds.

  • Ben Enos

    Mike, I just had my eye on that match and I lost track of it. I believe Stevenson lost, but I’ll check on that for you.

  • Ben Enos

    Stevenson lost 9-4.

  • Go Knights

    Great updates, Ben. We are reading them. Pereira v. Johnson is going to be awesome. I saw Johnson wrestle at De La Salle earlier this year & he stood out among two very good teams.

  • Cliff

    Ben – Oak Ridge is in the Sacramento area. Oak Grove is the San Jose High School. However, Oak Ridge was coached by local area great Rocco Capone for a number of years.


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    did you ever find out what happen to baldazzo?

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    I think EBAL was in the CIF finals 07 K Aura