NCS Hoops Bracket Challenge — Prep Fan regains glory

Prep Fan, who was known as Hoop Fan when he initially gained eternal glory in 2008, is back in the winner’s circle as he edges Marcus Reed for the title. Wins by De La Salle and Ferndale clinched the title for Prep Fan. His eternal glory certificate will be coming soon. Congrats Prep Fan.

North Coast Section basketball

Name Points
Prep Fan 271
Marcus Reed 268
Two Geeks 257
donfan 253
Jimmy Durkin 250
Kyle Bonagura 250
High School Sports Junkie 246
Stephanie Hammon 245
XMustard 236
E_CULB 230
Jeff Silva-Brown 225
Brian Ney 223
Bulldog215 221
Doug Arbios 219
Daniel 209
don rappold 206

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Marcus Reed

    Congrats to Prep Fan…See you in NorCal..

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks guys. That was a lot of fun. I won’t have much time (just eternity) to enjoy this one as we head straight into the more difficult NorCal brackets with teams from far and wide. Will have to get back after it once the NorCal brackets come out this afternoon. I can still feel Marcus burning at my heels, as he shook off a pedestrian first couple of games and destroyed the rest of the brackets. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of participants, now that people know how the new system works that Jimmy set up for NCS.

    It is amazing the success of certain private schools, as both the boys and girls schools won NCS at Branson, St. Mary’s of Berkeley, Bishop O’Dowd and DLS/Carondelet.

    And Ferndale or RVC could have just as easily done the trick in D6. I was convinced that neither Branson team would win, and had neither even bracketed for the finals, but like DLS, it is hard to ever bet against them. Good programs like those above seem to just kick it up a notch when it counts most.

  • DezCamp

    LOL Coach Reed I see you on here reppin for T-High coming in second

  • b wilson

    the branson program requires respect .. coaching superior .. this a ‘down’ year perhaps .. still dominant and much better as team matured

  • Scl Alum

    Wow, the Arcata boys have a heckuva roadtrip in playing Palma / Salinas in the NorCals (400miles). Can u say hotel?!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Only fitting that the biggest high school sports fan wins this contest.

  • Marcus Reed

    Dez man I had too lol. I wanna win the Norcal challenge. Its gonna be hard tho.

  • donfan

    congrats on the glory!