LIVE: CIF NorCal Division I boys championship

Chace Bryson

  • mark Peterson


    Thank You. I’m following this blog from Taipei Taiwan and was starting to get a little disapointed with the nucklehead comments.

  • ..

    is sm or nm worst at fts

  • Scl Alum

    It’s official. It’s Newark Memorial vs. Westchester. Westchester defeated Mater Dei 71-63, having an 18pt lead in the second half before MD rallied in the 4th. Should be a GREAT game in Bakersfield!

  • JaeKae

    Out coached. NM out couched DLS. From the get go NM presed DLS’s guards creating 16 plus turn overs in the first half. They thought they could inbound the ball into their offensive end and NM pressed them and created scoring turn overs.

    COACHING GAFFE: Alloco either didn’t realize this or thought they could “out execute them” by continuing to stay the course. DLS’s young guards couldn’t handle NM’s press and they scored bucket after bucket.

    Coming out of the half DLS came with the status quo and NM added to their lead.

    It wasn’t until the 4th quarter when DLS started doing their signiture press, that DLS started creating turn overs into baskets.

    BRAIN FREEZE: Alloco gets too indignant and frustrated when he tries to run the execution of his offense down the opponents throat even when he’s check mated.

    4th Quarter: Finally when their all but buried he changes to a full press and the DLS team responds with effort and buckets.

    EPILOGE: This was a Coaching loss by DLS. NM had them scouted and everyone but Coach Alloco(had he read the blogs/threads) new that NM was going to bring full court athletic pressure the whole game.

    P.S. None the less DLS scrachted and clawed their way to the play offs. A young team who’s guards could or would not shoot. NM new this and jumped their inexperienced guards from the get go. GREAT COACHING JOB by Newark.That’s why you won.

    Great Coaching and physical game changing lock down defense by the team.

    Newark Memorial you are the CHAMPS!

  • yeah,if dls could bring themselves back from a 22 pt deficit in a little over a qtr, why didn’t they get it together before then? i would say they definitely were outcoached, but everyone knows that both ashmore and allocco are great coaches,look what each is able to accomplish with what they have. not by any means taking away from the hard work by both squads, but ash once again proved y kids flock to his program. congrats newark:)

  • Scl Alum

    Rumor has it Castro valley has a solid team returning next season. Do they have any D1 prospects or are they more a blue collar team?

  • haal fanatic

    cv has roderick bobbit, juan anderson and chris read. those three are d1 prospects

  • Kyle Bonagura

    CV will be very, very good. They return every contributor from this year’s team including a pair of D-I recruits in Roderick Bobbitt and Juan Anderson.

  • bhouse

    Two really good players, however, coaching has cost this group of kids from advancing further for three straight years from melt downs to just flat out bad coaching and decisions i don’t see why this would change anytime soon

  • as far as the div 1 title game, I saw westchester schedule and it is very impressive, i am just sayin, any game any day, you just never know. i hope newark pulls out an upset

  • Scl Alum

    I’ll bet Newark fans will travel well to Bakersfield. I don’t believe they’ve got the ‘big crown’ yet

  • Swamp Squid

    Mr. Mike Wood, Kyle Jimmy et all. I hope your having a great day! One yes or no question for you fellas…Does Newark Memorial recruit? Yes or No?