East Bay Boys Volleyball Rankings: Mar. 22

Hopefully these are a little more accurate. The Deer Valley Tournament really helped.

1. Foothill
2. Amador Valley
3. De La Salle
4. Washington
5. Mission San Jose
6. Logan
7. Northgate
8. Deer Valley
9. Campolindo
10. Monte Vista
11. California
12. College Prep
13. Las Lomas
14. Dougherty Valley
15. Alameda

Matt Smith

  • DimesAllDay

    Looks a lot better. Cal maybe should be a little higher but thats just from what I’ve heard. I’ve only seen them play one match and that was against Saint Pat’s so it’s hard to say. Top three are definitely accurate from what I saw on Saturday

  • spsv

    St. Patrick-St. Vincent High school should be in there

  • twomanblock

    top 2 agreed. don’t know about dls yet. on next 3, yeah, msj above logan since msj beat logan in a league match. washington below msj and logan, maybe below deer valley and northgate. at dv, logan made semis, washington only quarters. logan’s also had tougher opponents than washington. need to see more results for msj. will be interesting how things look at mid-season.

  • twomanblock

    also wondering if people would tweet scores and comments to an “east bay boys volleyball” twitter thing. anyone who wanted could follow real-time by cell phones or web.

  • Prep Fan

    As has been noted previously on the basketball blog, St. Patrick-St. Vincent is not located in the East Bay, and although they are part of the North Coast Section, there are no other Solano County teams in the East Bay Poll. This is strictly for Alameda and Contra Costa teams and does not include teams from Solano, Marin or other counties that are in NCS but not considered to be in the “East Bay”.


    Granada lost in 5 against (6) James Logan and WON against (13) Las Lomas in an easy 3 sets. I guess we will see where they belong compared to Cal after tonight.

  • SMC

    Clayton Valley won tonight at Berean Christian in its first DVAL match. 24-26 26-24 25-21 25-20.

  • Matt Smith

    How did Granada do against Cal? I haven’t heard anything from Granada all year, and I’ve heard very little from Cal.

  • DimesAllDay

    Yes Granada should definitely be at least in the top 15. Cal and Granada will be easier to rank after this week and next week since EBAL league started this Tuesday. We (Foothill) play Cal and De La Salle next week so they should be easier to rank by comparison based on how well they do against us.

  • Jet4Ever52

    I will be at the Alameda High vs. Terra Linda game for updates u can go to my twitter


  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 16-10 game 1

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 23-16

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 26-24 game 1

  • Jet4Ever52

    Alameda High wins 3-1

  • Jet4Ever52

    Game 1 26-24 Alameda / Game 2 20-25 Terra Linda / Game 3 26-24 Alameda / Game 4 25-20 Alameda

  • Swamp Squid

    I’m back

  • DimesAllDay

    Foothill @ Monte Vista tonight Monte Vista played solid but Foothill still won 3-0. The scores were approximately 25-21, 25-23, 25-18. Points may be off by one or two but I’m pretty sure those are correct. Monte Vista is a lot better than people credit them.

  • jet2010

    Encinal is going to whoop on SPSV in baseball tomorrow

  • rawness

    uhm…twomanblock…how did washington play worse teams? chico and foothill are worse teams? hmmmmmm…. and besides logan wouldve lost in semis if northgate didnt lose half their players >.<

  • DimesAllDay

    Update from the Sir Francis Drake tournament. Foothill beat Campolindo in the finals in an extremely close match. 21-25, 25-23, 15-13. They either just played incredibly well against us, or they should be higher up on this list. Foothill’s Robbie Miller won MVP of the tournament