Fremont’s Knight resigns as basketball coach

Fremont High boys basketball coach Frank Knight, who spent 10 years coaching at his alma mater, resigned Monday to pursue other coaching opportunities.

Knight led the Tigers to the 1995 California Interscholastic Federation state championship game as a player before playing at Saint Mary’s College. He started his coaching career as an assistant at De La Salle before heading the program at Fremont for a decade.
“The best part was the kids that I got to help who were sitting in the same position I was a student,” Knight said. “Just those kids that you get and you see the potential in them, and you just get to help them along the way.”
Knight will resign his teaching and athletic director positions at the end of the school year and will also head the search for a new coach as part of a committee.
“It’s tough to walk away from it but I’m looking forward to new challenges,” Knight said.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Peter Rabit

    Frank did a great job as a coach and a mentor for many kids in Oakland. His presence in the OAL will be missed.

  • He’s quiting to start another job or he’s searching for another job? Seems weird.

  • ManDown

    Tough loss for Fremont but you can’t blame the guy. Wish you luck coach!

  • Spartan Fan

    Coach Knight is a smart young man, I doubt he stepped down without having a line on a new position. Great job over the years coach, and good luck in your new gig. Tough loss for inner-city Oakland

  • Eastbay Guru

    I would not be surprised if he ends up as Moreau Catholic’s new coach…

  • brandonberard

    Well it is always hard to see a coach from the OAL leave and go else where, but at the same time I always want to give people props for the job they have done, and he did a great job, and he did what he should. He gave back and now he is moving on! What else can one ask for?

  • hoopaholic

    He gave 10 years to his alma mater, did a dam good job over the years. Im glad he can move on to another job. The good ones seem to always leave after a while. The O’dowd coach was at Oakland High for a few years and now playing for a state championship. The OAL looses another good one. Good luck coach!

  • is moreau lookin for a new coach? I heard a rumor, but now I can’t remember if it was Antioch or Deer Valley, that the coach was let go. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

  • Prep Fan

    Moreau’s coach Encelan just completed his first year and was an assistant for several years before that. He did a decent job in his first year, given the talent level and made some strides. He isn’t going anywhere.

  • Eastbay Guru

    Moreau has been interviewing candidates for the last 2 months… Hard to imagine that they would go through all of that trouble to keep the same coach. They are bringing in an on campus person. My guess its Frank’s new gig.

  • Prep Fan

    OK, I stand corrected by the Guru then. If they’ve been interviewing candidates, then either Coach Encelan stepped down or they made a decision to go a different direction. Knight would be a good find for them.

  • Tommy G

    I’ve know Frank since he was about 8-9 yrs old watching us practice @ Castlemont when his father Frank Sr. was an assistant coach (football). He’s an outstanding young man and i wish him nothing but the best in his journey.

  • hooppinitup

    Got to give Coach Vince props for hanging in there through a tough season, I know he could made good things happen as head coach.

  • bayarea baller

    Encelan knew that this was an interim position. He and his staff did Moreau a big favor while they looked for an on campus coach. Props for the staff they did a great job for the next guy. To bad the new coach will reap the benefits.

  • bhsfan

    me and frank go back since st louis bertrand i was n 1st he was n 2nd, hes a great guy, loves the game, loves kids, where ever he goes good luck to u frank u always have my support. inner city schools need to do something about losing these good coaches.

  • D

    Here’s the real scoop. Coach Encelan was announced the interim coach right before the season started because Coach Barnes left. You are right baller, he knew it was interim. It was Encelan’s job to lose. The players didn’t respect him, didn’t hustle, basically he didnt get the team to play. Too may TO’s, guys wouldn’t rebound terrible player rotation etc. I seen 5 Moreau games last year, and this is better for Encelan, he didn’t deserve all that harassment that the parents was giving him.
    Congrat’s Coach Knight, welcome to the HAAL and Moreau. Too bad my Odowd boys will still beat you guys by 20. haha
    ya heard…

  • Peter Rabit

    If it is true that Knight took the job at Moreau in a few years he will have it a contender in the HAAL and in NCS. Anyone who can attract players to Fruitvale & Foothill, and have a competitive program year after year, will clearly do well with the support, and resources Moreau can throw around.
    I think it wont be that long before they follow the trend of most east bay catholic schools and have a solid program for a while.

  • lebron

    Moreau contending for HAAL and NCS…good luck with that one.