LIVE BLOG: CIF Division III boys basketball championship

Ben Enos

  • David B

    What occurred on the free throw violoation on BOD near the end of regulation which could have given BOD the lead, and maybe a win?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Coach Doug Vierra took the heat for it. He said he didn’t properly explain to his players that he only wanted one guy lined up for a rebound. When it was communicated to clear the lane, the player mistakingly took a step into the lane and was whistled for the violation.

  • David B

    Thanks Jimmy.
    They showed the replay on TV. The BOD player actually was stepping out away from his lane position then stopped, as if someone yelled at him. Then the shooter possessed the ball, and he stepped back and returned to his position, when the whistle sounded.

    If he had only kept walking/backing away, he would have been OK. Players in their lane space can walk/back away if the shooter doesn’t possess the ball and they can be backing out as the shooter receives the ball.

  • D W

    Please note, Jimmy, that will Serra-G’s double-double is the official first, it’s really only the second. DLS unofficially achieved the double-double in 1999-2000, after the Hoop Spartans matched the footballers, 47-46 over Clovis West (I don’t remove games from my record book. The CIF blew it, way too late to change it.)

  • D W

    While, that is, obviously.

  • David B, you are correct, the player was told to move by the coach, otherwise he woulda never moved. I admire Coach V for takin the heat and am extremely proud of B.O.D for sending the game into overtime despite all the turnovers 🙂