East Bay Boys Volleyball Rankings: 3/29

So it turns out Campolindo is very good. I have moved them up accordingly. Here are the updated rankings, but I am still waiting on some of the results from the Dougherty Valley Tournament.

1. Foothill
2. Amador Valley
3. Campolindo
4. Washington
5. Mission San Jose
6. Northgate
7. De La Salle
8. Logan
9. Deer Valley
10. College Prep
11. California
12. Monte Vista
13. Alameda
14. Granada
15. Clayton Valley

Matt Smith

  • Jet4Ever52

    awesome heres a video i found on youtube James Logan vs Amador Valley so yea check it out….


  • govolleyball


  • DimesAllDay

    Looks good to me. Foothill plays Cal and De la Salle this week and it will be the first time I will really get to see both of these teams in action.

  • Nice Kill

    Just asking, have you seen all the teams you rank?

    No need to wait on results. northcoastvolleball.net will keep you ahead of the game. Has all the data you’ll require if you can’t make the matches.

  • MoellerMan

    Having only seen Campo at the Drake tournament, I agree with their high ranking. Or they could have just been playing out of their heads.
    What I think is impressive is College Prep in amongst the big boys. CP probably has only 400 students.

  • twomanblock

    agree with 1-3. the order of teams 4-9 still don’t seem quite right. at the northgate tournament, along with it being the midpoint for most leagues, things should be pretty clear.

  • jet4ever52

    Game 1 alameda 25-6

  • jet4ever52

    game 2 alameda 25 oakland high 5

  • SMC

    Clayton over Concord in 3.

  • Matt Smith

    MSJ 3, Washington 1

    And to answer an earlier question, I haven’t seen all the teams yet, but I hope to. And the rankings will get more accurate. Try to bear with me.

  • Chris

    It was swell meeting you at Washington, Matt!

  • Matt Smith

    We’re about to get this blog going, I can feel it…

  • DimesAllDay

    Cal played Foothill tough but Foothill came out on top and won in 4. Games 1 and 3 were blowouts won by Foothill. Cal won game 2 25-21 and Foothill closed out the match in game 4 25-23. Foothill’s Robbie Miller did not play in this match.

  • DimesAllDay

    De la Salle @ Foothill. Foothill swept 25-17, 25-23, 25-18