Safeway Charities All-Star Game rosters released

Some of the best boys and girls basketball players from east of the Caldecott Tunnel will congregate at Diablo Valley College on Friday for the 20th annual Safeway Charities All-Star game. The girls play first at 6 p.m. and the boys tip at 8. Admission is $8 for adults and $6 for students. Below are the rosters.

East (coached by John Woolery, Antioch)
1. Carlos Monroy (De La Salle)
2. Blake Bergesen (Northgate)
3. Tom Sprague (Clayton Valley)
4. Meniru Ofodu (Heritage)
5. Evan Grimes (Antioch)
10. Bryce Halliday (College Park)
11. John McArthur (De La Salle)
12. Keith Bruder (College Park)
13. Erick Dargan (Pittsburg)
14. Mark Winthrop (Heritage)
15. Nate Appel (De La Salle)
20. Nick Blount (Freedom)

West (coached by Matt Watson, Campolindo)
1. Jay Fowler (Acalanes)
2. Corey Collins (Acalanes)
3. LaRon Bailey (Las Lomas)
4. Andre Walker (Las Lomas)
5. Tad Fisher (San RamonValley)
10. Dylan Heath (California)
11. Chris McNealy (San Ramon Valley)
12. Chris Hatfield (Miramonte)
13. Kellen Ito (Campolindo)
14. Lance Willoughby (Foothill)
15. Adam Mancebo (Campolindo)
20. Jordan Tappin (San Ramon Valley)

East (coached by Lindsay Wisely, Deer Valley)
1. Erica Beverly (Antioch)
2. Khyia Slone (Heritage)
3. Ryane Ortiz (Granada)
4. Taylor Borba (Livermore)
5. Sasha Vasharin (California)
10. Mariah Ward (Pittsburg)
11. Tatjana Pitts (Antioch)
12. Erin Boettcher (Carondelet)
13. Corrine Costa (Liberty)
14. Cydnie Mixon (Deer Valley)
15. Mia Roseboro (Deer Valley)
20. Kiana Caban (Heritage)
Injured: Ricki Radanovich (Carondelet)

West (coached by Kelly Sopak, Miramonte)
1. Rose Fruci (Campolindo)
2. Gabby Marin (College Park)
3. Courtney Hamilton (Northgate)
4. Chereese Thomas (Dublin)
5. Emily Jing (Northgate)
10. Kameron Dage (Las Lomas)
11. Lauren Kimble (Miramonte)
12. Meghan Ringer (Campolindo)
13. Nikki Beckman (Dublin)
14. Stephanie Golden (Miramonte)
15. Alexous Robinson (Dublin)
20. Kristine Miller (Miramonte)

Ben Enos

  • 925

    let the de la salle and ebal guys play together? whats the big deal its more north/south with the bval and dls vs the dfal and ebal..I think “Hurricane” Chris McNealy and the De La guard would be a good 1-2…

  • Prep Fan

    It is weird how they determined who is West and East. College Park’s boys are in the East and girls are in the West, while Cal High’s boys are in the West and girls are in the East. Either the committee labored long and hard to make even teams, or they completely screwed up. Hopefully, they’ll get a couple of good games out of it. Some good talent on all 4 teams.

  • Nacho Seeker

    Will there be a half court shoot out for unlimited nachos

  • rick jhoncon

    Laron Bailey was a all around player that game he had the full package denfense, hop’s and he could handle the ball well and his shooting was on point, i think he will do big things in colege