All-East Bay Girls Basketball

Our All-East Bay Girls Basketball teams:

Player of the Year: Erica Payne, Carondelet
Coach of the Year: Nate Fripp, St. Mary’s

First Team
, G, Berkeley, Jr. — The athletic and energetic point guard ran the Yellowjackets’ offense, leading them in scoring (17.8 points) and assists (6.7) per game. She was also a tenacious defender and a big reason Berkeley won the NCS Division I championship and advanced to the NorCal title game.
RAYVEN BROOKS, G, Dougherty Valley, Jr. — The DFAL co-MVP led a Wildcats team that had no seniors to the NCS Division III title game. She was their leading scorer (13.7 points per game) and rebounder (7.6), but was also a great distributor, averaging 5.4 assists.
DANIELLE MAULDIN, F/C, St. Mary’s, Sr. — The Saint Mary’s College commit and BSAL co-MVP was a force down low, averaging 14.7 points and 10.6 rebounds. One of her best performances came in the NorCal Division IV finals when she had 17 points and 14 rebounds to send the Panthers to the program’s first state title game.
ROBIE MAYBERRY, F, Bishop O’Dowd, Sr. — The versatile Pepperdine commit led the NCS Division III champions in scoring (17 points per game) and rebounding (eight). She also averaged five assists and four steals. The four-year starter is Bishop O’Dowd’s all-time leading scorer with 1,842 points.
ERICA PAYNE, F, Carondelet, Jr. — In leading her squad to the CIF Division II state championship game, the EBAL MVP was a very tough assignment on both ends of the floor. Besides averaging 15.0 points and 10.9 rebounds per game, she also averaged 2.9 assists, 2.6 steals and 2.2 blocks per game.
RICKI RADANOVICH, G, Carondelet, Sr. — The Santa Clara-bound 3-point specialist connected on 40.7 percent of her shots from beyond the arc and averaged 16 points a game. She had 13 3-pointers in three NCS games before a broken arm sustained in the finals ended her season.

2nd team
Erin Boettcher
, C, Carondelet, Sr.: Was a huge contributor inside for the Cougars during their state playoff run.
Andrea Chenier, G, Piedmont, Sr.: The BSAL co-MVP had 16.2 points and 7.0 steals per game for NorCal Division IV semifinalsts.
Khyra Conerly, G/F, Alameda, Sr.: The ACCAL MVP averaged 16.1 points per game, playing her best in big games.
Chairese Culberson, F/C, Berkeley, Jr.; Averaged 14.4 points and 11.6 rebounds before an ACL injury ended her season in late February.
Mikayla Lyles, G, Bishop O’Dowd, Sr.: An excellent shooter, the Cal signee averaged 13.7 points in the postseason.

3rd team
Raven Fox
, G, Deer Valley, Jr.: Averaged 16.0 points for NorCal Division I semifinalists.
Stephanie Golden, C, Miramonte, Sr.: The DFAL co-MVP averaged 15.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 3.5 blocks.
Hannah Huffman, G, Carondelet, So.: Came alive in the NorCal playoffs, averaging 14.3 points a game and had a team-high 13 in the state title game.
Chaunise Powell, G, Newark Memorial, Sr.: The MVAL first-teamer led Cougars with 16.3 points, 10.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game.
Alexous Robinson, F/C, Dublin, Sr.: Strong post player averaged 14.9 points and 8.4 rebounds, despite battling injuries.

Stephanie Hammon

  • E_CULB

    First off let me say thank you for putting it on the blog. Now to the first obvious question Raven Brooks 1st team? Dont get me wrong DV was a good young team but they beat no team that made a deep playoff run and her stats where OK. If you could help me understand what seperated her from Lyles or Culberson for 1st team? And I’m shocked BOD didnt have two on first team as you guys felt like they where the best team in the Area for 95% of the season. Heck her league MVP mate had better stats and a was on the team that had the best league win (St. Mary’s-Berkeley)and she only made 3rd team.

    And I think you missed it by not putting Allen from Piedmont on at least 3rd team. She only cracked the top 10 in the state all time for rebs. in a season. Her name stayed in the paper with 20/20 games.

    And I know a few of you guys cover the 580 east leagues but 7 out of 16 that’s a lot, and they aint playing that good of basketball over the hill.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree E_CULB. Congrats to Erica, who is a very hard working and deserving player. While I think that a number of players could have been in the mix for MVP such as Mayberry, Mauldin or Boyd, I have no problem at all with Payne’s selection.

    But how in the world did Allen not even make the 3rd team? In my opinion, she is better than most of the other post players on both the 2nd and 3rd teams. I would have had her and Culberson on the 1st team over Radanovich and Brooks, and maybe move Huffman up to 2nd team status.

  • E_CULB

    Yea, PrepFan I was looking at it and I realized this Payne, Mauldin, MayBerry, and Boyd where all probably POY canadates so 4 of the 5 (realized they had 6 because Payne was also POY) where automatic 1st team. So then that means those next two spots went to players they had to feel like where near POY type players or had just OFF DA HOOK seasons and those two they picked just didnt.(even thought I know they rewarded C-Let because of going state)

    Brooks had like 8 points vs Berkeley, where as Culberson (and I know she my sister and all but fact is fact) was MVP of the Amador tournament, all tournament of the WCJ top division showed up with big games against some of the best teams in the nation (22 and 10 vs Potter’s House, 14 and 11 vs St Mary’s Stockton, 18 and 14 vs Dougherty Valley)

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Rayven might not be the highly-coveted college recruit that the other junior selections are, but she is a great high school player. As one coach pointed out, she’s probably the difference between a fifth place and first place team in the DFAL, though she’s not the kind of player you spend all of you energy preparing for. She just makes everyone on her team better and could probably have a more impressive scoring average, but she’s a pass first kind of player.

    As you guys both pointed out, the first four for first team were easy, then you could make a case for a lot of different players for the remaining spots. There also had to be at least one more guard, in addition to Boyd.

    It’s not an easy task to sort through 10 leagues and 80+ schools to come up with a top 16. There’s definitely some players I thought should have been recognized and weren’t and I think others felt the same way but about different players. I don’t know who you’d take off to fit them on though.

  • E_CULB

    Steph I understand that it is a difficult task to pick the teams but come on now. Where is it written that for All-East Bay teams you have to have 2 guards 2 forwards 1 center format? But if that’s the only reason why not Lyles? I dont want to take anything away from Brooks as a player, I talking about her strickly as it pertains to this team. And I dont see the justification. You say you needed a guard to balance it out but you had Radonovich on there already. It should have been the top 5/6 players period. If they where all post players so be it, all guards so be it (I’ve seen it done that way before). but to try and

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Phil and I talked to a lot of coaches and besides Payne, Mayberry, Mauldin and Boyd there was absolutely no consensus as to who else deserved to be on first team. We knew there would be gripes no matter who we picked, your sister and Mikayla probably chief among them.

  • E_CULB

    Only two people worked on it? No worries though I got my griping out.

  • Prep Fan

    Dougherty Valley is way better than a 5th place team without Rayven. They were a playoff team with mostly freshman without her a year ago. If the DFAL coaches felt that was the only reason they lost to DV, then they’ll be in for a surprise when she graduates after next season, as they have a lot of depth and good players besides her. Sure, she was their top player. but not all they had.

    And Carondelet made it to the state finals without Radanovich. She’s a very good player, but that team is very good and would have rolled along all year without her. After all, they had 4 players better than Allen who each made all East Bay. Had Culberson been healthy, Berkeley might have been able to beat Oak Ridge. Allen was just a beast this year and simply deserved to be on one of the teams. All the girls you picked were great players, but Allen was just a huge omission.

    Both E-CULB and I both spoke of her virtues earlier this year as a possible POY candidate, and obviously you didn’t take our views into consideration. We know where we rate :(. It’s all good though Steph. It is great that you guys take the time to pick these teams and we enjoy reading them. That is what this forum is for, so that we can share our views. Congrats to all the girls who were chosen.

  • fast and physical

    E-Culb’s sis should’ve been first team, Mayberry MVP. 5 Spartanville gurls on the 3 teams, thats that other side of tunnel crap, be serious, Lets track the BOD, Berkeley, St. Marys, girls in college, vs the other side chicks. All them spartanville newspaper people. Run Rickey Run!

  • Stephanie Hammon

    No, there were nine people deciding.

  • E_CULB

    Stephg if you could for my curiousity track down the All-East Bay for the year the Paris sister’s, Lexy and all those young ladies came out. I’m curious to know how those teams looked, and thanks for responding I kknow you didnt have to but you did.

  • fast and physical

    Why not use all of B Boyd’s stats, you nine just did points and assists, not fair, how about the steals, rebounds, and defensive presence.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    There were different rules for picking the team back then when the Parises were playing because that was before the ANG/Contra Costa Times merger. The ANG teams weren’t strict with position and actually in the Paris’ senior year we all made a mutual decision to make the sisters Co-Players of the Year and that allowed us to give five other girls first-team recognition since that was such a ridiculously talent-stacked year.

  • e_culb

    Okay thank you Jimmy for that understanding. And yes I imagine that was a stacked team, so who made the decision to make it the way it is now? It appears you devalue the team by trying to make it position specific, because you say since player A plays a position that fills a need but did not nessecarily have a better year than player XYZ we will make her 1st team.

  • e_culb

    And Jimmy lets have some fun put a team together according to the format you use now with the players from that year.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    E_Culb, I see where you were going – AGL was the only guard of the bunch and if you include the CCT coverage area, you’d have three true centers with C Paris, Hampton and Jayne Appel.

    Fast and Physical, there just wasn’t enough room to include every stat or every huge game for everyone (these are the capsules that ran in the space-constricted paper). But since you asked, Boyd averaged 4.2 rebounds and 2.7 steals. She is an excellent defender and I think that was included in the write up.

    Also, I should clarify something I wrote above about Brooks because it appears to have been misinterpreted. Yes, the DFAL coaches know DV is more than just her. In another league or another year you have to be a pretty ridiculous player (like one of the 2005 girls mentioned above maybe?)to make the difference between first and fifth place. But in that league this year there really wasn’t much separating first and fourth place, and Rayven did a lot of little things that ultimately made a big difference. That wasn’t the only reason she was picked but it was part of it and she wasn’t only picked because we wanted to include another guard.

  • Prep Fan

    Can you at least post some of the final stats for Allen? I know it is not all about stats, but she was an animal out there. Did she finish with over 20 rebounds per game? I know there were probably some other really good payers who didn’t make any of the 3 teams, but she has to be the most glaring omission.

  • E_CULB

    Ok Steph then basically your saying you guys felt that she had a better year than Culberson and Lyles and if that’s how ya’ll felt then so be it. I think you guys grossly missed but cant cry over spilled milk it is what it is.

    But really by the looks of it you punished her for getting injured, she plays the through the playoffs they get to state (I believe) you put her first team no doubt about it. NO WAY Brooks had a better year than her!


    What about DVAL MVP Courtney Hamilton from Northgate? She should be on that list! She was MVP! She’s a great player. I don’t understand why she’s not on the list!!!! I feel that this list is a little biased.

  • Fast and Physical

    Thank you Steph for the attention and anwser, ECulb, you are right on the money, hope lil sis is doing ok, and wish her luck in her recovery, Run Rickey Run! Go Ballaz!

  • Prep Fan

    They must not have spoken to many DVAL coaches. Good call CV – Courtney had a fantastic career at NG and is deserving of this type of recognition. She took them to NorCals each of the last 3 years. I could make a real good case for her being on one of the teams, but do not want to single out anyone who may not belong on the 3 team list. UCLA bound Corinne Costa of Liberty would be another who may have been overlooked here. The list does look a little DFAL and Carondelet heavy.


    Thanks Prep Fan, and I agree, Corinne Costa should be on there too. Yeah, it does seem DFAL and Carondelet heavy. I feel some DVAL and BVAL don’t get that much respect.

  • Prep Fan

    Hey Jimmy, did Jeff ever get his certificate or eternal glory for winning the NorCal playoff predictions? I know you were looking for a possible alternative to eternal glory, but don’t remember seeing it bestowed upon him.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Ooh, thanks for the reminder Prep Fan. I’ll try to get that posted by tomorrow.

  • This maybe late in the game but it needs to be said.

    I want to appologize for creating all of these haters Rayven did not ask for any of the of this. Maybe her stats weren’t as good as some of the other girls that were not mentioned. But it takes a good player to want to win the game with her team and not get all the glory for herself.

    Not to mention she has a great attitude and not a cocky one. But for you little miss E_Club Rayven is not and will never be a ball hog and if thats what it takes to be reconized as a top player or getting the stats than maybe you should have been the one.

    Rayven is not DV, but she is a big part. She changed a lot for that team even for her litte sister Treyvonna Brooks who was on the team last year and they were not better than a 5th place team last year without Rayven, they were terrible all the way down to the coaching, but you wouldn’t know anything about that little miss prep fan. The whole moral of DVG basketball changed when Rayven arrived.

    Maybe DV will be good when Rayven graduates and maybe they wont but I will say this Rayven helped put DV on the map with the help of her teammates but I don’t believe they could have done it without her.

    And on a closing note where was your gripping when she was at Sacred Heart making a name for herself in the south Bay. It’s hard to come from a team ranked
    #1 in state and #1 in the nation at one point in time to a school that when you said Dougherty Valley High everyone would say who? or Where is that at? To being laughed at when it came to playing up against schools like Miramonte and Dublin.

    You no one quite knew who Rayven was because she played in the shadows of Tiera Rogers and Keshana More but she worked hard with them at state last year so hard she out scored them both at the Arco arena. So maybe you should take another look at not only Rayven as this point guard with little stats to one who worked hard to help her sister experience the experience she did with Sacred Heart along with her teammates. It even to someone like Cobey last year to see you need a team to win a championship not just you and your stats last.

    Lets face it ladies we are struggling as it is as being a womens sport. We need to stop gripping about one another. E_club and Prep Fan You guys only looked at stats and not the player herself.

  • Prep Fan

    For the record, I saw Rayven play several times this season, and think she is a heck of a player. I agree with her selection of co-MVP of the DFAL and if I had a vote, would have put her on the second team All-East Bay. I just thought that both Culberson and Allen were more deserving of first team status. Obviously those that voted felt she was deserving of first team status, which is great for her.

    DV has a great group of girls and would have been a solid team had Rayven not transferred in, certainly better than 5th place. She undoubtedly helped elevate them to become a first place team this year, but they were on the map and did advance at NCS last season with mostly freshman and it was obvious to all they were going to be very good the next couple of seasons regardless. I’m sure that was one of the reasons she transferred to DV, as SHC was in for a decline. I look forward to watching her play next season and hope she helps bring them a NorCal title, along with her sister and a solid group of teammates.

    Jimmy, did Jeff ever get his certificate or recognition?

  • Allow me to set the record straight Prep Fan.

    Rayven left Sacred Heart because for one she was tired of getting up very early every morning to travel to San Francisco for a better education. Which can take a tole on a child along with keeping your grades up and attending basketball practices at late nights and early Saturday mornings.

    Sacred Heart was my decision not Rayven’s and she left not because of there basketball team was on there way to a decline but with the economy the way it is Her father and I was not going to be able to pay for both girls to attend Sacred Heart. Plus Trey her sister did not want to go to Sacred Heart she wanted to stay with her friends from her middle school.

    I appreciate your commending Rayven as being a Heck of a player. But having full knowledge of last years DV team with some freshman on the team and a few sophomores would have not been able to handle much against Miramonte, NorthGate, Dublin or Campo. They were too young of a team.

    No one cares about being on a winning team my girls just want to play ball where ever and with who ever.

    We could careless about being on winning team because believe she could have easily gone to

  • E_CULB

    Little miss E_CULB? What the heck are you talking about? For the record I am Chairese’s big brother Eric Culberson I go by the screen name E_CULB, so dont for one second think my baby sis came on the board and blasted that selection it was all ME! Further more if it was all stats Chairese does not deserve it all the little things you applaud Raven for Chairese does it double.

    And I believe I stated in the previous post that my argument was not against Rayven as a player but against manily those who did the selecting. If you compared the two players and the seasons they had it’s not really an argument. IMHO! And let’s really set the record straight no one is hating on the young lady as a player but I am hating on the selection of her on first team over a player that played on and had a LOT to do with a team that finished #1 in the east-bay that’s all, learn how to seperate the 2.