Flashback to 2005: Ross v. Castro

The major league debut with the Oakland A’s of Bishop O”Dowd product Tyson Ross brought back a lot of good memories for me of the 2005 season. I covered a lot of O’Dowd baseball that season — pretty much every game of significance — and so I saw a lot of Tyson Ross. He was one of those players back then who you could tell had a pretty good chance of making it to the big leagues and I’m honestly not all that surprised by his rapid ascension and his success. Looking back through some stuff I dug up this story I wrote about O’Dowd’s 2005 HAAL finale against Castro Valley, which was a game to determine the league champion. What makes the article even more interesting to read is that it speaks of Ross’ showdown with Jason Castro, another player who will likely soon make his major league debut. Castro is a top-50 prospect (he’s No. 31 on mlb.com’s list) and is considered the Astros’ catcher of the future. And considering the fact the Astros may be the worst team in the majors, it may not be long before he’s called up.

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