East Bay Boys Volleyball: Playoffs are just around the corner

The North Coast Section playoffs are two weeks away. Let’s take a look at the playoff situation in the three divisions.

Division I

The top seven spots are pretty much spoken for, if nothing drastic happens between now and the seeding meeting on May 16th. The order might change a little, based on a couple of late matches.
Foothill is the top seed, without argument and Amador Valley will be No. 2, followed by Mission San Jose at No. 3. De La Salle is in line to snag the No. 4 seed, but the Spartans have three of their four final matches with Foothill, Amador Valley and California.
If De La Salle slips, Deer Valley might be able to make a case for the No. 4 seed, but the Spartans have the head-to-head win over the Wolverines which will probably make the difference. Deer Valley probably is the No. 5, with Logan and Washington earning the No. 6 and No. 7 spots based on who finishes higher in the Mission Valley Athletic League Tournament. Logan and Washington have wins over Granada, so they are on pretty safe ground to not get edged out by the final two East Bay Athletic League teams in contention.
Now, to the eight spot. Antioch has had a nice season, but I think it’s truly between Cal and Granada. The two teams have split in league play. Cal has the stronger non-league schedule, and based on the way the end of the league schedule breaks down, Cal has a better chance at finishing higher in league, giving the Grizzlies the edge.

Division II

Campolindo and Northgate will be the top two seeds. Book it. Drake will be No. 3.
Alameda, with a four-game win over Terra Linda, is in line for the No. 4 seed, with Clayton Valley and that Terra Linda team likely fighting for the No. 5 and No. 6 spots.
Las Lomas, if it finishes at .500 in one of the categories, looking like a team that could get one of the final two spots along with Novato.

Division III

College Prep and El Molino will be making pitches for the No. 1 seed. They will make up the two top seeds after it shakes down.
With wins over Berean Christian, Dougherty Valley and De Anza, St. Patrick-St. Vincent is probably the No. 3 seed.
Dougherty, Berean, Marin Catholic and Head-Royce are all playoff bound, and have arguments for for being in the top four seeds. Should be interesting to see how that shakes out.
De Anza is probably getting the No. 8 seed with Chinese Christian in the discussion.


1. Foothill
2. Campolindo
3. Amador Valley
4. Northgate
5. Mission San Jose
6. De La Salle
7. Deer Valley
8. Logan
9. College Prep
10. Washington
11. Granada
12. California
13. Alameda
14. Dougherty Valley
15. Clayton Valley

League Standings

Email or post a comment of someone’s record is off and you can help update it.


Alameda (18-8, 4-0)
De Anza (13-5, 4-1) .5 GB
El Cerrito (3-7, 2-3) 2.5 GB
Berkeley (10-9, 2-3) 2.5 GB
Richmond (2-8, 0-5) 4.5 GB


St. Patrick-St. Vincent (17-11, 6-0)
St. Mary’s (3-7, 2-1) 2.5 GB
St. Joseph Notre Dame (3-12, 2-2) 3 GB
Salesian (4-13, 1-3) 4 GB
Encinal (0-9, 0-4) 5 GB


Deer Valley (19-5, 11-0)
Antioch (14-11, 8-3) 3 GB
Heritage (9-11, 6-5) 5 GB
Freedom (4-8, 4-7) 7 GB
Pittsburg (3-8, 3-8) 8 GB
Liberty (0-17, 0-11) 11 GB


Campolindo (20-5, 5-0)
Dougherty Valley (15-8, 3-1) 1.5 GB
Las Lomas (6-7, 2-3) 3 GB
Acalanes (6-9, 1-3) 3.5 GB
Alhambra (1-9, 0-4) 4.5 GB


Northgate (27-2, 8-0)
Clayton Valley (12-7, 7-1) 1 GB
Berean Christian (13-8, 5-3) 3 GB
College Park (6-9, 5-4) 3.5 GB
Concord (4-12, 3-5) 5 GB
Ygnacio Valley (3-21, 1-7) 7 GB
Mt. Diablo (0-9, 0-9) 8.5 GB


Foothill (26-1, 10-0)
Amador Valley (22-3, 9-1) 1 GB
De La Salle (23-8, 6-4) 4 GB
California (16-13, 5-5) 5 GB
Granada (8-8, 5-5) 5 GB
Monte Vista (8-11, 3-7) 7 GB
San Ramon Valley (2-17, 1-9) 9 GB
Livermore (3-21, 0-10) 10 GB


Mission San Jose (23-4, 11-0)
Logan (21-10, 8-2) 2.5 GB
Washington (16-7, 7-3) 3.5 GB
American (5-9, 4-6) 6.5 GB
Kennedy (6-16, 3-7) 7.5 GB
Moreau Catholic (5-16, 3-7) 7.5 GB
Castro Valley (0-11, 0-11) 11 GB

Matt Smith

  • Digsus

    Hmmm…..D1&D2 look OK, but D3 is WAY off….Berean Christian, Marin Catholic and Head-Royce should all make it, and likely ahead of Dougherty and De Anza. For D3, based on team strength, i think it should be:

    1. College Prep
    2. El Molino
    3. Marin Catholic
    4. Head Royce
    5. Berean Christian
    6. St. Pats/St. Vincent
    7. Dougherty Valley
    8. Valley Christian (or De Anza?)

  • Matt Smith

    Oh ya, I completely forgot Head-Royce, Berean and Marin Catholic. They will definitely be in.
    My bad. I guess that’s what I get for writing this at 4:00 in the morning.

  • Matt Smith

    I fixed the things I overlooked. Again, sorry.

  • Jill

    Most of the division 1 teams will be at the Falcon tournament this coming saturday. Are you going to give us a report about how that went and if it shook things up for NCS?

  • twomanblock

    The Foothill tournament could definitely affect final rankings with any upsets, now that would be exciting. Rumored to be at the tournament are: Foothill (duh), Mission San Jose, De La Salle, Deer Valley, Washington, Campo, El Molino, Chico, Oak Ridge and Ponderosa. I believe Amador Valley, Northgate and Logan have maxed out their schedule. It’s usually 12 teams. Anyone know who for sure?

  • MoellerMan

    I hear that Ponderosa is out and El Cerrito is in.

  • twomanblock

    My 8 for D3:

    1. College Prep
    2. El Molino
    3. St Patrick/St Vincent
    4. Dougherty Valley
    5. Berean Christian
    6. Head-Royce
    7. Marin Catholic
    8. De Anza

    So same 8 as most others but 3-8 in different order.

  • Chris

    How much will the seeding predictions for DI be shaken by yesterday’s upset of Foothill?

  • Jum changaris

    Are you kidding with our record of injuries at tournaments this year we would probably lose the whole team. That date is our senior ball also. Coach changaris

  • Matt Smith

    I will be at the Foothill Tournament, to answer Jill’s question. And to answer Chris’ question, Foothill has this weekend to bounce back. I’m willing to give them a free pass on a slip up. They’re entitled to at least that much.
    Oh ya, and Northgate won’t be there. They have played in a ton of tournaments this year and have been really banged up. Coach Jim Changaris tried to post about this earlier, but I guess it didn’t work he emailed me and asked me to post this:

    “Are you kidding about going to the tournament. With our luck at tournaments this year we would probably lose the whole team. Actually it is our senior ball weekend.”
    – Coach Changaris

  • twomanblock

    Yeah, poor Northgate. They get this season’s Lemony Snicket award!

  • jet4ever52

    At the alameda high el cerrito game

    5-3 alameda

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 15-8

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 25-14 game 1

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 17-13 game 2

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 25-15 game 2

  • jet4ever52

    Ahs 25-14 game 3

  • pikachu

    Looks like DLS @ MSJ this Tuesday, just like last year… I can hardly wait.

  • Lumberjack

    From the CIF NCS Site:
    4.Deer Valley
    6. De La Salle
    7.James Logan

    1. Campo
    2. Northgate
    3. Drake
    4. Alameda
    5. Terra Linda
    6. Las Lomas
    7. Clayton Valley
    8. Novato

    1.College Prep
    2. El Molino
    3. SPSV
    4.Berean Christian
    5.Marin Catholic
    6. Head-Royce
    7.Dougherty Valley
    8. DeAnza

  • Lumberjack

    Looks like miss posting by NCS. D1 bracket just update.

    Amador vs Logan
    DV vs Cal
    Foothill vs Wash
    Mission SJ vs DLS