Perenon hired as Piedmont’s QB coach

The A-11 Offense will have a new coach leading its quarterbacks.

Former Bishop O’Dowd High head coach Paul Perenon was announced Monday as the new quarterbacks coach at Piedmont, where he will help guide the signal callers in the one-of-a-kind offensive scheme.

“Paul Perenon has been one of the best head high school football coaches in the East Bay and throughout northern California for the past twenty-five years,” Piedmont head coach Kurt Bryan said in a release.

“His great accomplishments at his former school speak volumes about his ability to get the top overall performance on and off the field from the student-athletes under his tutelage. The Piedmont football program is very fortunate to have Coach Perenon as the quarterbacks coach in our A-11, and he will do a tremendous job on a daily basis.”

Perenon spent 25 years as the head coach at O’Dowd before his contract was not renewed this season. He racked up a record of 209-75-2 at O’Dowd and won three North Coast Section titles.

“It works out well for me, at least in the immediacy,” said Perenon, who will remain a physical education teacher at O’Dowd. “I’ve been very clear with Kurt that my goal is to procure a head coaching job as soon as possible and if there’s a teaching job associated with it, that’s great.”

With Piedmont, he’ll assist with the A-11 scheme, which utilizes two quarterbacks, up to six receivers and a variety of formation shifts that allows all 11 players to be potentially eligible. A rule change prior to the 2009 season required at least four players to wear ineligible receiving numbers (50-79), but those players can still receive passes thrown behind the line of scrimmage.

“To me, it’s not so much coaching in that offensive style as having a handful of kids that are aspiring to be quarterbacks,” Perenon said. “I’ll try to help them improve their level of play and try to get better relative to the position.”

Perenon weighed over several opportunities since his dismissal at O’Dowd, including an immediate offer from Laney coach Jay Uchiumi to join the staff as an offensive assistant.

“That just wasn’t the thing for me right now, but it was a great opportunity and a chance to work with him and John Beam was very inviting,” Perenon said.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Jula

    This is great news! What a great win for Piedmont High! Football is his life and he will put his heart into the job.

  • Good luck to Coach Perenon. You’ll be back on a sideline as a Head guy soon. He may not have needed it but taking a year off as an assistant should give him a lil different perspective recharge his battery.Being a good Coach & a teacher can’t be ignored for too long by some good school out there. In retrospect he should have ended the O’dowd thing more quietly probably ruined his chances at the schools he interviewed at.

  • Goldenbear98

    Wow, all I can say is wow!

    Bishop O’dowd blew this one by letting Perenon go without a farwell party or going away shindig

    The Piedmont coach hired Perenon over other high schools and a jc, this is a sweet and shocking move by that coach

    I can’t see any negatives with this move any way turn it. This will only help Piedmont and Perenon

    Everybody knows Perenon will be a head coach of a good high school next year

    I tend to agree with Perkin’s sentiment that Perenon’s rowdy breakup with O’dowd hurt him in landing another great job this year. But, a year working at Piedmont and in that offense will only help him.

    Good luck to Perenon and Piedmont just picked up another new football fan on the other side of the Tunnel.


    Way to go, Coach P! Having watched you work your magic at O’Dowd for over 20 years I am happy and excited for you!

    Perkin and Goldenbear 98 … I have not heard a word from Coach P concerning any of this stuff. His attorney spoke when the news broke way back in January to confirm what action the school had taken. This messy situation is square on BOD and its dysfunctional administration, not on the coach. We all know that he was set up and undermined by the admin and the new coach.

    Coach P has handled this whole ugly mess with nothing but class and dignity. Good luck to BOD in regaining any credibility in the community. Many of us who either worked at BOD or still work there know Steve Phelps was behind this and was behind the scenes using the AD, the assistant AD and a VP to forcer Coach P out. Coach P’s attorney was looking out soley for Coach P’s best interest and the attorney probably was on to the BOD admin trying to take P’s teaching job and PE department chair job from – the same way the have pushed out other long time teachers over the past few years.

    Coach P, I have admired your work and ability to run a classy, college style program and for holding your young men to the highest standards and expectations. You got the most out of those young men, even beyond what many of us who observed the program would have ever thought. Piedmont is extremely lucky and fortunate to have you!

  • When BOD did not want to renew Perenon’s contract they probably gave him the option of resigning. He should have done so. He’d probably be a Head Coach right now which sounds like his goal. He chose to fight it out like Mike Leach & Bobby Knight & like both lost. Just my opinion.


    Hey Perkin … Why would a coach want to resign if he believed that the action taken against him was not warranted? My belief is that if Coach Perenon had resigned, BOD would have tried to take his teaching job from him. I know how the admin at BOD works. Coach Perenon’s only “fight” was for what was right and ethical as a long time employee.

    The fact is that Coach P has been offered a position at Piedmont and acccepted the offer. He is obviously respected by the Piedmont people. He will make them better. Coach P will end up again as a head coach. Piedmont wins, BOD doesn’t.

    BTW, I’ll bet Leach ends up with a bundle of $$ from Texas Tech and will be a college D1 head coach again. And Bobby Knight seems to be fine.

  • KillerD

    This off-season has been the most unpredictable, ruthless, cutthroat and stomach churning one in terms of high school head football coaching changes I can recall.

    It’s usually smart to compare and contrast regarding how well a program and a new coach has done in terms of predicting the healthiness of the new marriage, and how successful it will be, a) both for the betterment of the players, and b) for the overall success on the field.

    Let’s inspect Bishop O’dowd and Piedmont’s situations now that the dust has settled for the Dragon’s & the newly hired Perenon.

    Bishop O’dowd:

    Only a blind, deaf and dumb person would be unable to recognize how badly tarnished the Dragon’s football program has become since treacherous way the Perenon firing unfolded and how badly handled the hiring process went. But, that’s the way the Dragon administration chose to go, and that oderous subject has been flogged to its death.

    The new Dragon’s coach Nickerson has an outstanding pedigree as a former collegiate and pro football player, but that matters little in terms of being a successful head football coach as defined above. So, with that being only a part of the Dragon’s impending season it’s probably a safe bet to say coach Nickerson will get a long, long honeymoon from the Dragon administrators that will last for the entire 2010 season. How many holdovers remain from the departed Perenon’s staff at O’dowd? 1, 2, 3 or zero?

    Getting rid of Perenon and his massive winning record of note, was not only hard to do, but shines a harsher light on who the next coach is, and what he must do, and do it well, now.

    Who will be Nickerson’s offensive coordinator, and it appears obvious he will call the defense as all rumors proved to be 100% true about that subject. Will he rope in several of his former college and pro playing buddies to help out and coach? Or will he hire a mix of coaches with varied backgrounds?

    Nickerson deserves a fair shot and he will get way more than that from the Dragon’s Leaders, especially given the fact of what has happened there this off-season.

    The HAAL is a very bad league other than San Leandro and the Dragon’s should be every team in their league, even an improving but untested Castro Valley team.

    To Grade this hire now is premature, but until Nickerson’s staff is settled and proven the grade must reflect what IS and not what it Might be:

    Dragon’s Grade for now: C- (70% score)


    For several months a few coaches at clinics and socials have fanned smoky rumors that this could be Coach Bryan’s last season at Piedmont. Rebounding some faint echoes that have ping-ponged back and forth from the mouths of well-heeled coaches around the bay. The A-11 coach has apparently told his staff this year might be it for him because Bryan wants to watch his own kid play high school football. IF that is true, it’s reasonable to assume Bryan might follow in the footsteps of the Marin Catholic coach and others who have recently stepped away for a while to watch their boys compete.

    Regardless of what Bryan does, the stunning hire of Perenon injects a bolt of lightening into the Piedmont football program, and to the unwisened observer, it seems a bit of a shock that the esteemed Perenon chose Piedmont over the several other good offers before him, including Laney College.

    But, look behind the curtain for the truth or a deeper meaning. The California state budget freefall has wrecked thousands of high school athletic programs in the once proud state. Perenon comes from a wealthy private school, and he has been secure there since 1985 – Reagan was President and the Berlin Wall was still intact.

    Piedmont for all intensive purposes is Like a private school, an oasis of money, a tight community and exceptional students, and it’s rumored to have fantastic football facilities, but the one thing it lacks is overflowing talent.

    Bryan taps into Perenon to coach the QB’s in the A-11 and what has Piedmont lost? Nothing, nothing at all.

    What has Piedmont gained? An established winner of a coach with more than 200 victories. Despite his detractors, Perenon has a legion of supporters, so his good deeds far exceed the bad happenings or things that occured according to most people in the know.

    O’dowd makes a change, which forces Perenon to make a change he did not expect at all.

    Perenon must go and see what the rest of the east bay high school and junior college world has to offer, he sniffs, looks, pokes, prods and tastes every appetizer in front of him. And as any great coaching veteran would do, he probably looked at some places a few more times.

    Then out of nowhere he lands at Piedmont, and ends up coaching the QB’s to boot.

    Piedmont’s Overall Grade for Now: A+

  • They also both thought they couldn’t be touched, fired, & above the game & got put in their place.

  • Congratulate the man on his newly acquired position and get over it. Everyone has beat this into the ground. He has a new position and hopefully great things are going to come his way. It’s senseless to dwell on how horrible you think BOD handled the situation or how they are totally to blame for everything. Congrats and good luck Coach P!

  • piedmontpride77

    News of Perenon coming here has us Highlander fans buzzing. This is a fantastic hire by our beloved football coach!

    Coach Perenon will be given a warm reception here.

    Go Piedmont!

  • EBfootball

    This is weird. Perenon is not about the passing game. He’s a stretch zone kinda guy. His base was trips back in ’04 but hasn’t he been mostly double tight after that? We’ll see I guess.

  • ManDown

    What is all the hype of Peranon becoming the Qb coach at Piedmont? Does that supposed mean Piedmont is the team to beat or something? Yeah right! Peranon is a good coach but QB’s aren’t where he gets his money. Sorry but while at O’Dowd his QB’s were never that good and I don’t see him going to piedmont and making the QB’s much better than they already are. Maybe Piedmont can pick his brain on how to run the ball though. Thats what he can do

  • InTheKnow

    I heard that Kravitz has surfaced at Cal Hi… can someone confirm?


    Let’s see … O’Dowd QBs, according to ManDown, “were never that good”. Hmm, Eric Bjornson, ’89 (U of Washington, recruited as a QB), Chris Franklin ’92 (scholarship to Cal Poly SLO), Eric Olson, 93 aqnd 94 (brother of Drew, scholarship to Boston College), Steve Parker (scholarship to Northwestern), Kevin Klein (all league, walk on at Cal), Teslim Ikaharo (all league, scholarship to Cheney State, walk on at Purdue), Danny Brethauer 2000, 2001, 2002 (scholarship to Western State in Colorado), Drew Glover 2003 (all league, scholarship to St Mary’s College before that school dropped football; walk on at Cal) and most recent QB Matt Balich (2nd team all league, 18 TD’s, 6 ints, reportedly heading to USD) Not that good???

    The one thing that I have admired about Coach Perenon over the long term has been is ability to adapt his offensive schemes to his talent, yet understand that HS teams that are consistently at the top of their divisions in nor cal run the ball effectively and play great defense, especially against the run. My hunch is that his O’Dowd teams, more often than not, ran the ball successfully and played great defense.

  • junior

    i heard Kravitz is the O coordinator at Cal- great hire!


    is he oc or just qb coach? either way a great hire, should help ramp up their passing game either way…

  • Mercalli1012

    Doesn’t matter- the Calaveras fault just erupted and it’s an 8.0 up and down 680. Cal gets a 5.0 A++ for Advanced Placement selection.

  • EncinalJet

    Looks like there will be high hopes for the Highlanders for this season. I think they will do great this season and there might be a possibility of of them beating Encinal High School. EHS has some key losses on their team like Tyrone Duckett and Jesse Mercado. Who knows? Piedmont might be the juggernauts of the BSAL this year. But will they beat the always good SPSV Bruins? Or even St. Mary’s? And most importantly, can they win the BSAL this year??

  • KillerD

    Cal High:

    Kravitz corraled to be the Offensive Coordinator at Cal high has been the skinny for weeks, glad it is true. DK is an outstanding coach and will help the young Belicci improve Cal. Watching Cal on television last season during Belicci’s first year, they were basic, and DK’s innovative and more complex system will help Cal be less predictable on offense.

    With so many, sooooooooooooooooo many players at Cal high, they should never be to predictable and should have enough offensive packages to compliment their talent, some of which might only be on the field for offense 8 – 12 plays per game, but times that by 3 packages, plus their regular offense, and you have a tough Cal high team to beat.

    Cal seems poised to surpass Amador and Foothill and Granada in 2010, if they do, then the hiring of DK would be crafty and well served.

    Piedmont with Perenon as Qb coach:

    For one, I don’t think there is hype about Perenon coaching the Qb’s at Piedmont, I believe the splash was do with he finally did land, and that it was at Piedmont.

    Mandown’s questions seem fair and I don’t think Piedmont would be the team to beat in that league, with Encinal, St. Mary’s and St. Pats, and maybe even Moreau rising.

    But Piedmont’s unique system, melded with a very sucessful Coach Perenon coaching Qb’s and lending his experience will certainly help.

    Our head coach said it best today, there are many programs that would very much enjoy having Perenon as their Qb coach. The offers Perenon received outside of Laney College must have at least included teams from the HAAL and other east bay schools.

    So the hiring of Perenon was great for Piedmont and very good for Perenon, it’s difficult finding a downside to Perenon learning that system while contributing his expertise where needed or called upon by Bryan.

    Interesting that both Kravitz and Perenon, two of the east bay’s most successful head coaches have shown incredible class and humility by serving as experts for this season, but not as head coaches.

    Good men are great to find, and finding them is not easy.

  • KillerD

    Mandown has valid questions, but saying that “Perenon is a good coach,” is akin to understating a lot, especially any successful person’s accomplishments in a very difficult arena such as coaching football.

    “A good coach” gets the kids ready to play and wins some games.

    A great coach beats the teams they are not supposed to beat, wins many games and league titles.

    Big, big difference between good and great.

    Perenon falls squarely into the latter and so does Kravitz, both men are great coaches regardless of their styles.

  • 925

    so Kravitz finally got what he always wanted…..to coach his son….That just gave Cal High a legitimate rivalry with San Ramon that has been unofficial the last 5 years….

  • renegades10

    cal high just got a huge boost with that addition. they had a pretty solid frosh team last year, think their jv team was alright. but kravitz sure knows how to groom qb’s. watch out for the grizzlies next year.

  • ManDown

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Peranon and I respect his record and coaching ability. It speeks for itself. He has multiple guys in the NFL and has won a few NCS championships but I don’t think that becoming the QB coach at Piedmont will make them that much better. The Piedmont’s coaches have been doing a good job at coaching up there QB’s in the past and they have sent a some out to the college level over the years without Peranon. What will adding him to the mix really do? BSAL title? Playoff win? NCS Championship? If not any of those three then its a overrated move.


    ManDown … Your last post hints that you are not a coach or do not have a full understanding of what good coaches bring to the table every day.

    How Coach Perenon helps to make the Piedmont QBs better is not really the essence of why a school such as Piedmont would want a coach such as Coach Perenon on their staff. Initially, he is a proven winner over an extended period of time. He has a veteran coaching grasp on how to make practices more competitive and more productive.

    Secondly, Perenon will bring an extremely high level of expectations for the QBs and for the ENTIRE ROSTER and the other coaches.

    Thirdly, I have observed his practices at BOD. They are well organized, full of instruction (teaching) and motivation and nothing is left to chance. Every minute is accounted for. Every player is accounted for. He will bring that coaching standard with him. His communication style is clear and to the point, just like the game of football.

    Piedmont will be better because of what Coach Perenon knows about football practice, organization and motivation. His discipline and detail will filter down through the ranks at Piedmont.

    I agree with EXBODEMPLOYEE, Piedmont wins this one, BOD doesn’t.

  • Piedmontpride77

    Excited parents in Piedmont are looking at the hire of Perenon as a very good thing.

    Make no mistake, it’s clear Perenon does not bring visions of rosiness to the minds of the Bishop O’dowd executives, or they would not have dismissed him like they did. He has detractors, but Piedmont people understand that successful people develop enemies, and if that person’s work taken as a whole is very good, there will be a portion of that work that is not good, or people who are unhappy about it.

    Piedmont has always taken tremendous pride on maintaining its unique position in the world. Not the football world mind you, but in the world as a whole.

    The Piedmont people for the most part are about doing the right thing, integrity first above everythng else, high expectations in education, and outstanding teaching, giving back to the community, unselfish behavior and selfless motto. Piedmont always puts the community first, nobody is ever put first in anything.

    Is Perenon lucky to be at Piedmont? Yes, and is Piedmont lucky to have him? Yes.

    It’s understood in Piedmont that Perenon is far from perfect, but this will be an excellent hire this season, regardless of the win-loss record.

  • GoGrizz

    Apparently Kravitz is the QB Coach/Pass Game Coordinator and Billeci still calling the shots on offense. Still a great hire. Billeci seems to know the run game well, but might be interesting to watch how the dynamic works out… Kravitz may find it difficult sharing playcalling duties.

  • KillerD

    GoGrizz, that is quality news about Cal high and the staff dynamics. Kravitz and Billeci sharing play calling duties and passing game & running game duties.


    1. Who is the Front Runner for the Ygnacio Valley job? There is a tremor throughout the ravaged MDUSD that YV might drop football due to massive debt. Heard that more than twice.

    2. Will Perenon call the plays at Piedmont, did he also become offensive coordinator?

    3. Berkeley – who did Sims hire to call the offense and defense?

  • ManDown

    Come on EB FB FAN. Peranon is a proven winner against who? As of lately O’Dowd has beatin nobody. Peranon is scared to play GOOD TEAMS and that is a fact! He plays all these weak teams in non-league and the HAAL is not too good. So he should finish above 500 every year right? That wasnt always the case. What kind of scheme will he bring to Piedmont? Duck all the good teams? Beat the bad teams? Sorry but Piedmont aleady does that. Maybe thats why they made that hire. He is just like them. Scared! Kurt Bryan’s schemes and game plans were already good and he is a good coach. If not better than just as good as Peranon is.


    Wow, ManDown. Why are so into hatin’ on Coach Perenon and Piedmont/Coach Bryan?

    As for BOD’s pre season schedule, They have played schools like Foothill, Monte Vista, Berkeley, Logan, St Ignatius, St Mary’s, Scared Heart (SF), and Alameda. They did play a small school a few years ago, but that was a pick up game to fill a bye date when Moreau shifted leagues. Don’t forget, ManDown, that BOD under Coach Perenon has beaten schools with considerably higher enrollments in NCS and in 2004 won NCS by beating the top seed (Campolindo). And, one more point, ManDown, where was BOD’s program before Coach Perenon took over? You know the answer to that one.

    Regarding Piedmnont … I would assume that Coach Bryan schedules as he sees fit and does what is in the best interest of that program. If Coach Bryan is, as ManDown says, as good a coach as Coach Perenon, then Coach Bryan demonstrated that his ego is not guiding his decision making process. By hiring a coach of Perenon’s status, Bryan is telling everyone that there is room to grow at Piedmont and that he wants to give his players the best coaching available. Kudos to Coach Bryan. Thumbs down to ManDown.

  • KillerD

    One of my questions has been answered by YV hiring today. How about my other questions, answers anyone?


    1. Who is the Front Runner for the Ygnacio Valley job?

    Bauleke gets the nod

    2. Will Perenon call the plays at Piedmont, did he also become offensive coordinator?

    3. Berkeley – who did Sims hire to call the offense and defense?

  • billjohnson

    mandown couldnt say it better myself peronon & piedmont duck every good team they can. kurt bryan claims put the a-11 so he can compete with bigger schools i would love to see him play el cerrito or a quality team from the dfal not an expansion like doughty valley. a-11 is over it’s nothing since the rule changes.

  • ManDown

    EB FB FAN are you dreaming or something? You really think that Peranon will go to Piedmont and change that program around? Bryan is already a good coach and from the article it sounds like he was just doing a friend a favor by hiring him because he couldn’t find anything else. Peranon doesn’t want to be there so how could he put his best foot forward? If you knew anything about coaching you would know that the head coach makes the final call in everything. Not the assistants. You think Kurt Bryan will change things up because Peranon is in town? Guess again dog.

  • KillerD

    Ranking the Top 13 East Bay Football Coaching Changes:

    The Best Head Football Coaching Moves Now that the Ash has settled: #13 – #1.

    Congratulations to all of the new Head Coaches. All of these moves are to be celebrated or respected for the new coach and his new team.

    This Ranking is only rating the Best Overall Hire from the 13th, to the number 1 best move of the off-season. Spring Football is right around the corner and excitement is in the air.

    #13 – Bishop O’Dowd, Coach Nickerson. A startling new Low was created in the way Perenon was cut loose after an amazing career at O’dowd, but especially by the dastardly bottomed out procedures, protocols and malodorous practices of the panel-based hiring system unleashed by the BOD administration and the new coach. This unfortunate case study has been dissected more than an 8th grade Lab Class’ embalmed Frog. And no matter how many people inspect this smelly cadaver, it stinks.

    #12 – Irvington, Coach Silvernale. Finishing 2 – 8 last year hurt the Vikings program even more than the previous hiccups/downslides. Basically ever since Bob Spain ejected from Fremont into the cozy bowels of Dougherty Valley’s killer setup, Irvington has been in a free fall. If Silvernale can restore some confidence, the Vikes might win 3 games.

    #11 – JFK-Richmond, Co-coaches Byrd & Shaughnessy. The only thing keeping the Eagles hiring from dropping to the floorboards for this ranking, is established co-head coaching move. Shaughnessy one of the bay area’s all time great coaches has been put out to pasture a few times since retiring from St. Mary’s. But the old bull keeps finding a new home and his new digs need him badly. This once dominant and feared Eagles program struggles to stay alive but with the rumored crop of D-1 talent surging up through the ranks, the Eagles could pull a few upsets before the School gets officially closed down for good after this year or next. If Shaughnessy has the energy, Byrd will fill the gaps nicely and the Eagles could win 4 games.

    #10 – Castlemont, Coach White. Former very good coach Barnes bounds over to the HAAL, and in steps former great Cal RB White. Castlemont was only 4 – 6 last year, making Barnes ascension up to Arroyo more impressive; Barnes is a solid coach and good man. White has his hands full but his name will help recruit/draw talent to the Knights program for at least this year and maybe next – if enough wins follow soon. If White is not winning enough games by the end of the 2011 season, the Knights will probably have a new coach in 2012. White can get it done. But it will be far more difficult than returning the opening kickoff 99-yards for a TD like he did vs. the Miami Hurricanes years ago.

    #9 – MacClymonds, Coach McCauley. The 5 – 6 Warriors hired a new coach that can win the Silver Bowl soon with a steady focus on fundamentals and academics. Talent abounds at Mac, the kids love football, and Mac likes winning. Mac could have done much worse and McCauley could win the OAL within two years if the unstable OAL provides access.

    #8 – Mt. Diablo, Coach Reese. The Red Devils resurrection from the dusty tomb of the football world took them step by step through their own Apocalypse to the 2009 playoffs. However, the off the field behind the scenes battles of the debt-ridden and besieged with plagues MDUSD would wear out virtually any good coach. Reese is on the hot seat from Day One because the District already has Millions of Financial reasons to cut football, and he is the Captain of the Ship, desperately trying to keep the Red Devil ship from capsizing.

    #7 – Antioch, Coach Lucido. It seems like a lifetime ago that the Panthers were big, fast, physical, and an awe-inspiring football program…instead of the awe – shucks we should’ve had a better season, but we’ll get them next year unit. Lucido is near the base of the BVAL Mountain and staring up at Pittsburg, Deer Valley, Heritage and a Freedom team bubbling with young talent. Will Antioch’s new dress code help restore prideful appearance and attitude and discipline to the Panther’s football program? This is another man that should be commended for tackling a harsh task. If Antioch’s rebirth equates into a winner by 2012, the entire league wins. But if they drop again, darker days await.

    #6 – Hayward, Coach Bishop. 8 – 3 in 2009 is a damn good record but coach Davies left. Hayward has been regularly overlooked since San Leandro’s dominance, but the Farmers have some amazing athletes and could win the HAAL this year or next. They beat O’dowd, Castro Valley, Tennyson and San Lorenzo last year, and battled Ygnacio Valley well. Bishop has a hard task though, as Hayward high has become one of the worst academic high schools in the state of CA and the nation according to the Feds. If we wins soon, a better job awaits Bishop in 2012 or sooner if he wants it.

    #5 – Ygnacio Valley, Coach Bauleke. Sheesh, many teams would like the problem of complaining about going 9 – 3, a league title and beating Clayton Valley, Hayward, Alameda, Concord, Oakland Tech, and Mt. Diablo along the way. Chris Turner does not get the job he was pining for so he leaves to help support his family – a good choice. YV does the smart thing and hires Bauleke, been there 5 years and understands the Warriors scene. Is he the best possible coach YV could have hired at this point? Yes. Is he the Best coach for the Warriors in the long haul? Could be. It’s hard to imagine a coach being an assistant at YV for 5 years and then trailblazing to another program after one season at the helm of YV. Bauleke should provide stability and don’t forget that Turner was only at YV for one year.

    #4 – Oakland, Coach Gifford. This once vibrant football school has severely lost its way with bad management from the athletic administration and terrible academic tracking methods, the worst. Gifford is youthful, experienced and cares about the OAL and Oakland high. The kids like him and he has gained their trust by changing many things from the inside out. The Wildcats leaders have made countless mistakes in the last 10 years but this hiring was a solid move of a quality coach eager to prove his mettle.

    #3 – Livermore, Coach Haubner. When knowing observers of east bay football pick the best coaches, Foothill’s Sweeney is always on the list, as it should be given his great achievements of the last 20 years. By all accounts, the Cowboy’s new Coach Haubner plucked from the staff at Foothill was an outstanding hire. Haubner has more zest and zeal than the pink Energizer Bunny amped up on pure adrenaline. He is organized and his Navy-style Triple Option will give EBAL foes headaches, especially with the next Bo Jackson carrying the pigskin for the next three seasons. The Cowboys will get hogtied most of the time this year but EBAL foes will also come out bruised. Give Haubner three years and in 2012 or 2011, Livermore will be in the Playoffs again, and Cowboy Alley will no longer be a Ghost Town in late November.

    #2 – Arroyo, Coach Barnes. The Yellow Jackets of Berkeley could have had Barnes and initially it looked like they messed up. However, Barnes is a nice fit at Arroyo and his no-nonsense but enthusiastic approach will get the Dons revved up soon. Academically, Arroyo is a train wreck and he is needed to focus on grades and discipline first, then the wins will come. Without those two items nurtured, wins will never come at Arroyo. A very good move by the Dons. Barnes was looking to depart the OAL and enter the NCS. Mission accomplished.

    #1 – Berkeley, Coach Sims. Winning a league title is a great accomplishment and winning a title even more so. The former Mustangs coach has leap frogged several CIF Divisions and claimed the top job as the leader of the Yellow Jackets – Sims is now the King Bee. He has adjusted swiftly and is trying to hire two assistant coaches for as many positions as possible: due to the extremely large number of players on the roster but to also rapidly accelerate the learning curve by the players. Alonzo Carter rebuilt Berkeley’s football program and then he left for CCC, which is a good move on his part. However, Berkeley has struggled on the Offensive Side of the football vs. the top tier teams, which has in turn hurt their defense. Sims knows how to put points on the board, and landing on planet Berkeley with so, so, so much talent surrounding him, he must believe he’s in heaven. The Berkeley high administration had many outstanding coaches from all over the country that applied for the job. But, they did not get sidetracked and stayed close to home with a proven winner and builder of programs. Sims can win it all – a State Title at Berkeley within 3 – 5 years.

    Will he or won’t he?

    Check back in 2014.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    McCauley was already at Mack this past year. This will be his second year with the Warriors.

  • KillerD

    Appreciate the correction Jimmy D.

  • fast and physical

    My man killerD, Berkeley will be loaded this year. Good luck to coach sims, he will do well, hes cut from the same cloth , disipline, fast and physical, school, nothing changing. Mark Harden Isaiah Henderson, Myles , Jalen Rosales, Keir, Jacai, Melvin, and Mike Ned. Oh yea congrads to the Rosales family for Jalens first scholarship offer, he will be a blue- chipper, dont sleep on him, Go WSU, Go Freeway Go, Pancake Mark Pancake !

  • JB”DON”

    We are working on that now no grades /spring ball no play with number comes advantages !!!!

    Don Football 2010

  • JB”DON” I don’t really expect you to answer but you running the same plays you ran at Castlemont or are there different kind of athletes at Arroyo to run that?

  • billjohnson

    who does berkeley have in non-league? will b-high beat a team from the ebal?

  • ManDown

    B-High has the players to make a loud noise in NCS and hopefully this new coaching staff will open up the play book and showcase ALL of their athletes not just one or two. Let those horses run baby! There is no reason why Berkeley shouldn’t be playing in the championship against De La Salle dam near every year. I love Carter and everything that he does as a coach and person. He is a great guy and does everything he can for these kids to be successful but that vanilla stye offense isn’t gonna get it done against EBAL teams and good defense teams. We all seen what happened when they played against Monte Vista. Berkeley has the players to do some great things and could possibly run the table year in and year out with the right guy in place. Lets hope that Sims can get it done and make B-High into the power house they should be.

  • pikachu

    arroyo’s API is 737, is it really that bad…? much better than san lorenzo and san leandro at least

  • KillerD

    Does anybody have any Major quibbles with the order of the ranking of the football coaching hires #13 – # 1?

    If so, let me hear it. If not, great.

  • JB”DON”

    I am running the same Offense as i did at Castlemont with a little more added because I do have some players that can run and a good young class. But the best thing about Arroyo I can put the playbook in now because I have 30+ players there everyday in the weightroom.
    With a new coach comes excitement so I am taking advantage of that !!!!

    Don football 2010 !!

  • ManDown

    JB how do you like your chances in league? I know you will have those boys competing but do you think that you’ll have a chance to place top 3?

  • KillerD

    My money is on JB and Arroyo to move up in the HAAL and upset one of the supposed top 4 teams, either San Leandro, Hayward, Castro Valley or Bishop O’dowd.

  • Congrats to Coach Perenon. I played with him the the ealry 70’s. Quite a tachtican even back then. Lots of class and knowledge. Develops student-atheletes.
    Understands the total package- lots of students went and played college under him. O’Dowd lost a good one. Easy to throw stones when you haven’t played successful football or coached before. As for Shag, the record speaks for itself. He’ll coach until he dies. Another class act. Both guys have made mistakes over the years, they man-up, humble themselves a little mand move on- that is- win more games.