Bauleke hired as new YV football coach

Todd Bauleke has been named the new head football coach at Ygnacio Valley High. Here’s what will be in tomorrow’s paper.

Todd Bauleke, defensive coordinator on last year’s Ygnacio Valley High football team that won a co-Diablo Valley Athletic League championship, has been hired as the school’s new head coach. 

Bauleke takes over for Chris Turner, who resigned last month after not getting an on-campus job. Bauleke is a science teacher at Ygnacio Valley and has coached at the school for the last five years.

The Warriors switched to a pro-style offense last year after several years of using the double-wing, double-tight ground attack and went 9-3. But, even with the switch in coaches and his defensive background, Bauleke said he will maintain the multiple-formation approach that Turner installed.

“My formula is you win with good defense, a ball control offense and a good kicking game,” Bauleke said.

Ben Enos

  • YVHS Mom

    Mr. Woods,

    Thank you and sorry if I missed the results of Patrone’s recruiting trip. If there was an Email or attendance at a Booster meeting, then somehow I missed it. I attend all the Booster Board meetings, I have only missed 1 this year. It is the purpose of YVHS Athletic Boosters to support all of our athlete’s and teams and we are proud of every single one. As you know with the elimination of sports funding by the district a year ago, this past year was an even bigger challenge. We have so few volunteers and many of us wear many hats on many different Boards as well as supporting our own athlete’s and their teams at YVHS. I met your son at the UMDAF 5K run, very nice young man. I wish him the best and what a gift of a College education and being able to play a sport he loves.

  • YVFan08

    “I’ll come straight out and say it like it is… you don’t know what you’re talking about as far as the coaches going to Patrone’s parents about his grades. I know his parents personally and they are the ones who told me that no coach has ever come to them about his grades.”

    It is actually obvious that you do not know what you are talking about. First of all you said that Bauleke was the def coord for 4 years? Try 2 years. When Davis first took over the def coord was Marco Ramos, he then moved to Sac to finish college and the next year Cesar Ortiz took over the def duties. And there were many times that the coaches spoke to Patrone’s parents. I, myself being a former member of the coaching staff spoke to Patrone’s parent about his grades. Mr Woods, do you not remember a coach coming up to you after the Liberty game his soph year and telling you that already, being the second game of the year, that his grades were starting to slip? And as for coaches not lifting a finger to call recruits to come see Patrone, when the recruiters come into the coaches office and the first thing that they say is “Dont tell me about a kid unless they have a 3.0 gpa” what are you supposed to say to him? “We have a stellar kid who is a phenom, but he can barely get a 2.0,” how does that sound to you if you are a recruit? How many times have their been kids throughout the past that have been D1 locks, but couldnt make grades? Thousands! And as for kids not making grades YV, atleast while Davis, Ivankovich and Murphy were the coaches, averaged almost a 3.0 as a team every year. With rosters of 30 to 40 kids that would mean that most of the kids are getting way above a 3.0. Kids like Michael Callan, Spencer Van Brunt, Michael Pichon were always geting 3.5+. The kids that needed the talking to about their grades received the talks. And Mr. Woods do you also not remember Patrone having to sit the DLS game his sophmore year due to grades? I would say that is probably due to the coaches not giving a rats ass, by the way that was sarcasm! So the fact that What2Do and Mr Woods are stating that the coaches did not do anything to help Patrone get the grades needed is the biggest pile of BS I have ever heard of. But, since it is your son, Mr Woods, and he can never do wrong, you probably forgot all of that!

  • patrone (dad)

    Wait a moment!

    I stated that, in fact, Patrone bares some responsibility. However, I’m not going to argue over what has been made very clear me. Yes, Parones had issues. I spoke of the admin not preparing us for what was NEEDED for college regarding scholarship and/or recruitment activity. And as I am aware of the other schools sports admin involvement, which is far more in depth, I fell that the sports admin has done little to nothing in that regards and, in fact gets an “F” in this department.

    As a result of the issues with grade (soph), Patrone attended summer school bringing his gpa up to a 3.0. The recovered grades were not properly recorded leaving visiting (not invited) recruiters with misinformation. However, the coarses needed for college was not brought my atteneion until late in the game. It is difficult to monitor gardes when teachers leave YV in mid streem leaving an entire subject (FL) with a P as a grade for which cannot be quantified. Were you aware of this. When teachers are MIA and don’t grade homework. There are factors involved that you obviously are not privy to.

    You are correct in regards to the soph DLS game at which time we were shocked! As we were under the impression (as he was allowed to play) that things were fine. Upon those findings summer school began to correct the problem. One year we did not even receive a report card for months until it was too late to adress the problem.

    Many are not aware of how disjointed the admin is from sports. SAT scores not being reported, transcripts not being forwarded appropriately and timely, letters of interest held for months and so on… There is a systematic problem that was reported to me directly from graduate parents and current parents suffering in the same manner.

    Some of you info you’ve mentioned is correct on the surface but you may not and, seemingly, do not the know the behind the scenes activity which precipitated the results.

    Point is, what you think you know is not always what is.

  • patrone (dad)

    Also, as a coach you must then be aware of my tireless efforts to help you, the team and school on many levels that were rebuffed at every turn. The likes of which were never equalled. When the game and, in deed, seasons were over I spent countless and (in many cases) sleepless nights, long after other promotional activities were history, to promote YV as unique and promising institution.

    When MANY suggested I “give it up” I continued hoping they’d come to their senses and see the financial potential of my efforts. A potential that would have released the burden on many of our overburdened parents via fees. Sadly this was not the case.

    In regards to “Patrone can do no wrong” I (personally) take offense to that as I’ve never once addressed a child as it is beneath me.

    All the kids deserve whatever the program (be it the school or the boosters) can and has to offer. I made a request to the boosters and they GENEROUSLY responded to which am grateful.

    The attendance at YV has been rott with problems but we made the best of them. Up to even now where a class he is no longer in stills reports him absent. Further creating recorded attendance problems.

    If and since you are/were a coach I can only hope that you learn, as we have, from this case and maybe become more involved and, perhaps, less passive (respectfully)if you truly have any kids best interest at heart.

  • patrone (dad)

    Coaches, you are molding young people’s future (unwitting perhaps) and it is incumbant of you to, not only, to WIN but to do ALL in your power to help them achieve higher levels of success in life.

    Pardon my mispellings

  • what2do


    In answer to your question in #174. Both Iano and Coach Rainey had problems with Bauleke and his refusal to take any input into game planning during the coarse of the season. He pretty much always had his mind made up on what he wanted to do.

    He in fact only decided to listen to them during one of the games where his plan was going south and the game was getting out of control and YV barely won that game. I think it was the game against Concord in fact. There are a lot of schools where players are part of the process of picking a coach and this should have been the case at YV especially since it involved coaches who were already there.

    But some administrators don’t involve the players because they either want to get who they want in and or just don’t trust that players are smart enough to figure out a guy and help in making a decision on who they want to be coached by which makes no sense to me at all. I don’t think he would have been the choice if this was the case because both of those guys came in right away and established good relationships with most of the players on the team.

    I’m pretty sure Iano is not coming back either. he has some other things going on in his life too. He already told coach Rainey that he can’t work under Bauleke given what I just explained to you on how these guys related to each other during last season.

    Sometimes players don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and that is both good and bad because the coaches do need to be on the same page. After all they are filtering things down to the players and can’t do that if they don’t all agree on what to do and how to do it. There probably was a lot of confusion in some areas of the team last season that had a factor in how far you guys went during the season. The College Park game is a prime example.

  • patrone (dad)

    Coach, since you’re good with dates, name the day we sat down and discussed Patrone’s future? Name the day we discussed required core credits? Name the day we you came to me to schedule a conference? How many times did I request a conference with the staff regarding Patrone that did not happen? Did YOU forget these?

    Perhaps you may rember how we were informed NOT to attend combines? I have had more assistance offered from other school coaches which I failed to utilize thinking you guys had it in control. Thanks Ham and Lang.

  • what2do

    Independent Says:
    May 12th, 2010 at 10:00 am
    What 2 Do…. What am I gonna do with you? You’ve got me hatin on YV now.
    I have been watchin YV football for the past 3 years. I’m still smartin on Patrone not getting MVP for league. Been watchin the current players since Pop Warner days. Good group of boys but I’ve got some real serious concerns about Bauleke , the A.D, and Principal Can’t the PARENTS go to the district to have this changed? Since the parents are paying the “contribution ” fee and transportation fee a total of $475.00 do they have more say $$ ??

    In response to this Independent I’ll tell you this. Don’t be a part of the problem but part of the solution. But in order to be a part of the solution you have to acknowledge the problem or problems first before you can fix them and not act like everything is all fine and dandy when it’s not in reality and there is mounds of evidence to support it.

    Don’t hate on YV. Some people there just don’t know any better and therefore are flying blindly or in some cases in the dark. But when someone comes in with a flashlight to light the way don’t be so proud and arrogant that you ignore them and turn them away when they are trying to help you in fact find your way out of your problem.

    Part of the problem there is in fact parent involvement. If you know the demographic make up of the school you will also be able to figure out where some of the problems in fact lie.

    There are a small handful of parents there that have kids playing a sport who get involved by either joining the booster club or helping as a volunteer in other areas and therefore have some influence in what goes on there. They are in fact happy with the choice and therefore have no reason to go the district to change anything. They pretty much also control some if not most of the fundraising aspects as well.

    Part of the problem at YV is the majority of parents inability to pay the fees you’re talking about in the first place and why the other outside entities like UMDAF and the school district have a problem with YV as well. They feel they are not pulling their weight in contributions like the other schools in the district are like Clayton Valley, College Park and Northgate who can based on the demographic make up of the majority of their students from an economic stand point pay their fees and contribute their required portion of money being asked of them by UMDAF.

    Mt. Diablo is the other school with the same problem as YV in this area and Concord is a bit above them as the three schools taking heat over money and the lack there of.

    Again look at the demographics of these schools and you will get the answer you’re looking for in regards to fees and contributions and all.

    Mr. Wood went to the YV powers that be and tried to help with this only to be shot down twice by them and have his spot light turned off for good now.

  • what2do


    I guess Mr. Wood doesn’t know what he’s talking about either right?

  • what2do


    First of all you said that Bauleke was the def coord for 4 years? Try 2 years. When Davis first took over the def coord was Marco Ramos, he then moved to Sac to finish college and the next year Cesar Ortiz took over the def duties.

    Whether he had his hand on the steering wheel for 2, 4, or 5 years he was still in the car (with you in it as well) that went in the same direction and ended up at the same destination it has ended up in since YV last won in 2005 and has shown that it hasn’t taken or gone down any other roads.

  • patrone (dad)

    At least, it’s more civil now. Please let’s be more general and not so personal. Pleasssse. I love to discuss not fight.

  • what2do

    I agree whole heartedly.

  • “X”

    listen guy.. You would die to become a yvhs warrior!..to bad your not,,honestly the team would be better if you werent there..you were a joke the whole time you were a warrior! who no one took serious!!!!!

  • warriorfootball#1

    godamn what2says just stop playin it off your coach raieny.n regardless of what anybody gots to say yv is a team not to be messed them i cant wait til the season starts n we shut everybody up cuz im freakin tired of people doubtin us so dval watch out cuz yv is comin to play n=amd believe we gonna lay people out!!! chhheeewhoo!!!! letss gooo!!

  • Get Active, Fasssst!

    What2do, Get off the warrior football’s nuts! Also, get off of Coach Bauleke’s NUTS!

  • independent

    What 2 Do & Patrone (Dad) and Unknown #174

    You guys are rockin on this discussion You obviously know what the heck your talkin about, it’s great to have such real incite When ya get a chance breakdown the teams in the DVAL for football for the up coming season. How do you see this year playing out?

  • CHSminutmen

    Independent, you have DVAL insight but don’t know who Ricky Lloyd is??? What a joke…

    and you heard it here first Concord doesn’t lose a game in the DVAL.

  • unknown

    chs,really? concord wont loose a game?
    ahaha,yv warriors all day baybe..
    as far as i know,someone who plays football for concord say they dont even have a o-line,as in matter of fact even he said it himself that they were gonna be wack?? will see concord in pitt camp this year.

  • Call u out

    Man, this is entertainment, but “what2do”, you are Rainey. It is obvious. You should have stopped after your second post, I actually liked you then. I really hope to see you get a HC job to see how good or bad you are. Your resume sounds familiar too; Sounds like you are the type of guy who has one eye on the team and one eye on the want ads looking for your next job. Ill give you a few pointers before I go, First off no AD is going to be impressed when you name drop (i.e. Bobby Cox, know coaches in the Pros and Div 1), because what they will say is “well why are you not still there?” or “Where is your LOR from them?” Second you need to stay off the boards if you’re going to be bad mouthing other coaches. You can pretty much guarantee that anyone who coaches in your area reads these boards and I know no HC is going to hire you as an assistant after reading the way you’re acting on here. Lastly you need to just suck it up, teachers should get the job before off campus coaches do.

    I know your response is going to be “Who are you, you think you have some power?” Truth of the matter is, I have some decent experience,

  • independent

    Wooow back up BIg Daddy the discussion was about the Army All American Game & the nominations our family has watched Dylan play since Marauders(why I read the article) . You threw in Ricky Lloyd and 37 confirmed interested colleges sorry i did not put two and two together that you were talking about the Concord QB . Sorry, Kind of

  • truthwillsetyoufree

    Yes, What2Do is former assistant YV Coach Rainey. He’s been very quiet in here since it was figured out. Nearly 24 hours after he agrees with Patrones Dad not to make it personal. (hear footsteps coach?)

    Sheds some light on him now doesn’t it. Former military drill instructor? Spouts off about integrity? Drops names of all sorts of pro and NCAA contacts yet can’t get a HS job?

    At one point he claimed he was his own older brother to try to mislead people! He goes on about being the only one telling the truth and being a man, yet he hides behind a nickname and attempts to tout himself while trying to destroy another coach and a HS football program, and in turn harming the very athletes he says he’s so connected with. The story here isn’t Bauleke, the story here is what a fool and a tool Coach Rainey is. Cat’s out of the bag, now what? You’ve ruined what little reputation you might have had, and like CallUout says, it’s a pretty small head coaching community out here in the Bay area. What fool of a coach or AD would hire you now? What kind of example are you to players? I hear the Stockton peewee league might be hiring, maybe someone that far away hasn’t heard about you already. What went around just came around.

  • YVmom

    Refering to post #208 OK I’m tired of everyone dissin YV and their sports programs!! R you guys coming out and voluntering your time?! I think not, there is hardly any parent paticipation and the AD is stuck with the mess he was left 2 years ago! I have not seen anyone try to help out with him at all!! There is going to be a big change a YV there is some very motivated parents that want a positive outlook on THE WARRIORS!! So don’t complain about anyone until you know what exacly what is going on. I invite you to come and make a difference!!!!

  • unknown

    so it was coach rainy all along that was dissing us??
    damn,i cant believe it i thought he was actually cool,but i guess not..coach bauleke was right when he said “there are people that you thought were cool with you,but those same people are the ones who are talking mess about us”..damn im actually shocked..o well i told him before,were gonna prove all you guys wrong..2010 yv warriors baby,we ready cheeehhooooooooo..we hungry for the number 1 spot..and how coach finau would say it..HOOORRAAHHH!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

  • “X”

    What 2 Say,
    and CHSminutemen,
    can suck it!!..heyy midget ass rainey!!.. come by yvhs someday..i got a little something for you!

  • what2do

    #217: Really now? Over here talking about Ricky Lloyd?! You should be talking about the Ygnacio Valley’s new Qb Ishi Anand. From what I hear he’s been putting up big results for a QB. This warrior team will murder Ricky Lloyd and his whole minutemen team because from what I hear, the running backs are lifting WAY MORE then what their linemen should be lifting.

  • unknown

    hahaha ishi??hahhaha good one “coach rainy”..

  • “X”

    hahaha.. you big dumbass rainey.. Just like you were last year…on our nuts carrying our equipment and NOTHING BUT A JOKE!!!

  • CHSminutemen


    Football is played on a field not in a weightroom. But with all the mess at your schoolo and with your team I bet you wish it was.

  • Young ceez

    D-U-M = Dum

  • Young ceez

    What2do is very d-u-m dum.

  • Prep Fan

    Anand the YV QB? Isn’t Neshiem a junior this year?

  • The Real Coach Rainey

    This is the real Coach Rainey and I don’t have a problem speaking for myself. There isn’t a single man, woman or child on this board who scares me nor do I really care what you think of me. It obviously looks like people come in here and speak for me and others or claim to be me or assume people are me and what have you but that does not concern me one bit. All you players on hear talking crap about me means nothing to me. Your bravado and talk is just that. I have a wife and son and family who love me for who I am and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to me.

    Bauleke and I had a conversation with each other when he asked me to be a part of his staff and he knows where I stand and how I feel about him and the football program and that’s why I and Coach Iano turned him down to stay on there. I had no problem telling him over the phone or in his face so you all on this board and him can say what you want about me, I could care less.

    After talking to a few people who know what is what and what really is going on he pretty much was given the job even before they interviewed me so a lot of what was said was true as far as how the administration at YV handled things and how they operate. They lie to people’s faces and tell them what they think they want to hear all the while they are making plans and manipulating things behind the scenes.

    What goes around comes around though so the bad karma going around in here will come back on you all in way way or another.

    You all have a great day.

  • The Real Coach Rainey

    To all you YV players. I guess Bauleke told you I wasn’t cool just because I didn’t agree with how he treated me or some of you guys for that matter and that’s why I don’t want to be an assistant under him and make him look good right? Or I guess he left the details out right and just said I’m this no good person now, not that it matters, just food for thought.

  • Ryan_Teague

    ishi’s is a freakin joke.lol cmonn now.
    anyways YV is gunna be good next year

  • unknown

    prepfan,adam is a junior yes he will be yv’s starting quarterback this season,no worries..and yes he wil; be better then ricky loyd this year.why and how?? because adam gots more weapons,he can scramble very good,and he also has his whole starting o-line back besides one player..

  • Strate-up-GAZZ


  • Strate-up-GAZZ

    yea, unknown is right. ricky lloyd got nothing on adam. or ishi. ishi is hella raw too

  • unknown

    xome on know ishi?? raw?? dont get carried away too much guy hah

  • gimmeabreak

    Unbelievable. Therealcoachrainey expects us to believe that What2do isn’t him? hahahaha. Read his post, it is the same style as What2Do. Also, from what I read from a YV player’s post above, Bauleke just said that there are people talking smack that you think are cool. Doesn’t say he said it was Coach Rainey, but you seem to assume he meant you too, just like everybody else! hahaha.

    Rainey, do you deny you’re What2do? (I’m sure you will, since lying comes easy to you)
    Please everyone, go read post #169 and let’s talk about who is a liar. If you believe that lie, then Coach Rainey’s older brother knows more about YV football than even Coach Rainey does. YV players, did you ever see someone that looked like or told you he was Coach Rainey’s brother? He even tried to wipe this mess off on his brother! If you’re keeping score at home, ever since What2do was exposed as Coach Rainey, What2do has made ONE POST completely off topic. Since the exposure, NOW “therealcoachrainey” pops up and makes his FIRST post in this whole matter, and is just as belligerent as What2do. We’re expected to believe that the real Rainey has been sitting idly by all this time watching this thread about him and Bauleke and JUST NOW decided to respond!

    It’s all on you man, you created this monster. If you have a brain cell left, you’ll quietly slink away from this thread with your lying little tail between your legs. ANYTHING you write just makes your problem worse.

    Let’s start a new thread somewhere else to discuss the DVAL for 2010, I get tired of wading through all of the crap to find something worth talking about.

  • Mr.No-Hoe

    Yv will have an outstanding season this year regardless of who their coach is or what anybody thinks.

  • GoGrizz

    Thank you gimmeabreak…. coach rainey or not, the dude that made 1000 posts (what2do) in the period of a week is a total loser and a total waste. Way to hi-jack the blog loser! Someone needs to see a psychiatrist.

  • norcalfball

    i like that idea wonder if admins can set up a link for each east bay league to start a chat on about the upcoming season..

  • usefulinfo

    Hey fans of HS football, if you hear of your school interviewing Mr. Rainey for a coaching position at your school, please bookmark this thread and forward it to your AD. Let them decide for themselves who Mr. Rainey is.

  • Aztec Warrior

    What happen to Coach Rainey #239 shut him up. Good Job!!! Some coaches take this job to the heart and some coach for the wrong reason. It’s about the players not sure what he is gaining from all this. I think the school district needs to see this blog and make sure this guy does not coach any where even in the youth football league. It’s bad when you have the players talking about him. I love to meet this so called coach since. He talks alot of game. If your that good why waste his time with high school. You should be in the NCAA or NFL??????

  • Call u out

    Refer to post 53 hahahahahahaha Rainey your a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

    “It is f’n quiet in here now…”

  • Call u out

    Refer to post 53 hahahahahahaha Rainey your a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!