MV’s Welter nominated to Army All-American game

Monte Vista OL Jacob Welter has been nominated to the U.S. Army All-American game, pretty much considered the top postseason all-star game in high school football these days.

Welter, who is a highly-touted recruit, is a 6 foot 5, 290 pound monster of a lineman. He’s got a ton of schools listed on his Rivals.com page, and is listed as already holding an offer from Ohio University. Ohio has also offered De La Salle’s Dylan Wynn and Blake Renaud.

Welter is one of 400 to be nominated at this stage, and the 90 participants will be selected in December.

Ben Enos

  • curious

    Anyone else from the Bay/East Bay area? How did they get selected?

  • Football Fan

    Congratulations Jacob! How does one get nominated? Are Wynn and Renaud holding other offers?

  • renegades10

    Dylan also holds offers from Cal Poly, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, San Diego State, and Washington State. Blake Renaud has an offer from Minnesota as well, but Cal is pretty interested, he was just at their junior day camp as well as the rivals.com five star academy which was also at berkeley, and he is being recruited by a former Spartan Tosh Lupoi.

  • CHSminutmen

    Ricky Lloyd is holding offers from LA Tech and Southern Miss and has had 35 schools come through. Also Kevin Chase received his first offer from San Diego State yesterday.

  • East Bay Baller

    Hard to believe Wynn has offers like this? are they real? He is too small for DT/DE and too slow for LB. Seems hard to believe OK State is recruiting CA. Anyone watching him play can see he over runs every play looking for a sack. Grades?

  • East bay baller

    I just watched Welter’s you tube video and he blows up Blake Reinaud on the first play.

    I don’t think Wynn is NCAA eligible? San Ramon rocks.

  • 25rocker

    Dude, I just saw it too. He doesn’t blow him up, he flattens him – SPLAT! DLS over rated.

  • Benji25

    Saw the video and Renault went splat. 77 smashed him

  • Fan10

    CONGRATULATIONS Jacob!! Fantastic News!!

  • East bay baller

    I just watched Welter’s you tube video and he blows up Blake Reinaud on the first

  • renegades10

    i saw that video too. where are the highlights from DLS-MV playoff game? we would have seen Blake Renaud blow up Welter into an MV ball carrier.

    East Bay Baller ever heard of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis? They were supposed to be too small too. And yes Dylan is eligible he carries a 3.0 GPA.

    Nonetheless congrats to Welter, he is a great player.

  • East Bay FB Coach

    Go on Youtube. Find Dylan Wynn Highlight 2009 Highlights 01. Watch from 2:32-3:20, 5:12-5:42, 7:29-8:35(Pay special attention the first play when Green 67 and White 77 go head to head).

    After watching it, sit for a while and think. When you are done, tell which player you would pick first for an O/D line? White 77(Welter-a good player in his own right) or Green 67(Wynn).

    Is this even a discussion?

  • East Bay FB Coach

    East Bay Baller-

    Why does it seem odd that OK State would recruit in California? I went to a DI school in the deep south and played with guys from Upstate NY, Texas, Ohio, etc. All places similarly far away.

    Distance doesn’t matter to a DI, especially one like OK State, who probably has to go outside the Oklahoma/Texas state lines to even sniff a good recruit. OU/Texas have those states locked up.

  • Get With It

    East Bay Baller Amazing that Wynn was EBAL first team on both defense and offense plus many other honors including all state and you are doubting his qualifications. How many games did you see him play? He definitely does not have a problem with grades. What are you smoking?

  • junior

    MV fans talking smack about DLS football???

    must be spring time again….

  • EBAL fan

    East Bay Baller – how many times have you seen DLS play? Wynn was first team defense and first team offense (offensive guard). Welter was HM on offense. He also received many other honors including All State honors. As far as speed Wynn has a 4.19 shuttle (US Army Combine). He is quick. Grades are not an issue.

  • junior

    hey EB Coach- go back to Wynns highlight film-

    1)I saw that first play you mentioned- #77 gets pushed 5 yards backwards as the Spartan RB heads for a 40 yard gain.

    2)replay #5-23 (3:13 in) #67 blows by #77 (even with help from the center) on a stunt and gets a half sack.

    3)#4-26 (7:20 in) #67 turns #77 outside and the Spartan RB runs right through this hole on his way to a 47 yd TD.

    4)watch higlight #5-21 (2:57 in) #77 is seen whiffing and falling on the ground as #67 blows by him almost intercepting the handoff.

    Why did you bring our attention to these highlights again???

  • 45flag@mac.com

    To all the haters. Sad you are sending such a poor example to everyone in the east bay at a time great kid gets named to the Army AA team.
    Congratulations Jacob! Well done.

  • Fan10

    OMG Are these grown men talking here or children. Guys grow up and be happy for ALL the boys who play football in this GREAT league!!! It is obvious that there are DLS dads talking here. I have met many DLS boys and they are certainly great kids MORE MATURE than their dads. DADS do you not have a job to go too or do you have nothing better to do in life than to come on this site and DOG kids.
    The DLS, MV, San Ramon, Foothill, Livermore, Amador, Etc… are great kids and MANY great athletes come from these schools.

    Be happy for ALL our kids and the accomplishments they make!!


  • East Bay FB Coach

    So that people could construct an informed opinion and take baseless conjecture out of the discussion.

    I’m glad you watched and formed yours. And, I agree with you, it’s not even close.

  • East Bay FB Coach

    I am not a player’s father, merely a DLS admirer. Their players play with such desire, technique, power, and discipline, that one would be a fool not to try and model ones own program on their approach.

    If I become half the coach Mr. Ladouceur is, I’ll consider myself a success.

  • Fan10

    Hey East Bay FB Coach


    But so do other kids in this league play with desire, technique, power, and discipline. Our boys in this league are great, you know why? because they are someone else’s sons who are loved by family, friends, coaches, teachers, etc…. AND as a coach you should be ashamed of yourself that you come here and DOG kids, WOW great coach you are!

    You Should really TRY to become more than half the coach Mr. Ladouceur is I guarantee he has a lot of respect for the boys in this league.


  • curious


    Seriously…you’re putting this on DLS? Read posts #5 – #10…looks like the DLS boys are the ones taking the cheap shots…East Baller in particular — talk about irresponsible (right Fan10?)

    and no, not a dad.

  • EBAL fan

    FAN10 – I guarantee you I’m not a DLS Dad (or mom)just an EBAL fan. Funny that you should jump on DLS Dads when the comparisons and derogatory comments were obviously started by nonDLS fans. It looks to me like comments were just defending Wynn and Renaud and from what I’ve seen of those two young men – they really don’t need defending, they do their talking, or should I say they SHOUT, on the football field – the only place it counts.

  • independent

    Ricky Lloyd who? Never heard of him.

  • Fan10

    Hey EBAL Fan

    If Wynn and Renaud do not need defending then why are you defending them?

    Oh and I agree let the BOYS shout on the field!

    Like I said

    GROW UP!!!

  • East Bay FB Coach

    Fan10 – “AND as a coach you should be ashamed of yourself that you come here and DOG kids, WOW great coach you are!”

    How did I dog anyone? I simply came on here and provided information that would allow people to compare two players before denigrating one.

    I believe I said that Welter was a good player in his own right. However, I’ve said nothing personal, derogatory, negative, or undue.

    If I have, please point out what I said that was, “dogging”, a certain student-athlete and I will make the appropriate apologies.

    As far as not having respect for players, I have immense respect for every player who steps on that field, from the fourth string freshman to the All-American senior. That does not mean I can’t/shouldn’t/won’t differentiate between them in the categories you’ve stated above. Some play with more and some with less and categorically stating so is not disrespectful, it is seeing this game as it truly is, an imperfect exercise played by flawed individuals, trying to achieve perfection as one; it’s a task unsuited for us as human beings, but spectacular to watch.

  • nickeldime

    Any good EBAL preseason games on the schedule? I know washington has 3 EBAL teams on there schedule, does that mean they are trying to get in the ranks of the mighty East Bay Athletic League?

  • 2010Asnut

    Sounds like wynn’s dad – heard he’s in everyone’s grill about Dylan. Give it a rest, the story isn’t about him.

  • killer

    Dylan is a beast. I’ve watched him since WC Marauders. Can’t take anything away from him.

  • renegades10

    Get off the high horse fan10. None of the of the people who spoke up in support of the two DLS players dogged Welter. He is a very good player no one is taking that away from him. I believe it was Renaud and Wynn who were dogged big time. The one thing that east bay baller had right was at the beginning of the season wynn did have a tendency to try and get the big play or sack in the backfield. But the coaches corrected this in the middle of the season which is why Wynn’s numbers were much better. He stuck to his assignments. He is a versatile player that a college coach will love and he has a non stop motor with a ton of upside. He plays faster then he runs and hits like a truck.

  • Prep Fan

    Congratulations to Jacob. That is a great honor just to be nominated to this game.

  • ManDown

    Congrats to Mr. Welter. That is a great honor to be nominated and I hope they send you down!

  • sonmyd

    hey killer shut up the wc Marauders sucked as did dylan back then, but hes a freak athlete now and deserves to be one of the top d-lineman in the nation

  • 2K

    Deandre Carter from Washington Highschool might be the best WR prospect in the bay area. MVAL is making some noise!

  • GoGrizz

    Carter is a legit receiver… but I heard he will be playing qb next year. Any truth to that?

  • nickeldime

    not sure if they plan on using him a lot like Kristoff Williams, but word is he blew up at the stanford combine along with the Rowland kid from foothill. Any news on the new QB at Monte Vista.

  • renegades10

    well for awhile it looked like junior to be Jeff Lockie would take over the qb spot this year, but Sacred Heart Cathedral’s starting qb from last year, Seamus Finnegan, transferred in February to Monte Vista and now they have a qb competition going on. I expect Lockie to start but you never know. What I do know is that you will be hard pressed to find a league full of better quarterbacks then the EBAL over the next two years with rising juniors Lockie, Kline, and Houston.

    I have to imagine Carter will be put at the qb spot, unless they have a better option which I don’t remember seeing last year when they played Pitt. You want your best athlete getting the ball in their hands as much as possible.

    Dylan was named the DL MVP of the Nike Stanford camp in a group that included Vei “Tiny” Moala of Grant High.

  • NorCalSportsFan

    Some good EBAL versus WCAL games this season

    Sat, 09/04 1:00PM Serra -San Mateo v DLS (at Serra)

    Fri, 09/10 7:00PM Serra-San Mateo @ Monte Vista-Danville

    Fri – Sep 10 (7:00pm) Mitty-San Jose @ San Ramon Valley (battle of Mitty’s D1A QB prospect versus SRV’s upcoming D1A prospect)

  • Raider

    The word is correct Carter did blow it up at the nike Standford Camp this past Sunday. height might be an issue at qb. I would expect Carter to be used in many ways in Washington multi set spread office.

  • how tall is carter now?

  • EBAL fan

    Was just going through the list of players nominated to this All Star game and noticed that both Renaud and Wynn are also on the list. There are about 400 young men nominated. Congratulations to all and those other NorCal boys that we might have missed,.

  • norcalfball

    stanford highlights for east bay standouts i saw…

    Yes carter was one of the more impressive players out there. He routinely got open down the field showing good burst to go along with excellent quickness. he is also looking very sturdy, so yes height an issue but his stocky frame should be able to withstand at the next level.

    Rowland not sure if spelling correctly looked very good as well. using his quick wirey frame to shake of defenders, a typical foothill wr.

    josh atkinson looked much quicker this year and with is height and strength will be arguably one of the best DB in the Ebal this year.

    Ricky lloyd looked lights out and any talk of him not being one of the best QB’s in area is ridiculous can make all the throws.

    Kline and houston very good at QB as well…look to be a little quicker.

    Turner looked very good from MV and honestly more impressed with than McGovern. No doubt McGovern a stud but i think turner doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

    Wynn of course stood out with his DLS physique and intensity. not sure where he fits in at the college level but a great hs player none the less.

    i am sure i missed some as i watched the wr/db/qb most of the time since that is the most entertaining to watch when no pads involved. plus from a distance and no team apparel on tough to pick guys out.

  • huskie

    Carter is 5’9 175lb now. Rowland was no slouchb either at the Nike Combine very fluid good hands ran great routes

  • EBAL fan

    Norcalfball – As previously posted Wynn has a number of offers. He is being looked at as a defensive end or hybrid linebacker depending on the defense run by the colleges recruiting him. In articles he says he will play wherever they want him – he just wants to be on the field.

  • norcalfball

    good for him with his work ethic and intensity he will be an asset to any college wherever he plays…

  • GoGrizz

    Heard there is a skills camp going on at Skyline this week with a bunch of schools. Who’s there and who looks good?