East Bay Prep Softball Poll

Team Record Points Last poll
1. Freedom (8) 19-3 120 1
2. Concord 19-3 111 3
3. Livermore 15-4 105 2
4. Bishop O’Dowd 20-2 88 6
5. Antioch 17-5 87 4
6. California 15-4 85 7
7. Amador Valley 14-8 68 5
8. James Logan 20-4 66 9
9. Clayton Valley 14-5 51 8
10. Pinole Valley 17-6 49 11
11. Alhambra 12-9 31 12
t12. Albany 16-4 29 14
t12. Heritage 13-9 29 10
14. Monte Vista 12-10 18 NR
15. Berkeley 1814-6 10 NR

Others receiving votes: Castro Valley (15-6-1, 5 points), Moreau Catholic (18-4, 1).

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • mckbooth

    Looks a lot different than the early rankings. This ought to be a good NCS. Who are the top teams from the Redwood Empire? I saw Montgomery and Moreau in a real dual at the Stanley cup earlier this year.

    Will it be Livermore again? or Freedom? Where’s my Mckbooth hater from the 580 corridor? I haven’t traded punches with her all year. :0)

  • Softball fan

    D1 is wide open this year. I think D2 comes down to Concord and Montgomery. I think O’Dowd has to be the favorite in D3. Moreau could be in the mix and possibly Alhambra.

    I will take a shot at the top 4 seeds for D1-D3.


    1 Freedom
    2 Livermore
    3 Antioch
    4 James Logan


    1 Montgomery
    2 Concord
    3 Pinole
    4 Rancho Cotate


    1 O/Dowd
    2 Moreau
    3 Alhambra
    4 San Marin

  • Fred Williams

    Jimmy, Thanks for the D-1, D-2 & D-3 rankings this should help us make some tough decisions sunday at the NCS meetings.

  • mckbooth

    I think the D1 is probably right. I’d put Concord above Montgomery as a 1 on strength of schedule in the D2. They’ll definitely have Albany in the top four in of the D3 and I’m not sure about San Marin.

    Campalindo and Petaluma could be contenders in D2, California and all the ebal teams could do well in D1 Acalanes is playing well in D3

  • Softball fan

    Montgomery and Concord is a coin flip to me. Albany may get the 4 in D3. They have a good record but not many quality wins. With O’Dowd not winning league, Alhambra might shoot up to the top spot.

    I think D1 is going to be wild. There are some good teams who will be seeded 10 or lower. The top seeds are going to get some tough first round match ups.

  • mckbooth

    I’d still give Odow’d the top spot , but 19-11???? what’s up with that. They don’t give up many runs. Last year they gave up one run in the entire NCS. There are tough match ups all the way up and down the D1 and Castro Valley might be a sleeper.

  • Softball fan

    I am leaning towards Alhambra for the #1 in D3. Won their league and beat Campo twice, which beat O’Dowd. Can make an argument for both. Also, would move Albany up to the 4 with their win yesterday.

    Really looking forward to the D1 bracket.

  • mckbooth

    I don’t know 11 losses verses 4 is a big difference. Lost to Dublin doesn’t vote well and Campo’s win to BOD was against a flu striken pitcher. Odow”d was 20 and 2 until last week and Montgomery didn’t make it to the finals in the Stanley cup with both Odow’d and Monreau. I’d give the 1 to odowd.

    you are correct about D1 ti should be unbelievable